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Okay Industries Surefeed AR15 Magazine Review

Okay Industries Surefeed AR15 Magazine Review

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  1. Ya don’t want an anti tilt follower in a straight 20 round magazine!
    No no no…straight walls and a bullet taper, need to tilt some. It’s just physics…
    No better follower made for them then the original aluminum follower.
    Shame it’s no longer made.
    What we GI’s looked for was universal industry’s, UI, colt, adventure line, Simmons’s. All gtg!
    Was two companies that were completely junk,
    Cooper Industries and some black follower lots of Sanchez (DSI) production.
    And were in fact recalled for destruction by the military, due to poor tolerances.
    I have a few small numbered .223 marked colts with polished aluminum followers, they are almost 60 years old and run perfectly.
    Will a p-mag run 60 years?

  2. i had bought 21 used aluminum mags at gun shows. i was testing them for spring power and i decided to get new ss springs for them. i also bought magpuls anti tilt follower. i consider them the best follower on the market. it was a pricey endeavor but when i was finished i had what i would call the best used mags on the market. i also took some new mags and put in magpul followers if i did not like the followers that came with them.

  3. Surefeed gives you Magpul style follower.
    That’s the difference from the early design.

    All Standard Capacity
    Mags. Matter

  4. We had a week to get stocked up on all kinds of mags in California. I had a few old Grandfathered in Gi mags but I got plenty more now. I got mags for guns I don't own.

  5. Sootch, Okay didn't make that old mag from '91 that you show. 6P199 is Center Products' cage code. 33710 is Okay. Someone changed the floorplate on that Center mag to an Okay. Okay Industries also makes the Colt stamped mags. Colt mags are also stamped 33170. The more you know.

  6. How are P mags holding up? I have updated all my USGI mil spec used surplus mags with ORANGE ANTI TILT FOLLOWERS from Ebay $1.50 each. Brush cleaned inside and painted grey or black then re assembled with followers.
    Updated over 140 mags. Well worth the work to have back up my inventory along with HEX mags and Pmags.

  7. One of the few firearms related companies that stayed in CT (where ‘assault weapons’ and any magazine over 10 rounds are banned)… Stag arms are manufactured in New Britain, CT as well… Awesome magazines !!


  9. I keep loaded GI mags in the truck. Here In Texas it gets hot in the summer. Loaded P-mags have lip spreading after a summer in the heat. I only leave the ammo in one summer and then rotate it to the range. Of course I rotate it by just bringing the truck mags and firing. When I used Pmags that had been in there all summer they had a few issues. My non-truck Pmags never have had any issues. So five months of high temps (in the truck 140 is typical in August) is the only difference. Love Pmags and use them a lot. But for just sitting around loaded you can't be GI mags.

  10. Used to buy Okay and Colt branded war surplus from an Army-Navy store 1 buck a piece. They look like hell but still work just fine. Some still have original springs but most have been replaced with anti tilt followers and new springs. I still have some that are 50 years old. Do we have any polymer guns that old? The answer is of course, the Remington Nylon 66. So who knows how long Pmags will last but an aluminum mag is for almost forever.

  11. USGI C-Products and ASC mags work well in 20 and 30 rounders both in steel and aluminum. I would however be aware of hard surfaces that the mags may drop on. So its a good idea to practice mag retention on reloads if possible.

  12. Looks like the 20rd mags are using a Gen 1 follower, not even the green Gen 2 is this because of there shorter length and is it something to worry about?

  13. I'm getting the OK mags and Magpul mags at Harold's Gun and Pawn for $8.99 here in Knoxville. The OK mags come with no tilt followers, neither brand is in a package. They just have a big box full of them.

  14. just bought 5 20-round Okay mags after watching! they have them for 12.99 at 44mag right now. black Teflon finish, but killer price for new mags.

  15. Sootch — Just checking even though I'm almost sure — you said you have magazines loaded with "115 grain 5.56 ammo". That's an error in the script, right? I've never shot 5.56 heavier than 72 grains…

  16. D&H tactical are high quality as well. My 805 Bren came with 2 of them and putting them side by side with the okay industries surefeed mags they appear equal, I've had no issues with feeding either

  17. I live down the street from Okay, only knew they did stamping work. Had no idea they've been making magazines for so long. Just a stones throw away from Stag too.

  18. Wrong about just being available. I used to buy these new 10 years ago. Then they went away. It's the same company as NHMTG, in the same town. They switch names every few years. Probably for tax reasons.

  19. Another thing, aluminum government magazines in 20 or 30 rounds make a distinct sound as they are dropped empty onto concrete or gravel surfaces. I'm sure nobody else gives a shit about that, but after a lifetime of using and training with government weapons you start to remember every detail from the smells to the sounds and everything in between. I find those familiar sounds make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

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