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Outdoor World – Military/Law Enforcement Nylon Belt

Outdoor World – Military/Law Enforcement Nylon Belt

hey guys welcome back I'm brother Chi from Hilo 23 they were checking out a product today that you probably overlooked a lot and I guarantee everyone's got one or one form or another outdoor world an Amazon store actually decided to send me this really nice nylon belt it's not very expensive and it's pretty basic it works well and we're going to be checking this out today let's be totally realistic on the airsoft field probably like ninety percent of you guys are recognized by what you guys wear and what gun you rock say hey he's got the ICS m4 or he's got the multicam pants or the booty green chest rig or whatever he's got that's how you know someone right so everything every little thing is going to make up your loadout now you know I've had my pair of media pants for about six years now and they're getting pretty beat up there it's time to replace them so you said some multicam pants and built the knee pads everything like that and those pants took a two inch belt loop belt loops are actually pretty taller by yay tall and I had a good belt for that but the new pants I got I got some tru-spec pants and the really great quality I love I gotta read a local surplus store at about 50 / bit about fifty dollars but they have a one and a half inch belt loop so they wouldn't actually take the belt from that low spare pants I had actually get a new belt so outdoor world was super kind and sending to this black nylon military duty belt they're normally about forty dollars but actually uh outdoor world has about 979 about ten dollars on sale which is not a bad price at all it's a very basic belt there's not a whole lot to it black nylon I want to say it's about 600 d for the quality of it or so and you know I kind of go over the basics on it here plastic belt buckle I'm pretty sure about 99% of them out there unless you get something very different or pretty specific is going to have a plastic belt buckle it is fully adjustable so I've got our pretty skinny guy you want to make sure that your belt is adjustable for either if you're really clump or something or if you're really skinny like me and both sides of this are actually just believe got this velcro strap here you can tighten or adjust your belt from both sides so not this once a little bit of a convenience there something else I kind of like about these are these little fabric loops here they actually slide over the adjustments so that they stay pretty well in place and they're not going to come undone you also got velcro on the room which keeps them strapped on so it's kind of a redundancy but it's a nice one now I don't know about you guys but I think every four or five years I tend to buy say new pants or a new jacket for my airsoft loadout or any chest rig or whatever and you know for the most part you probably gonna keep what you have for a long time if you're a new player you're like okay I've got my stuff it's going to go out and play it for a while if you're an experienced player most people on scene tend to keep their stuff a long long time and this is something you're probably have for a while I don't run my gear my guns through hell and back I'm pretty pretty conservative about how I treat my guns and my gear and I'm felt like this it's gonna last you awhile it's not really taking a lot of wear and it works really well for what it is for ten dollars outdoor world's getting you guys a pretty good deal now you're probably probably wondering okay kind of my holster fit on this can my yada yada whatever fit on it the answer is for the most part is yes my actually my old belt it wasn't big enough to fit this but actually was able to fill one of these pistol mag pouches on here that I got with my I don't even know but I got other than an old vest I got and actually this is for a leg rig and it fits on here really nicely so there's there's quite a bit of room and he's filling you're welling up I usually have my holster on my right side here but actually where this framework Halloween party the other day I was actually going to be master chief I had the helmet an everything really fun stuff but this actually worked out really well I didn't wanna have my fake holster at work and since it doesn't put on a good appearance at all but uh this work really well so it brings the suit together have a little bit of a black highlight because I run OD green pants usually OD green jacket and chest rig and everything so it worked really well i guess i have to give this a grade now um you know the fact is it's not super expensive and there's lots of higher and ones that are better quality but for the money it's not bad about ten dollars I think a seven out of ten is a pretty reasonable great and there are definitely better ones out there but for the price it's not bad i think it's going to last you for quite a while it's hard to go wrong with it really so seven out of ten is the great i give this today thanks for watching guys I'm prodigy from kilo 2 3 i'll catch you guys next time

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  1. Great video, I can't stand buying from brands that I have never heard of,I'm glad to see that someone else wants the best product no mater how big or small

  2. Great video, I can't stand just buying any brand when it comes to small things lm glad to see some one else wants the best product no mater what part it is.

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