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Our Trip to Magnolia Market & Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas!

Our Trip to Magnolia Market & Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas!

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  1. Love your videos! You sound just like Chelsea houska from teen mom 2. Lol! She’s my fav so it’s a good thing 💘😂

  2. nice video!! 🙂 your quality is so good and your thumbnails are so pretty and satisfying great job!! hope we can support each other!! -crystal

  3. Hey gorgeous love the video! 😊 just subscribed! 😘 hope we can support each other’s channels! ❤️

  4. hi new youtuber here from ph , let’s support each other i already visit your home pls visit my home too 😊 thank you and godbless ❤️

  5. Your family is too cute! Watching your shopping trip to Magnolia Market made me wish I had a green thumb because of all the cute plants and plant accessories! Also looove those head scarves! Just subscribed 💗

  6. your thumbnails are so pretty! love how you filmed and edited this! looking forward to see more of your content in the future. I also have a youtube channel, maybe we can support each other? x

  7. Aww this was such a nice vlog ❤️ I always see you in the group and I could’ve sworn I was subscribed to you and vice versa but I just subscribed let’s support each other ❤️

  8. Omg you have such a cute family 😍 absolute goals! And your editing is so goooood, such a beautiful vlog 💕

  9. oh my gosh i have been dying to go there!! this looked like so much fun. hope you enjoyed your trip girl!

  10. I found your channel tonight, Great video and thank you for sharing |Magnolia Market. It's my dream to go there.

  11. My heart is just bursting! I can't wait to visit here someday haha and I LOVE the tee you picked up! Their branding is the bomb 😍

  12. I love the hair scarfs (bandanas) and the thumbnail looks so pretty!😍🌸 Lovely vlog again!😃

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