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Oswestry Military Vehicle Show

Oswestry Military Vehicle Show

denby army surfers a family business coming up to 25 years and we're only here because we're strong tough resilient hell yes for our customers and for again otherwise we'd become they go day which is the modern idiom we're not come they go no we're here for the long haul card well I think about an hour ago I was thinking well you know was expecting the weather to be a lot worse than it is big beautiful blue skies and sun is shining backing them be I have just got to the other side of riffing if temperatures drop clouds are in it's raining so we could very well be pulling parachutes and our tent in the pouring rain this evening they said before pulling down they've got a bit of a head start on me but so let's hope that fingers crossed they've they've made some headway good morning my name is big Brady from Danby army surplus and I'm here the auto straight military vehicle show run by the house in mid-wales build a vehicle trust you like coming to do is because we not have interesting people you see lots of interesting things you learn an awful lot and and it encapsulates essentially the sort of things that we think we shall do because the gear design is strong resilient and and we like to think that I Christmas when they buy from us are buying just that great treatment today for us is that we finally managed to find a system for mounting and raising and our 40-foot parachute which is now in all its glory and raised to a height sufficient so that people can walk in and out of it and it's well it's cathedral-like in size we can see later on and I hadn't quite imagined that we'd use it as a pitch for selling however if the space it occupies is so fantastic it just present the surfing we now and that's our stand install for for the weekend and it's absolutely unbelievable it's fantastic and really pleased with that so you get some fantastic footage will do youtube video card I'm sure and the customers have been really impressed with and I think justifiably so because we sell an awful lot of these two bushcraft people scout groups and anybody who wants to get a big group you'll get 50 or 60 people ended up shoe it doesn't really i'm selling a 40-foot soup to you and well doesn't 40-foot doesn't sound very big but when you mount it up it just you know it seems to magnify and so really chuffed with that well we're we're in the parachute with use a different technique to the last time and it is bloody fantastic and I just want it to show just we've just had a massive downpour and although we've been saying that these things out waterproof and that once it's in the teepee shape you can see hopefully but the water just drips off and so will be very very sheltered inside here even with the heaviest of showers so here's the team is bad looking at his pole for one of a better phrase Molly they're commenting on no distortion over at six feet of length it's an awful lot of tie-down compression up here but so yes it's been tough not to put two of these up unfortunately we hadn't gone of time we put over ambitious and every time we pull this up it's like you're letting all over again yeah however this is our finest hour I think you'll agree so here we are that's the tour by 12 that we slept in last night we've emptied it all out of our gear and opened it up you can see straight through to the other other exhibitors you tend to the side and we've got our 610 truck canvas draped over the guylines the parachute see we've repositioned the path of the banner so we're hoping that this is going to be a welcoming and inviting site to the people at setup today only to pound on the door bloody bargain so we should get a fair bit of people so what we got we've got a five pound cage full of gore-tex and horse riding boots fiver we've got cami netting we've got chest rigging we've got five pound overalls we've got a yappy dog hey Molly shovels canvas bags the perfect for kicking an iPad or the tablets in and then we've got our ammo box display here with jerry cans and norwegian food containers oh and also and second world war oil cans for those reenactors or collectors kitty american well the heavens have opened and as you can see everybody is taking shelter in our parachute which is good to see it's dad sticking his head out we got one or two gentlemen in that sent as well well the the showers are getting heavier and more frequent you can see that the Powis mid-wales medals are beautiful trust covered up their gear they retreated into their 12 by 24 and it's very funny because as soon as the rain starts everyone piles back in their thighs a gore-tex jacket and then the clouds disappear the Sun comes out they all disappear up again around the site and then 10 or 15 minutes later that they're doing it all over again so it's a good job we bought this parachute and put it up actually because otherwise a lot of people standing around in the rain hmm well I've just got back from dust resilience and look at what's welcomed me home we've got a barbecue going and we've got it indonesia can it be how about laughter civilized so we've got our food cooking there once that's done and we've done with a barbecue I might even the set fire in that fire pit and will wear rings and that's when i'll regret not bringing marshmallows and we shall partake of the finest wines Janet yeah dad's been told as I like to drink bye mum don't leave done the other wine so I went to Morrison's to get some alcohol proper rail for ya and we have the choice of that's what and that spice although times are hard and we're only butchering half the bread I only ever put to one side well famous it looks like you're going out in class but you're not go far with you we could put butter on Sunday afternoon the woman's come out it's been good with all day today see people are flooding in fantastic show from the house mid-wales medic a good price you

Reader Comments

  1. I admire your nerve Mick. There aren't many men of your age who can boast of a 6 metre erection and have the cojones to show it on youtube!!!!
    Though I should have realised which way this video was going when, right at the start, you brazenly show us your chopper……

  2. LOL It's one of his many talents 🙂

    The chute proved to be a fantastic focal point, everyone loved it 🙂

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