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second oh please my care package Oh
buddy indigo what’s up buddy building all this is could’ve learned I could
live somewhere else no type of gonna come on now look at this somebody come
look at this look at this somebody come and look at this look at
this let’s go to it chemin Horsell coming back at you in today’s video I’ll
be using a Spitfire which is in the some machine going to black ops for and on
the Spitfire I’m using extended mags and operator my wildfire for the attachments
the operator mark for this some machines going that match is over power I’m not
going to relax and just actually kill people
so that’s what you need in this game you need overpower weapons you kill these
boys so it’s gonna move bows yes Thank You Man sometimes man you gotta
find the right to he makes on this game because all the teammates
aren’t going to help you like that that’s really me Pete thank you
well yeah man scores 1813 no that’s not the way let’s go kill
these enemies let’s get it scores 20 23 16 he’s got enough floor hills let’s go thank you know it seemed like every time
we’re not going to reload my weapon I’m just waiting waiting to make sure no 800
conversing it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up I messed up right here
to a pay-for huh nope double kill scores now 4538 give me that double man
looking for make sure they’re out here thought I had the time to kill I said
the monkey right there I’m killing this game man if the time to kill was higher
it would have been dead most definitely cuz you know I’m already using Wi-Fi
like this instantly kills already so what sobs I just call the duty I like
this I like this feature right here I always show the enemies you know like
through the objects how we show them I like that part so there’s no way like
yeah that’s tough well yo what I was saying like so they know we you could
know where to yet and then and then you always had the better shot over them
versus them you know I mean killing you so that’s not like about that let’s take this route right here kill
anybody scores no CC 847 school lighting up
targets I can always see the outskirts this game
is coming to win in watching and subscribe for more good
cunt if you have any other video suggestions just let me know down in the
conversation and I’m out peace I’m painting targets

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