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Ohio National Guard Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Surplus Shotgun

Ohio National Guard Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Surplus Shotgun

welcome back everybody wanted to do a quick video here on the B channel for the shotgun and this is a Remington 870 Wingmaster which is nothing you know to write home about however this one's pretty cool it's different than most big masters you're ever gonna see I don't know that they'll be available for sale anytime soon either so these were recently released in 2018 and I picked one up because I think they're kind of cool historical pieces so the thing you kind of notice just looking at it from afar is going to be this bayonet lug mount here that is factory that's as it came from the factory and it's kind of this contraption that walks the extended mag tube that we have here into the barrel assembly so if you want to actually disassemble the shotgun for cleaning you have to remove those screws and pop all that off so it's a little bit more cumbersome than a typical one however its badass so you get to run your bayonet any milspec bayonet for your air 15 and floors anything like that will fit just fine quite a second notable thing about this is the engraving here on the receiver its OMG Ohio National Guard actually I really don't know the history of these I posted these on my Facebook page and Instagram and no one seemed to really know which unit they came from or anything like that if you guys do and you're watching this please post down below in the comment section and I'll annotate it below in the video description but apparently they're part of the Ohio National Guard was issued to them 12-gauge it's got a beautiful blue finish this one here actually has some light surface rust I'm pretty sure a little bit of CLP take that off real quick but we've been fired it out here too had a grand total of no issues out of it as you'd expect from a pre freedom group Remington shotgun they've a very very good shotguns for years and years and years the wing masters and the 870 s in the 870 police's were all fantastic prior to you know the last few years and it kind of started to suck with the Express line but of course we have our chrome carrier here wood stock would grip comes with a sling and just a really kind of cool piece of history again I don't know the full history of it if you do go ahead and post that down below but you get seven plus one or eight plus one rounds in the tube and it's you know it's awesome it's a seventy so not too much there to stay but I just wanna make a video I make so much we're asking about it I don't know if they're gonna be a for sale again like I said if you ever see them again you're interested I would definitely grab it because it might not come around again anyway thanks for watching guys thanks for subscribing we'll see you the next video see how this old girl handle some buckshot my guess is it'll do just fine the thumper for sure

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  1. So, I have no idea about those specific shotguns that were for sale, but I do know that EVERY ONG unit is issued 870 shotguns for use in a state active duty purpose (meaning they do not go overseas if the unit is called up to active service, they are only used when called up by the Governor IE Hurricane relief, etc.) This is why the guard was able to sell them as surplus, as the state purchased and owned them, whereas standard issue equipment (like M4s) are federally managed. I do know they have been replacing the older Wood-Stocked 870s with newer 870s with a collapsible stock, which as been in process for about 10 years. Finding out which specific unit had those will be nearly impossible though, as State Property like these Shotguns gets transferred from unit-to-unit with a surprising frequency.

  2. Cool that you don't play favoritism because I wouldn't recommend or review anything from "Freedom Group". Mossberg ftw

    Edit: This is a pre shotgun. Derp 🙄

  3. What website do you get these shotguns from? I know they sold out but I didn’t even know!!!! I need info!!!!! Please!!!!

  4. Badass! Not to sound stupid, but do you run the risk of buckshot expanding as it leaves the muzzle ricochet back off the bayonet to the shooter?

  5. I bought one of the folding stock models from Southern Outdoor Super Store
    . The Remington folding stock was worth what I paid for the shotgun. These are MK2 Remington shotguns made for the military. The bayonet lug is worth over $300. Mine was in super shape for a shotgun made in the early 1970's

  6. Your background pic had me all over the internet looking for a "clam shell" bayonet mount for my 870 police they are not easy to find or cheap,i did stumble upon a mint Winchester 1300 defender to add to my "riot gun" collection while i was at it

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