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Oldest Companies In The World (OVER 800 YEARS)

Oldest Companies In The World (OVER 800 YEARS)

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. The first 1,000 people to sign up using the
link in the description will get their first 2 months free. For a company to last 50 years is a commendable
achievement in today’s age of tough markets, economic woes, and corporate acquisitions. But this hasn’t always been the case. Today we take a look at eight companies that
have survived through centuries of economic and political upheaval and market competition. What types of businesses stand the test of
time? Well, looking at the companies that have succeeded
over the centuries the Infographics show can report that people like to have somewhere
nice to eat, somewhere pleasant to sleep, and they like to get drunk from time to time. The majority of these organizations are family
run affairs catering to a specific need but some are government-backed. From Japan’s longest running hot spring
spa hotel to Ireland’s most historic pub, all these companies have truly stood the test
of time. Let’s take a look in Today’s Infographics
Show – The Oldest Companies Still in Business. Established in 705 the Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan
in Yamanashi, Japan is the world’s oldest hotel and possibly the world’s oldest running
company. Samurais and Shoguns came here to unwind in
the natural hot springs well over a thousand years ago. The healing baths of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan
drew visitors from both near and afar – and they keep coming back. The secret to their successful longevity may
well be attributed to their staffing policy. 52 generations from the same line have looked
after the hotel’s operations. Staff positions are passed from parent to
child to grandchild and by doing so the operation remains as one cohesive unit – over a thousand
years of knowledge is housed all under one roof. Other hotels and hospitality businesses would
do well to take note of the success of the world’s longest running hotel. But this isn’t the only ridiculously long
running Japanese hotel. Another that has stood the test of serious
time is the Sennen-no Yu Koma. This traditional Japanese Inn was founded
in 717 making it the second oldest hotel in Japan and one of the oldest companies in the
world. Again centered on ancient bath houses this
establishment was founded by Gonnokami Hiuke and ran by his descendants. One year later, in 718, the Hoshi hotel opened
its doors and was once thought to be the oldest hotel in the world until it realized the other
two had been in business longer. This establishment has been owned and managed
by the Hoshi family for forty-six generations and still exists today. Hungry? The St. Peter Stiftskeller restaurant in Salzburg
lays claim to the oldest restaurant in the world. It was already doing brisk business in 803
according to a document penned by a traveling scholar. St Peter’s shut its doors briefly during
Napoleon’s invasion, so has not technically been in continuous operation, but given the
length of time the establishment has run, it makes our list. The original dining rooms are carved into
stone cliffs beneath the Hohensalzburg Fortress giving the place a cavernous feel. The restaurant has hosted some high profile
customers ranging from kings and queens of ancient times to more recently Bill Clinton,
and film-star Clint Eastwood. Salzburg boasts being the birth place of Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, and the Stiftskeller caters to this legacy with weekly Mozart events. Once a week musicians dress up in period costume
and patrons of the eatery will often play along, wearing traditional garb including
lederhosen for the men and dirndls for the ladies. You can never really go out of business making
money. A mint is where the government produce coins
and other metal objects of intrinsic value, and the Royal Mint was established in 886
in London, UK. . Under the company name Royal Mint Ltd the
Mint is owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury and has an exclusive contract to supply all
coins for domestic circulation in the UK. Not a bad business to be in. In addition to coins they produce various
types of memorabilia including commemorative coins and medals and precious metal bullion. The Royal Mint exports to around 60 countries,
making up to 70% of its total sales abroad. Originally operating from the Tower of London,
the Mint lasted at this historic site next to the River Thames for 800 years before relocating
to Royal Mint Court in London. Come the swinging 60s the Royal Mint shifted
base to a 38 acre plot in Wales where it remains today. A confirmed ancient boozer is Sean’s Bar. This public house dates back to AD 900 and
is listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the oldest pub in Europe. The walls of the pub are made from wattle
and wicker dating from the 10th century, and the pub was briefly owned by pop star Boy
George in 1987. The location is right in the heart of Ireland,
on the banks of the River Shannon. It stands next to 12th Century Norman Castle
whose residents may well have popped into Sean’s Bar for a pint back in the day. Originally named the Priests Inn the Bingley
Arms, established 953 in the UK, it claims to officially be the oldest public house in
Britain. Traveling back in to time from AD 905 to AD
953 this pub is said to have been a safe house for persecuted Catholic priests. From around AD 1000 the establishment was
used as a courthouse. The back garden homes a yew-tree that is older
than the pub itself. Located in the village of Bardsey, near Leeds,
Yorkshire, this pub was serving pints of beer when the Vikings were conquering parts of
the nation and before England had its first king. The lounge features a fine period Dutch oven
and the chimney boasts Priest Holes – hiding zones for persecuted men of the cloth. Most records indicate that the Chateau de
Goulaine began bottling wine around 1000 AD. This winery is set inside a castle that has
been home to the same family for over a thousand years. The first in line to take the realm of the
Chateau was Jean de Goulaine, also captain of the city of Nantes for the Duke of Brittany. The Chateau was rebuilt in the 12th century
and then once more in the 16th century after Christophe de Goulaine travelled to Italy
whereupon he discovered renaissance architecture for the first time. Dazzled by the spectacle he replaced the medieval
castle and erected in its place a stunning Renaissance Chateau. Several of the rooms were fitted out in the
Italian style. The Chateau was sold by the family in 1788
only to be bought back in 1857. Along with producing fine wine the Chateau
also functions as a museum housing numerous collections of valuable art produced during
its 1000 years of operation. The de Goulaines continue to run this operation,
thought to be the oldest European family run business. Next up on our list is the Weihenstephan Brewery. The brewery has records dating back to a 768
AD hop garden, but the establishment was officially licensed by the City of Freising in 1040. The nearby Weltenburg Abbey also claims to
be the oldest brewery in the world but their official operation start-up date is 1050,
so it seems that Weihenstephan hold the title. From 1923 onwards the Weihenstephan Brewery
joined forces with the Technical University of Munich to improve their state of the art
brewing facilities and operate as a kind of School of Beer. The brewery produces a range of pale lagers
and wheat beers that are considered by beer nerds to be some of the best in the world. Weihenstephan also has a wide range as a recognizable
beer brand exporting all over the world and their brand is known immediately to most committed
beer drinkers. So there we have it. Eight of the longest running companies in
the world. An honorable mention goes to the Japanese
Kongo Gumi company established in 578. This construction company ran for over 1,400
years before falling on hard times in 2006 and eventually being purchased by the Takamatsu
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can think of? Is it on our list? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to watch our other video called
– Top Twenty Happiest Countries to Live in The World. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe, see you next time!

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    One aside: The "AD" goes BEFORE the year, not after. This its my biggest pet peeve on all these channels. It's NOT English and it DOESN'T mean "after death".
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