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Orientation Month at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy | Documentary Part 1 | PMMA

Orientation Month at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy | Documentary Part 1 | PMMA

The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is the country’s premier maritime institution Established in the year 1820 by Spanish royal decree asked escuela Nautica de Manila It has undergone numerous transformations Not only in its name but also in its training style which for the past 200 years Has consistently produced world-class officers Not only for the Merchant Marine but also for the Armed Forces Last year. I have shown you what it was like when aspiring cadets Entered the Academy on their first day of training it was the reception day of the class of 2022 – The video was well received But it only showed the activities that they did during their first day of training in this two-part episode We will take a deeper look into the various activities that are carried out during the one-month orientation and indoctrination period for the probationary Midshipmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Life as a cadet is a process of transformation and progression The probies that were featured in last year’s video Underwent a rigorous year of academics and training as fourth class Midshipmen Fast forward to today After completing all the requirements and after enduring all the challenges of being the lowest-ranking cadets of the Corps They were officially recognized as third class Midshipmen a Year ago they were carefree individuals standing outside the academy’s gates waiting to get in Now it’s their turn to welcome their juniors into the life of a PMMA midshipman It’s the 30th of June 2019 the aspiring cadets are making final preparations for their reception on the following day a Total of eight thousand nine hundred seventy four applicants took the yearly entrance examinations Which are usually held every last Saturday of September out of that number only 4490 managed to pass and qualified to undergo the medical and neuropsychological evaluation After going through this stringent process only 576 probationary Midshipmen who will become part of the class of 2023 were qualified to report for the one-month orientation period I expect that what we will face tomorrow won’t be easy. because that’s where the hard training will be according to those who already experienced it. Aye Sir, I prepared myself mental, physical and spiritual. The PMMA accepts male and female applicants Q: What do you expect tomorrow? It would be difficult for me, but I’ll endure it even if it’s hard. For my dreams. Q: What preparations did you do? Jogging, push-ups and basketball for stamina. Q: How many cadettes came aboard? Total of 63 provisionary midshipwomen came aboard for the orientation period The female cadets or cadettes will go through the same program and will be required to do the same activities like the rest of their male batch mates The cadets received the same training as their male counterpart. There is no special treatment Q: So you won’t resign? No Sir. That’s going to be a waste of effort. No, Sir. Never. Q: Are you sure? Aye Sir! Q: Will you resign? No Sir, Never. The word resign is not in my vocabulary Sir. Q: So you won’t resign? No Sir. No Sir. At 0600H The probies were assembled in the gymnasium for registration and the final physical Checkup by the medical team. I Q: Did you prepare for this probationary period? Q: What did you do? Physical and mental. Q: Physical and mental. So you won’t resign? For the past few days, it has been raining non-stop and the parade ground is already flooded Although the reception could be pushed through rain or shine the flooded grounds might be hiding some hazards which might cause injury The rain continued to pour so to get the program going the tactical officers Decided that it was time to introduce the probe’s to the orientation staff They are about to find out who’s in charge they’ll find that out the hard way YOU’RE ALREADY CRYING!!!! The methods and principles used in the Academy is similar to any military training facility Where in individuals with all their quirks Antics and relaxed way of life are taken apart. They’re undesirable traits discarded and then Rebuilding them to become discipline officers a Lot of you have been wondering why the training in PMMA is military style It is a Merchant Marine institution after all so Why are they being treated as if they’re signing up? for the military under Republic Act 3680 mandates the PMMA to provide Philippine Merchant Marine with sufficient and well trained officers Capable of meeting the needs of the ever-expanding foreign and cost-wise trade and Competent to serve as naval officers in times of war and national emergencies Under the Republic up 3680 the foundation on which the Academy was built Graduates are mandated by law to be commissioned as reserve officers the Philippine Navy and it’s not optional Having said so under the said law the military style of training is our means of Effectively delivering an answer to that requirement Since the Americans took over the escuela Nautica de Manila in 1899 and renamed it as the Philippine article school and appointed US Navy officers to run it U.s. Naval Academy principles have been adapted into its curriculum As a result for over a hundred years the Academy has been producing officers Not only for the Merchant Marine but also for the military Even as early as the probationary period many among them Already signified intent to join the Navy and Coast Guard as regulars When the new cadets are received they are immediately tested physically and mentally using a series of simple exercises while simulating a stressful environment It is designed to immediately separate those who are not fully committed and those who can’t perform well under stress Because they are the ones who will most likely drop out anyway, and not complete their training So it’s better to identify them as early as possible in order to avoid wasting time and resources After the reception The probe’s are brought to their respective quarters they are given further instructions on how to stand how to speak and basically every other way to conduct themselves and These instructions are delivered by the loud voices of the orientation staff At the end of the first day a total of 108 probe’s have already resigned They have different reasons for doing so like body aches muscle cramps But as per experience most of them just came unprepared Q: So why did you resign? I resigned Sir because of my back, I wasn’t prepared for that, but I did prepare physically my arms, I really jogged Hips. It’s just my back , the pain that was like you can’t Control. Q: What were the preparations you did before? Mostly, I went for jogging non-stop for like 30 minutes and calisthenics , that’s why I’m thin right now. Q: Do you have intentions of coming back next year? Yes Sir. More prepared than ever Sir. Q: Why did you resign? I collapsed due to dizziness Sir. I collapsed twice Sir. And I also felt fatigued Sir. Q: So before the start of the Probationary period what preparations did you do? When I saw the (exam) results last December, I started jogging. and then 1 month doing push-ups and situps Maybe my body wasn’t able to adjust because there was a lot they made us do. Q: So it was like your body was startled because of all the exercises? So do you have plans of coming back next year? None Sir. Q: Why? I think I’ll just find a different course. Q: In your 1 day stay here, what did you realize or learned about yourself? What I really learned here is that if you enter an academy like PMMA, expect the worst and you have to really prepare. and better put yourself to your limits. So some of you might be asking Why would anyone want to go through all of those? military-style training If they just wanted to enter the maritime profession the simple answer You don’t there are literally dozens of schools in the Philippines that offer a maritime courses which Don’t require students to undergo military training So if you want the easy life while studying Then go to those schools PMMA is not the school for you But if you’re the type of person who wants added value and If you’re interested in having more employment options after graduation and If you’re willing to work hard for it on your own Without relying on some high-ranking relative or a family member of yours to make things easy for you in getting a job well PMMA can open up a world of opportunities for you and Here’s why? PMMA is a government operated school Meaning cadets enjoy a highly subsidized scholarship offered by the government They have free tuition fees and free board and lodging The other expenses like uniforms and other consumables like school supplies are shouldered by the cadets themselves Plus PMMA is curriculum is 2-1-1 Meaning the cadets study in campus for two years Then go on a one-year shipboard training as deck or engine cadets onboard international ships and Then return to campus for their final year of study until they graduate PMMA has entered into partnership with many shipping companies for the shipboard training phase of its cadets This means that upon graduation. They already have one year of sea experience making them immediately qualified to take the licensure exams and since the shipping companies already sponsored them during their shipboard year that means guaranteed employment and inclusion in the companies officer program more often than not PMMA graduates have a reputation of reaching the ranks of captain and chief engineer Within 10 to 15 years after graduation and in some instances even earlier in Addition because of the military training they are also qualified to sign up for active duty as regular officers and the Philippine Navy or Philippine Coast Guard if they choose to over many decades the Academy has produced officers who have served with distinction in the country’s armed forces and That is why each and every year thousands of aspiring take the PMMA entrance exams it Offers a great deal and a promising career to its graduates The only thing is you have to be resilient in order to earn the distinction of belonging to the long blue line On part two of the series we will see the other activities that The probe’s undergo during their one-month orientation period and The culmination of all of that will be their oath taking day Wherein they will be officially be part of the court as a fourth class midget You

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  1. Once these young people get certified and work in the field, I doubt very much their behaviour would be like the Italian cruise ship captain who ran for a lifeboat as soon as the ship ran aground. Being a leader requires backbone. After the first few months of school, it's just hard work I bet.

  2. look forward to more videos. it's very interesting seeing this kinda stuff. I meet a lot of Philippinos in Vancouver on ships. All of them are very friendly and good ppl. And they all miss there families. It's a tough job. I always tell them about you and your channel.

  3. Told YOU it was going to look great Chief…. Ye of little faith.. lol It's gonna be good to see the second part when it's up.

  4. Very well done sir, thank you for showing a lot of us a world we would not otherwise have the opportunity to ever know about.

  5. Chief I highly suggest that you should provide subtitles below for those cadets who are speaking in our own language so you could cater all the viewers needs in terms of understanding their own viewpoints.

  6. Pinoy's are known world wide for being Dedicated, Hardworking, Family men and women PMMA shows the same traits If i wasn't a old man And Pinoy I would sign up ! Hello from Canada

  7. I have had the privilege of having some of your graduates work for me when I was at sea……excellent people, very well trained and disciplined!
    It was my honor and pleasure Chief!

  8. These are the real citizens of the country. Unlike those who work with their mouth only in the street and rant about how ROTC etc will not help.

  9. 1Cl Ching sir! Midshipman 4Cl Tabilog Reporting as ordered sir. 😊 Circa 2003 ( one of the nicest and coolest senior during my 4cl years)

  10. "If you do what is easy, your life would be hard. If you do what is hard, your life would be easy." I will take the challenge. I have 1 year to prepare myself.

  11. That was very interesting I understood a little with out the subtitles thanks to my Filipino work mates who are slowly but surely teaching me tagalog… I cannot wait for the next video … salamat po chief for the Interesting videos u make 🙂

  12. Question lang po chief if nag signify po ba sila as navy or coast guard may mga series of tests pa ba silang gagawin para maging part sila ng cadetship program ng navy or coast guard?

  13. Hey Chief can you explain the leaning backwards that they all do? It doesn’t make sense to me. Keep up the good work sir.

  14. Thank you Chief- great insight into your commitment and understanding- as you would say” the way l see it” – may the cream rise to the top!!!

  15. Naiiyak po talaga ako pag nakakapanood ng videos nyo tungkol s pmma kc naaalala ko nung ng aaral pa asawa ko jan , sobrang hirap pero para sa pangarap . ngayun 3rd engr na sya

  16. Thank you for showing the world a better perspective of our alma mater. Keep on doing these great documentaries! 😊 Always looking forward to your next posts.

  17. Chief!!! Pinapanood ko po yung mga videos mo at na inspire po talaga ako sainyo and sana someday ay maka pasok rin po ako jan at tatanawin ko na malaking utang na loob ko po sayo ito chief!

  18. Thanks for the informative video! It offers a good perspective of why the PMMA is valued as an institution. Wondering what you think should change though to make it even better.

  19. Hello po chief macoy ,napaka informative ng mga video nyo po ,marami po ako natutunan sa panood ng vlog nyo , ako po isang ofw , May tanong lang po , kasi nabanggit nyo na may one yr training sa intl ship , pag mag ojt na po ba for one yr training , may bayad po ang apprentice or training mismo sa barko ? O sagot din po ng PMMA sch ang one yr ojt gastos ng training fee ng cadet ? Thanks po , God bless po

  20. A simple vista parece excesivo, pero ellos sabrán…. Aunque puestos a recibir instrucción militar, podrían completar con krav maga. 🙂

  21. My brother graduated from Kings Point Merchant Marine Acadaemy in New York with a dual license, they had the same type of training and were in the navy reserve for a few years post graduation. He eventually became a nuclear engineer overseeing the installation of reactors in submarines but his favorite things to do were to teach newbies and going on see trials.

  22. Quite inspiring video. I studied at ENAMM (Escuela náutica del Perú) and besides there is a university with the merchant Navy program, studying there was the best option for me.

  23. Hi chief, im rifki raditya ahmad, im deck cadet from indonesian, pleas give me your advice , to make me better

  24. I passed the entrance examinations and psychiatric test but I failed at dental. But it doesn't mean I'm going to stop pursuing my dreams. Good luck cadets!

  25. watchin them resign is like an insult to those who badly want to be part of the academyy but didnt make it hurtss😥

  26. Chief, under PMMA Law, graduates are exempted from taking licensure exam for 3rd mate or 4th engr. Has this law been amended already since according to you upon graduation they are already qualified to take the licensure exam? What licensure exam? Pls elaborate on this. Thanks.

  27. I’ve been watching your channel for a few months now and I think you’re doing a great job, keep up the great content 😎

  28. Thanks Chief. That was a good orientation (beginning) for us.
    See you again soon.

    I bet you are enjoying being home with your family for a while!

  29. This is very nostalgic sir… i remember my 4 days in the academy… i resigned due to dehydration… after waking up in the sick bay.. my arms were not functional anymore… i cant and couldnt raise them… it was a burning sensation in the arms… but its sad to know… that my body couldnt shoulder my dreams… i've wasted that chance… i've brought disappointment to everyone who believed in me…damn.. how i wish i could be there with my fellow co-probies

  30. If only Subic Naval Base is still open. Joining the US Navy is where all your dreams will come true. PMMA is not even close on what the US Navy can offer to the Filipinos .

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