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OOO Casanova – Out of Order Watches Watch Gang Black Subscription

OOO Casanova – Out of Order Watches Watch Gang Black Subscription

OOO Casanova – Out of Order Watches Watch Gang Black Subscription what is up guys is Andrew with my watch
addiction dot-com coming back to take a closer look at that watch gang black
subscription that I received for February 2018 if you guys saw my
unboxing video you know that I received an out-of-order Casanova now before we
get started before we jump into this guy’s two quick things real quick watch
the day is an out of order black automatico and obviously if I’m taking
a look at an out of order watch I’m gonna throw on the very first out of
ordered that I’ve had which is this OOO black automatico
second guys before we get started right down there in the right hand corner of
the screen is that subscribe button if you could go ahead and smash that guy
it’d be greatly appreciated also hit that notification bell so you can be
alerted every time I release a new video that’s of course if you want to be
alerted if you don’t then don’t do it easy as that all right guys let’s get
started and take a deeper dive into this out of order Casanova alright if you
missed my unboxing video I will just go through real quick again what came with
this month’s watch gang black subscription trendy Butler is evidently a new
subscription service that they’re partnering with on the back you can see
watch gang 20 is a coupon code that you can receive $20 off your first package
second is their new partner cards which something that I’m actually it’s kind of
neat to see them actually having a purpose now because if you look on the
back of this partner card you can see a link to watch gang website so that you
can find out more information about the watch gang black watches that were sent
out for February 2018 but this is why we’re here we’re here to take a look at
the out of order Casanova now one thing I’ll point out
real quick on the back of these Casanova boxes you have a sticker that says WG
zero zero one with a black circle with a pink X which I believe this is how out
of order manage their inventory for these watch gangs subscription watches
open this guy up and just a very basic canvas in cardboard box take the watch
out comes with the out of order user guide for the OOO Casanova it just tells you
what you can and cannot do with it that type of thing pretty much international
guarantee is not filled out because I believe for any warrant to work on these
you have to reach out to watch indirectly instead of two out of order watches
but let’s take a look at this watch a little bit closer okay so this is a
close-up of the out of order Casanova that I received as you can see
it’s got pink indices pink stitching on the black leather band to talk a little
bit about the sizing on this watch this watch is similar to the rest of the out
of orders of this nature is 44 millimeters it does have a super loom on
the indices and hands and as with all of the out of order watch they have flat mineral
glass crystals these guys do have a cyclops over that date display at the
three o’clock position which i think is pretty neat these are stainless steel
cases with stainless steel case backs I’ll get some close-up pictures of this
case back towards the and the estimated or the stated I should say water
resistance on this watch is 1080 M as I’ve said a bunch of times guys I don’t
take these watches anywhere near water just because
just because I don’t I don’t have a need to this watch is actually using a Miyota
2115 Japanese movement in it this is a quartz movement from what I’ve seen
that’s an extremely inexpensive movement I think I read somewhere they run like
ten dollars for the movement itself looking around the watch we do have out
of order stamping on the back of the strap and the strap sizes for these guys
are 22 millimeters now I’m gonna take this set this down and we’re actually
gonna take a look at this next to my OOO black automatico if you guys didn’t
see it the Out of Order black automatic Oh was the first out of order watch that I received
and the first watch that actually attracted me to be out of order series
or I shouldn’t say brand you can see the difference between the casanova and the
automatic oh right from the get-go the dial is a little bit different the
automatic o has much simpler indicators or indices at the 12 3 6 and 9 o’clock
position whereas these Casanova has loom I’m assuming and indices at every our
position also the OOO automatico has the hash marks looks like at every minute
mark the cases are virtually identical both with that weathered appearance if
we take a look around we have the out of order or I’m sorry the made in Italy on
my automatic oh and the maiden Italy on the Casanova so I’m pretty sure that
they just use the exact same cases on these guys change the dials change the
hands the hands are different if you notice as well the minute hand is the
same however the second in our hands are different on both of these watches and
of course the black automatic Oh uses an automatic movement whereas the OOO Casanova
uses that miyota 2115 quartz movement now I’m gonna get
this guy set up here and we’ll take a look and see what more information we
can find out about this watch the first thing we will take a look at is the
actual website that watch gang included on their watch gang black subscription
partner cards this is actually the link that takes you to and this is kind of
interesting in the fact that it shows you the black subscription watches that
were sent out by watch gang the two eww rulers that were sent out you can see
the Thuringia that I received last month as well as a couple of the other ones
and they have a Harrod or Morrison automatic now out of these watches that
came with this month’s watch gang black subscription I can tell you out of these
six watches that were sent out I’m glad that I received the out of order versus
any of the other ones I’m a much bigger fan of the out of order watches than the
TW rulers so I’m glad I got that one if we click on this link and it should
drive us in to the website a little bit more so you can see here just has a
picture of the out of order Casanova tells you a little bit more information
about it and it gives you links to the OOO Casanova listings on out of orders
website which will you will jump over to next so this is the Out of Order Casanova matte black
that I received for February 2018 watch gang
black subscription and if you guys have not seen this website before this is out
of order watches dot-com which lists this
OOO Casanova just you can see right there it’s listed at four hundred and fifty
two dollars and twenty-nine cents saying warning last items in stock I’m assuming
because they were also to watch gang and you can
see just a little bit about the watch itself and then finally related items
couple of the other a couple of the other color combinations that came in
now the Siberian gray that’s kind of a neat color combination I think that
one’s think that one’s pretty neat I like that color combination much better
than the black and the pink that I received so if we jump over to take a
look at what they’re going for online just don’t have quick search on eBay you
can see there’s a few out of orders in general that are for sale there’s not
abort or ghost incidentally which I do not have yet and I absolutely would not
pay one thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars for a ghost if you
guys don’t know you can pick them up relatively cheaply in the social media
groups I’ve seen them going as low as five hundred six hundred dollars for
that out of order ghost but let’s take a look so I actually found somebody
selling their Out of Order Casanova and this is a watch gang black subscription holder so
you can see right there new watch I received through my watch club never
worn or sighs this guy is nice in the respect that it’s a very basic color
combination the white and the black on this OOO Casanova if we scroll down this
watch currently has six Watchers and four bids at a hundred and twenty seven
dollars and fifty cents so the fact that this guy already has bids on this and
it’s got roughly six days to go Mike yes if I had to guess on this one it’s
probably gonna go in that two hundred two hundred and fifty dollar range by
the time bidding ends on this watch speaking of one thing I just want to
take a take a comment or take minute to comment about real quick here is that
the one thing that I’ve noticed when watch gang releases and out of order
watch is that all of the other out of order watches tend to increase in
perceived value so now as you guys have seen I have the watch gang I’m sorry the
out of order automatico I also have a green
automatico which I did the video on and more recently I picked up that
limited-edition iron bridge which is very similar to the black automaticall
in the green automatic oh the one thing I’ve noticed is right before watch gang
released these watches they the the value was starting to drop where the
trade value the the purchase prices on those automatic hoes were starting to
drop as soon as watch gang released this
Out of Order Casanova to black subscription holders I’ve noticed in the groups that the
value on the automatic hoes are out of order watches in general is starting to
go up again in probably the past six months I’ve seen I’ve seen a bunch of
peaks and valleys with the auto order watches constantly going up and down in
price and if you can catch that swing just at the right time you can make a
little bit of profit on these watches when you try to sell them or trade them
for another watch now this watch in particular this
specific watch right here because of the automatic hoes that I have already this
watch has already been traded away as soon as I did my unboxing video I posted
this up on the watch gang exchange for trade only and received a bunch of
different offers for this watch however this one as I mentioned is already
traded away so as soon as I’m done with this video
this watch is getting boxed up and taken to the post office so that was the out
of or casanova that I received from my watch gang black
subscription for February 2018 as I mentioned earlier this watch has
actually already been traded so this watch is going to be boxed up right now
and taken off to the post office and sent out to its final resting place
overall I think it’s a I think it’s a neat watch
I like the out of orders personally um the OOO Casanova
it almost feels purpose-built for watch gang I don’t know if that’s the case or
not but who knows who knows we can only speculate but the pink and black kind of
neat I suppose if you are looking to match this watch with a specific outfit
but overall I tend to stick with more subdued colors I guess you could call it
but it’s still neat watch nonetheless I definitely probably personally would not
spend the asking price for this on the MSRP absolutely wouldn’t ask the MSRP
I’m sorry wouldn’t pay the MSRP price on this given the fact that I have a couple
automatic out of orders I’m not sure if I would buy another quartz out of order
again but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the automatic hose that
out of order sells then you know have at it take a look at it I mean you can’t
beat these watches up you can’t hurt them any more than they already are
so have at it anyway guys thank you very much for sticking around if you stick
around a little bit longer I’ll show you some close-up pictures of this watch as
well as some loom shots as always if you have any questions you can either post
them up in the comments below or reach out to me at the website at my watch
addiction com and as always if you want to see what’s on my wrists on a daily
basis don’t forget to follow us on Instagram eight Instagram slash watch
addiction dot us thanks guys and have a great week

Reader Comments

  1. Andrew. Great video. I got the Rust colored one and love it. Not a fan of the pink and black either. One question. Did you check the lume? For some reason on mine the Indicees do not glow. The hands and the top of the bezel dot do. But the indicee markers do not. Odd right?

  2. Andrew not sure if you know it but to get a better idea of market value on eBay you can check the Sold listings box in the Advanced search, they show the last 4 months of solds. It usually takes a few days for one just sold to show up in the sold listings. I just checked it and saw 3 Casanova watches that sold and a few Scorpione watches that look to be the same.

  3. People have really gone nuts on this model for the black this month! I do like the OOO’s but definitely would want one of the autos great vid as always!

  4. Great video keep going i watch all ur videos all the time plus if u dont like the OOO u can trade it with me have u good day

  5. I got the one pictured at 8:10. I actually was pretty disappointed at first – I just didn't like the really intense patina. But I figured I'd give it a try before trading it, and I tried putting it on a leather strap rather than the bracelet. Boom, night and day – suddenly I loved it. I think this one's a keeper.

  6. I got the black and pink on a great distressed and galvanized stainless steel bracelet. It grows on me EVERY time I wear it. I would only consider trading it if someone wanted to throw in a sweetener, like the OOO rust, plus say, a classic Seiko diver. I like it THAT MUCH.

  7. Odd I got one in August 2018 with a full braclet.. sadly the bracelet is crap no other word for it.. and the second hand doesn’t. Align with the marks..
    Look real cool, but a bit underwhelmed I have an invicta pro diver (auto open heart) that feels much higher quality and is cheaper

  8. oh man if i had a dollar for everytime you say automatico. I get it, you have a automatico – why not compare the watch to another submariner variation then comparing it to another watch from the same company. I don't get it? People that buy this watch are going to buy it mostly due to the fact it is a "submariner , diving" style watch, but not once did you mention anything about that. you just talked about watch gang and your other watch… Anywho just constructive criticism – I'm subbing.. hope to see u again.

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