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ONLY Minecraft Veterans can understand this.. – YLYL #0064

ONLY Minecraft Veterans can understand this.. –   YLYL #0064

Hello Berlin and welcome to this almost symmetrical shot Let’s look at funny memes in Goa Scattered in Florida. That’s right. We also have regular content on this channel What this is not minecraft I’m sure there’s gonna be a plenty of Minecraft memes in here. Let’s just get real Everyone is just obsessed with minecraft mass hysteria of Minecraft there Are are the things in life that can bring joy Who am I kidding? But at least we can try Let’s watch watch to the end for a surprise. Oh my god. The first clip is minecraft Creeper oh man, I’m done. Hey, look the second game is my I Already know I’m gonna like it. There’s smash like I Don’t know about that actually But it is mine crap. So yes. Oh My god, can you imagine Avengers minecraft edition? You know, usually I cringe out all these corporate crossovers But please start combining minecraft wood stuff. I would love to see that happen spider-man minecraft Okay, so three minecraft videos in a row. Let’s do this. Let’s see if we can make me Scout that oh My god That’s so sad, oh I get it. He can’t read. Okay, I got it. I got the joke. That’s a legit edit Well done, but did it make me scat that I don’t think so. Come on guys. Here’s one of my favorite. Oh my god It’s only Minecraft. Oh She’s bringing over the sheet. That’s so cute You’re saying hear hear oh, that’s right. I understand Nihon go. That’s okay Oh Well done spread proud of you keep it up, okay, it’s all mine crying. Okay. I don’t even know there’s no way around it. Oh My god What I’m saying combined minecraft with anything it’s still gotta be ten out of ten Oh what That’s a good meme Too much damage couldn’t handle it fully understandable What they’re just laughs at a non Minecraft meme Get it together Felix. You’re better than this. All right, here we go Isn’t that rare to see a baby riding a spider cuz it happened once with me and that most like oh my god, oh my god They can’t do that Kelly that’s illegal. Wait a minute Only true minecrafters can understand. Okay, just wait one second All right now I’m ready to watch Minecraft understand Oh my god, these Eddie’s are crazy. Hey girl, how you doing? I’m about to go to bed Goodnight go That’s pretty good I’m impressed by these, okay Unusual videos. Oh my god. What’s that? The Joe Joe actress? I Need to watch yo, Joe, I’m too busy playing Minecraft get the freak out of my room. Okay. Here we go. Alright Hey, are you okay? That’s a good name well done you made me Scott that and can be appreciate for 20 I don’t wanna interact with it because I’ll ruin it. Yeah. Oh, so there they have G fuel in bottle I can now It’s really good, but it make me very burpy slurpy Haha, check it out. Enter code PewDiePie, you know the drill Co PewDiePie everytime? Took a picture of myself every day for 10 years. I love this. These are so cool. Oh my god He’s aging so much Wow It’s becoming an oblivion character oblivion every scene my god That’s so nice Good for him, man Oh dear me died Back from the LK All right, someone has too much spare time, that’s all I got to say about that I mean anyone that does these picture everyday? Come on, what are you doing? I know you’re taking a picture every day I got that but why why is it weird that I just want to see the enemy girl again? It was so cute All its real gamers understand pain Philosophers say suffering defines man, but why why or why there’s so much pain from Minecraft? Ok That’s pretty cool that was garbage loop come on let me try it This is Oh Remember gamers playthrough over it’s vengal. Bye. Bye. How has been live how Well play wait Squidward Sounds like the same guy every time yeah, he’s still there. He’s still out there asking Squidward a DAB. Oh My god, I’ve seen this. Yes, I need to do this Let’s get really any tips. I need to do this What are those like candles or poser You know not to put that in there one late night is that you know what, you know, buddy freakin sweet He called us up Microsoft. I got two words Pistons and long objects Bill Gates Be like haha company contenido scar Is that fart real I always think I thought about that I mean I think about that much I’ve thought about it is it a real for it sounds so authentic, but at the same time I’m like I don’t think it’s real but I kind of want it to be real but at the same time I Really don’t want it to be real. Is it real girl who made this video? let me know recreate it so I can know thank you Sarah point zero one of hands or not As oh No, I did not laugh at that stop stop sending me these awful memes it’s not funny then laughs not funny – oh My god Where do you have that one moment with your enemy? Yes. What is this? Who made this Donald Trump II like game cause violence everyone be like Yeah, I Played video games and I never did violet. Alright, he makes this man makes point. I’m not saying anything I’m just naming everyone only 200 IQ people can figure this out I mean can figure this out you dumb schmuck. Learn English. Alright What is this just some sweet redstone contraptions Alright, alright, I respect it. This is the lock to enter his house. That’s the name the paper I’m gonna put it in the dropper. Okay papers, please. All right. All right. Oh Well played well played very nice. Oh my god, he did it the absolute man land Johnny D the legend Yes Let’s hear it look at him. Oh Man That’s ten out of ten men Ha ha ha That’s forgive me ha Gamers. Hope you enjoyed this episode of scatter their below. Really. Yes minecraft will be out tomorrow. Ok My gosh we do have new merch I feel like I have to tell you I have to tell you imagine watching PewDiePie’s Minecraft videos and not wearing the merge cringe Trains bruh. Go to represent that calm sighs Peter Pan. Check it out. You don’t have to don’t have to don’t have to But you share Brofist at a hundred million and a twelve-hour minecraft livestream. Let’s get a gamers buy What you never played super simulator You know, it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not convinced yet. Okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price

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  1. Yo I didn’t know that’s the to be continued meme was from jojo and I recently started watching it and I fucking died

  2. I went out and bought a Nintendo 64 and the next day everyone was saying how video games causes violence! STFU AND LET ME SAVE PRINCESS PEACH AND BATTLE POKÉMON.

  3. One WHY Does Some of his I am eye turn green when saying pfft the also * pewdiepie * I shall Not laugh at non minecrafted video sagain
    * me * mhm
    * pewdiepie * hahHHAhhHhhabahahahhahaHhHhabab wait No I Never laughed at that non minerals related thing

  4. Generic Shitty Name [Mildly Amuzing Pfp]
    Youtuber: (quote from video)
    Me: (Overused line like: "Am I a joke to you" or something along those lines)

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