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ONE MILLION CLONE BUDDYS!!! | Kick the Buddy – Bio Weapons

ONE MILLION CLONE BUDDYS!!! | Kick the Buddy – Bio Weapons

– [Orange] More Buddies! Oh yeah, more Buddies
all up in your business! Let’s do this! (laughing) (upbeat electro music) (laughing) Hey yo, it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video! We’re back with Buddy once again. And we are gonna try
out the Bio Weapons, oh! Oh, that’s not good, it’s great! Okay, we’re going to
do the parasite first. (laughing) It’s a para-site to behold. Ah, you ate it, gross! Wu-oh, whoa, Buddy, what’s happening? What’s happening captain? Want to eat another one? (laughing) Eww, grody! Rude boy, this is disgusting. (laughing) Oh no (laughing) they’re everywhere! – Mama – [Orange] Buddy, you might want to see a doctor or something. Wu-oh (laughing) eww! The parasites had the munchies. Oh, they’re still popping out. Once you pop you can’t stop I guess. Eww gross! Slimy, oh no, don’t eat them Buddy! (laughing) It’s raining parasites! Hallelujah! Buddy, stop eating them so fast! (laughing) Parasites are part of a balanced breakfast apparently, for Buddy anyway. He’s eating them all. He really likes them! (laughing) All right next let’s try Fungus Vulgaris! Eww, what is this? Wu-oh, Buddy, you got a
little something on you there. (laughing) The fungus is among us! (laughing) Oh Buddy it’s, what the,
ugh your leg exploded! That’s weird. Buddy, I think you must love fungus. That must be because you’re a fun-guy! (laughing) It’s not really doing anything else. I’m going to spin you
a little bit, see whoa! (laughing) Okay, apparently just had
to mix it up a little bit. (laughing) Yeah, I see this guy
shake and bake it there. Whoa, moly! Ahhh, I see, you got to hit him. You looking so good there Buddy! I like your new style. (laughing) Oh, man, you know what would be a waste? If I didn’t try out this hazardous waste! – Excuse me. – [Orange] Oh, your ex-squeezed! Woo-who, you should take a dip in there. That looks looks fun, oh! Whoa, make haste, and make more waste. (laughing) Exploding time. Oh yeah, I’m taking a bath in it. Oh-ho-ho Woo, you got the wiggle
jiggles there, Buddy? Ohh! (laughing) I think Buddy is possessed. If you see a barrel, you must smash it! (laughing) You love it, don’t you? All right, let’s try the Bac-bacteria! Back to back, you’re back on track. Okay, wo-whoa, you’re getting
a little fuzzy there Buddy. (laughing) Oh-who-who, oh-who-who-who-who! Buddy you fell to pieces. I feel awkward, but we
got to do that again! That was pretty fun, wasn’t it Buddy? (laughing) Ut-oh, oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Wow, disgustingly effective. Oh man, these weapons are pretty crazy. Okay, Mutation Serum! Yeah, yeah, we’re going to
do the Mutation Serum Buddy. You going to eat it? Ah wait, uh wow! Wow! Turn into a potato. Uh, your a mutant! – You’re killing me. – [Orange] Wow Buddy, you’re gigantic! We need to get midget apple
one of these serums, geez! This is crazy. Okay, now you are immune
to them apparently, wow! Well, this is crazy! So do you stay like this now? You do, holy moly! Buddy. (laughs) Buddy, what are you,
are you break dancing? Whoa, you got some moves
and grooves don’t you? (laughing) Oh, that’s no good. All right, let’s try the Virus-A. A is for apple, gross! Don’t be an apple. Whoa, what’s this doing? Are you turning into
a zombie or something? Oh man, Buddy, your face is
kind of pulsating a little bit. It’s weird. Oh-ho-ho! Buddy, you look different today. Did you fix your hair up or something? (laughing) Oh wait, Buddy doesn’t have hair. Um Buddy, I can kind of see
your insides, that’s weird. – Boring! – [Orange] Um Buddy, did you become evil? Cause you kind of look evil now. Evil booty! (laughing) Well, I guess you are staying like that. Let’s try Prion A-51. I don’t know if I am saying that right. Oh, smoke monster. Hey Buddy, smoke them if you got them! (laughing) Oh, you ate it, ut-oh! Oh, this does not look good. Um, Buddy, um? Uh, Buddy is really smoking
the competition here. (laughs) Buddy wants, wants us to
think he is in trouble, but it is all smoke and mirrors. (laughs) Are you going to do this forever Buddy? What are you doing?
– Oh my God. – [Orange] I know, oh okay, very exp-lody. That one was crazy. Let’s try Virus-A, also for apple. You should touch that. You going to eat it? You should eat it! Oh, you’re coughing. Buddy, you are being melodramatic. You should just eat
this, it’s good for you. It’s part of a balanced breakfast. It’s like uh, it’s like Lucky Charms. You know, stars, clovers, viruses? It’s a very delicious marshmallow. (laughs) Is this all you are going
to do, is just cough? (laughs) Okay, now he is break dancing. Whoa-who-who. Aww, now Buddy is taking a nap. Okay, we are going to try Bio Weapon G5. I think that stands for giraffe. So, Bio Weapon G5, giraffe five. (explosion) Whoa! Oh, Buddy is melting. Wow, well that weapon was the bomb yo! (laughing) No sleeping on the job! Buddy makes everybody’s heart melt. Along with him! (laughs) On to the Acid Container. Sweet! Aw, you mutated back to regular Rude Boy. All right, oh, okay, in you go. Get in, listen to what ac-id. (laughing) Get it, acid, I said. (laughing) Come on, it was a pun. Aw, you melted again. Ah, but your body is fine, op, nevermind. Oh-who-who Now, let’s try the Acid Balloons, since we are talking about acid. Here we go, oh, oh, I like that! I am going to make a
little pile of them here. Let’s see, there we go. Very nice, looking good. You ready to go bowling
for burgers there Buddy? (laughing) Oh Buddy just bowled you over, he-he-hee. Once you pop, you can’t stop. Popping acid balloons, yeah! Buddy, you are full of hot air, and acid. He’s still running. (laughing) That was awesome. All right, let’s do this Buddy. We’re doing the cloning game. I think I’m a clone now. Hey little Buddy, you’re looking so good! (laughing) Oh yeah, more Buddies! Oh yeah, more Buddies
all up in your business. Let’s do this! (laughing) The world is a better
place with more Buddies. Ahhh, this is the best thing ever! If you see a Buddy, you must multiply it. Buddy Buddy bo-Buddy, banana fana fo-fuddy, me my mo-muddy Buddy! Don’t be a fuddy duddy,
have some more Buddies. (laughing) You rocking the boat bud? (laughing) Don’t spoddy my buds! Oh no! (laughs) We’re rocking the boat now. More Buddies all up in your business. (laughing) Let’s do this! You know you love it. (laughing) Oh man, this is awesome. Okay, let’s try Dissolvent. Aye, oh, all my little Buddies splodded. And the left behind some
ketchup packets apparently. Okay, this is Dissolvent. Is it even doing anything? I don’t think it’s even doing anything. Okay, it’s on your foot. Oh, I see it is dissolving your foot now. (laughing) Buddy, trouble is a-foot. (laughing) And now it’s an arm. Buddy you are a little squirt. (laughing) Oh, things are getting steamy up in here. Glitchy.
– In a world of pain. – [Orange] I don’t like it
when it pauses like that. It’s weird. (laughs) Whoa, I hope you didn’t need that. Oh Buddy, you’re just skin and bones now. (laughing) Oh Buddy, here is one you’re
going to love, laughing gas. You’re going to be tickled
pink after this one. (laughing) Come on! You know you love it. (laughing) He does, he loves it. Buddy you going crazy. (laughing) Well when all else fails, better give Buddy some more laughing gas. You can never be too happy right? Come on get up in there. Whoa, what’s even happening right now? Glitchy, okay! (laughing) He’s got the wiggle jiggles you guys. Ut oh, your kind of crying there a little. You’re laughing so hard you’re crying! Well that’s a good sign right? (laughing) Ahhh, oh Buddy fell asleep. (laughing) Okay, Gas Mask. Break the lenses to poison Buddy! Ut-oh, there’s a fog creeping in Buddy. Nice eyes, I like that.
– It’s a never ending story! – [Orange] Where you
going, sit still, geez. I just want to break
the glass a little bit. – You’re killing me.
– Whoa, there it did it. Ut oh, oh no, I’m sorry Buddy. I didn’t mean to do it. Actually I did. Don’t tell him though. (laughing) You okay?
– Oh no, no, no! – [Orange] Come on Buddy,
you are a real gas. Ut oh, he is doing the
wiggle jiggles again. Come on. Is that it? Aww, Buddy is sleeping
on the job, once again! Wake up Buddy! All right, that one wasn’t that great. Let’s do A-Waste. Which possible means, apple waste. Eww, that’s the worst
kind of waste that could ever come up with, gross! Buddy wake up so I can
give you this apple waste. (laughing) Whoa, come on Buddy,
the show must glow on. Oh, whoops, you spilled it. Wasn’t me, you did it. Wu-oh, you’re kind of
glowing a little bit. Well that’s cool. Buddy, I can see your bones. You got the flishy-flashies. Oh, I’m not cleaning that up. You got to clean that up, you barfed. You, when you barf, you
gotta clean it up ‘kay? I can’t clean it up
anyways, I don’t have hands. (laughing) Buddy, you are looking pretty cool. Make no bones about it. (laughing) You got the wiggle jiggles again. Man, you go the wiggle
jiggles so much this episode. (laughing) All right guys, well is a good episode. That was all of the Bio Weapons. Thank you so much for watching. Til next time, later hot-ta Buddies. (upbeat electro music)

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  3. when you cloned buddy and there were lots of small buddys and there was blood on the celling it looked like buddy had lots of small kids and he couldnt take care of them because they were a lot of them hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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