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Omar Faces New Challenger For Her Congress Seat And He’s A Decorated Veteran

Omar Faces New Challenger For Her Congress Seat And He’s A Decorated Veteran

If Ilhan Omar is
going to retain her seat in Congress, she’s going to have face down multiple opponents
in 2020. And one of them might be exactly what America
needs: A decorated veteran and everyday American
hero, someone who stands for everything that makes America great. We’re talking about a man who has served
his community and his country for over three decades. And when he heard about Omar’s “some people
who did something” comment in regards to the September 11 tragedy, well … that was
the last straw for him. Now, Chris Kelley plans to take down one of
the members of the infamous “squad.” From Washington Examiner:
Ilhan Omar could face a challenge from a decorated veteran of the U.S. military who is seeking
to unseat her. Chris Kelley lives and is a police officer
in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. He has spent nearly three decades in the U.S.
Army and Army Reserves… This is a true American hero. And chances are, he’s going to get plenty
of support. Though Omar’s district certainly leans left,
there are plenty of citizens in the area who aren’t too pleased with the freshman congresswoman. She embodies the far-left policies that some
Democrat leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are trying to get away from. Omar, along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
have simply gone over the deep end, as far as many Americans are concerned. And patriotic citizens like Kelley are sick
of it. Furthermore, Omar’s challenger supports
President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration; Kelley said, “if you don’t
have a border, you don’t have a country.” He also believes our border authorities are
overwhelmed and they desperately need help. When you add it all up, it certainly sounds
like Kelley could be the perfect man for the job … and hopefully, we’ll get rid of
Omar. Actually, I vote for getting rid of every
member of “the squad.” Vote them all out, and maybe America can get
rolling again! Share If You Want Ilhan Omar Voted Out Next

Reader Comments

  1. Omar better not be reelected again! She is not worthy to be in office! She is raising more issues by her mouth!

  2. Anyone with any sense knows where she needs to go…and its certainly not back I office. Her allegiance is not to the United States of America.Never has been.

  3. Ss. But I don't really trust Kelly how do we know he hasn't changed his loyality to muslism? Many in the service have.

  4. The problem with our great nation is trump america lost the day trump became president hes a disgrace and a coward to defend his country trump is destroying our great nation more and more each day the man is to stupid to be president

  5. we need to stand with all new republican that are run for seats in Congress or Senate. So we can get things done. Stan's behind Kelly and get him elected

  6. BEWARE of the RINO (demonrats who run as repubs, say "all the right conservative things and sell us out on many things like 2nd amend infringement)-trump should be primaried for his anti-american(2nd amend) speech after el paso/dayton shootings

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