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Our Best Selling Surplus Pistol Is Back

Our Best Selling Surplus Pistol Is Back

hey everybody been with classic firearms here focus you know historically one of our most popular pistols has been the beretta 92s police or military turn-ins unfortunately we are out of stock on those about as often as we have am in stock because they come in in small groups and they sell out very quickly typically because they are so popular but every time we get in a new group we like to do an unveil we like for you to see them as we see them folks seem to like that so we just got a small pallet of these back in stock we're going to cut open the wrapper all right here we go I see the typical bubble wrap sometimes these come in wooden crate sometimes they're box up individuals picture to win they're smaller Lots but you can see what we have here at box full of beretta 92fs –is let me pull one out so you take a look they look great you know the 92s is unlike the later variation of the FS or the m9 military variation they still have the 15 round mag so it's a 15 plus one 16 round capacity all the great beretta styling very smooth actions of course which brothers are known for very accurate but one of the differences is it does take two hands to drop the magazine because the magazine release is at the bottom of the pistol grip so basically you have to drop the mag like this not a big deal put her back in her she's ready to go but overall let's take a look down inside this box again overall receive what we're accustomed to which are some pistols that are at least NRA good and in some cases even much better than let me close this box up we'll go to another one all right another nice group just lean that over and take you let's take a look at it we'll set a couple up you see the nice beretta insignias these are Italian made as I said before it you the police or military turn-ins and the price is great one of my favorite pistols I love a beretta in nine-millimeter I think they're just so smooth there sir ergonomic they fit the hand very very well of course you have your safety here on the side of the frame and for the money probably one of the best buys anywhere in firearms innocent look at one more box that one up folks this is about the average condition of what you can see you're going to see a little bit of holster wear on the sharp edges where they go in and out of holsters they have been carried of course with any surplus some are going to be better than others but overall they are a great value in very good condition if you want the best of the best we do offer our hand select and we do truly hand select on these guns so we will find you the best of the best as supplies remain but if you want one at a great price they are in stock right now and I would encourage you to get it Ryan what's our giveaway right now it is boss tack all right we're giving away that great fostex shotgun the fastest cycling shotgun in the world folks you want to sign up for that had the great pleasure of shooting leathers recently it is unbelievably fast it without run my finger whoever wins that's gonna have an absolute fantastic prize on that fostex shotgun also folks if you like our videos and you would like to sign up to receive them there's gonna be a button here that you can hit to subscribe don't miss these back in stock now we appreciate your business god bless you

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  1. I just purchased one earlier today from your site. Out of curiosity, do you know where these came from? Such as the country, state and/or police department name?

  2. I still like these in any condition. It's not a 92FS or a 96FS but being made by the same Pietro Beretta bunch of people the European magazine release isn't a big fat hairy deal. They have the smoothest action of any pistol anywhere. It's due to the machines used with an abrasive/oil mix that continuously racks the slide for hours and hours, thereby creating a snot slick mating surface. As for the appearance from holster wear I much prefer the look rather than being that guy with perfectly white Nikes at school getting everyone's attention, wanting to step on his new shoes. Internal components are relatively inexpensive and if you have a good connection to cerakote these are perfect candidates.

  3. I bought one last year. My favorite shooting pistol. I've got about 700 rounds through it and my wife had one fte but I think it was her limpwristing. Nevertheless great deal

  4. Ben you are the man, thanks for giving God the credit and remember look up! Those berretas look nice and yes they are very accurate pistols

  5. My stepfather is a retired navy seal sniper and he has told me during desert storm they had tons of issues with berrettas. He ended up carrying a ruger p90 because of ftf,stove pipes,mags dropping out of the berrettas.

  6. ClassicFirearms
    Can I request one in poor condition as far as finish? Say I want the one with the most wear out of the bunch, is that possible?

  7. Not sure why anyone would ship these without at least individually poly wrapping them. I guess because they are used?

  8. I'm glad I got mine some years ago. It would be awful that I would be constantly seeing these without purchasing one yet.

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