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  1. Plot twist: he opened the box in 1995, but it took him so long to open it that he was finished in 2015.

  2. Everyone talking about how long it takes to open, but imagine you're under fire, you've got a full ammo case right next to you, and the key's fallen out of your pocket sometime in the last few hours. Imagine being overrun and killed with a box of perfectly good ammunition right next to you that you couldn't open

  3. My uncle bought a can of 7.62 straight from Russia and opening the thing was THE HARDEST thing I’ve done in my life. 1) the instructions were in Russian which I don’t speak. I hade to look at the pictures to even remotely understand what to do. 2) in order to open it we were given a tool that was very similar to a pipe tench but extremely sharp to puncture around the rim of the lid. After 30 minutes and a good amount of blood it was open.

  4. Glad you showed the label at the start describing the contents as I did start to wonder. Almost asked the question, Where the f**k do you buy sardines that size? 👍

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