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Obama’s legacy: How will Barack Obama be remembered? | IN 60 SECONDS

Obama’s legacy: How will Barack Obama be remembered? | IN 60 SECONDS

In 1948, the historian Arthur Schlesinger asked fellow historians to rate US presidents. The pollsters soon followed suit, and they’ve been asking Americans to assess presidents ever since. Barack Obama leaves office with a solid approval rating. He’s in the mid-fifties in most polls, but when it comes to job performance, the verdict is mixed. President Obama inherited a terrible economy. Although Americans see some improvement after eight years, only a bare majority approve of the job he’s doing here. Less than half approve of the job he’s doing handling terrorism or foreign policy generally. Sixty-one percent believe that the US is less respected that in the past. As for Obamacare, views about the law have generally been more negative than positive since its passage. A solid majority disapprove of the way the president has handled the issue. However, only thirty-five percent favor straight repeal. Finally, two-thirds in a pew survey say race relations have gotten worse since 2008. Only nine percent say they’ve gotten better. First drafts of history are always subject to revision. At this point, we know that President Obama is personally more popular than his policies. To learn more about my take on Obama’s legacy, check the links in the description below. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like AEI scholars to cover in 60 seconds.

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  1. The first black president, most likely. Sure, recent history will remember things like Obama Care and some other things, but in a hundred years I imagine the only thing people will care about is him being the first black president.

  2. this video is too kind- OBAMA's Legacy:
    O dropped 36000 bombs during 8 years
    O opened the southern boarder in which 70 to 80 % of the illegal girls get RAPED! (THE RAPE HIGHWAY)
    O increase the national debt more than all the other administrations combined
    O increase regulations to the point it strangeled business which left the US in record numbers
    O became the laughing stock of world leaders being openly mocked while visiting other countries
    O desimated the DNC losing over 1000 state senate seats and governorships

    O's actions divided this country with racial tension at an all time high.

    can't argue with the facts- Obama will go down as the worst president in history…….

  3. He may have good approval ratings now that he is on his way out. Viewed objectively, in the old light of day, Obama and his administration will be remembered for the incompetence and arrogance which have marked his policies and actions.

  4. What a fucking joke. I expected to hear a conservative spin, but I was hoping to avoid complete drivel. It's no fucking secret among SOME of the population that have been spoon-fed conservative propaganda that Obama can basically do no right. Referring to "polls" rather than actually looking at his policies and their consequences, as well as what would've been the alternative, is a joke. You don't need an "expert opinion" for that, just turn on Fox News for 60 seconds and you'll get the same view. If a conservative president had been in charge during this great recession, the USA would be in the same shithole that europe is still in. That race relations have gotten worse has nothing to do with Obama, but all to do with everyone now carrying smartphones, social media, and in general an increase in awareness and activism in the matters. He inherited two wars as well, which were more unpopular than anything he's done since and in many cases were the underlying cause of problems we face today. He improved relations with Cuba, made a deal to dismantle the Iranian nuke-program without starting another disastrous war that would've made Iraq look like a walk in the park. He imposed sanctions on Russia following their annexation of Crimea that are now crippling their economy. The worst thing about Obama is that he wasn't tough enough against the GOP, especially when he had a fucking supermajority and could've created not just the ACA but actually a single payer system, etc etc.

    I mean for gods sake you're not even reciting or showing the actual numbers. This is the sort of misinformation and bullshit that has lead to Trump. What a fucking joke.

  5. The bias in this video is subtle but clear. Stating that certain events happened during his presidency implies causation, yet in many cases it's equivalent to saying that the sun rose or set, or that a hurricane happened, during a presidency. The most obvious example is race relations. To imply that Obama's presidency instigated poorer race relations is just idiotic. If anything it has brought to the surface a lingering racial tension that for years had been ignored or dismissed by the majority.

  6. The historic ranking are a bit interest on how they change over time. Reagan was the president to change most in the ranking, going from mid 20s in polls in the early to mid 90s to some times the top tens. In theory the Dems could try to do the same thing and glorify Obama as a past leader, which may change how he is seen the same way the GOP did for Reagan. The one thing well say, it that he treated the office of president with respect, something I would not say about GW Bush or Clinton, so it is something we had not had for 16 year before and will not have for the next 4 years.

  7. Too bad the Presidency is not a popularity contest. Obama is probably the worst President in the last 50 years. His legacy is there for all to see.

  8. Americans did not vote for an African born Islamic terrorist as a president the Puppet Master is placed him for 8 years and our White House! Obama was never a president fake Social Security numbers false birth certificates false College records he is a fraud, cancel the Obama Legacy erase the name Obama from our American history! Liquidate all his assets and take back every dollar of American money that he spent with his Muslim nations birthing Isis financing and arming them! There are charges of treason espionage drug trafficking sex trafficking molesting raping and murdering children and Military and our ambassador spying on Americans and others from around the world! This man had no right to sit in our White House he is an African born Islamic terrorist never a president of the United States! Bring him to Justice

  9. Thank God he is gone. It's now 2018 and the US has the strongest economy ever and unemployment is at a record low for all including blacks and women, we are in August looking at GDP of 4.1 percent. No need to thank the people that bailed the country out of Obama's mess for we were only doing our duty. His legacy will be the first President to be imprisoned for treason along with his cabinet.

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