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Oakley SI Speed Jacket Sunglasses Review

Oakley SI Speed Jacket Sunglasses Review

Hey Guys, Ronnie here! Today we are gonna take a look at the Oakley SI Speed Jacket Sunglasses. Let’s start with what’s in the box. Inside there’s a well padded semi-hard protective case with a zipper enclosure. This case is substantially larger than any other Oakley set I have purchased before. Popping open the case you have the individual pockets for the lenses and the speed jacket frame. This package comes with a total of three pairs of lenses in varying degrees of shade. Underneath the frame there’s the classic Oakley microfiber sleeve for cleaning and storage. There’s also an extra set of nose pads included in the kit as well. The SI in the name means “Standard Issue”. As these glasses were specifically designed with law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters in mind. The lenses actually have a cut in the bottom that helps prevent any movement of the glasses on your face while your cheek is pressed against the stock of a gun. This offers comfort, better protection, as well as a clearer sight picture when wearing the glasses during shooting. One of the best features about the Speed Jacket frames is how easily and fast it is to swap out the lenses. It can be done in seconds but it still maintains a strong hold in the frame. So to swap out the lenses, you just depress a spring latch right by the joint of the frame . While depressing the latch you can easily slide out the lens. To secure a new lens you just depress the button again insert the lens to nose side first then release the latch. This process is easy, simple and is the best quick change system I have ever used. The lenses also follow ANSI impact standards. So not only do they have great clarity, they make for great safety glasses as well. The arms of the frames are also designed thin. So that they’re comfortable while wearing hearing protection. They fit very flush to your head, so that there is no gap while wearing ear muffs or any sort of communication device. Oakley boasts their Unobtainium nose pads. Which are designed to grip even under wet conditions. While we didn’t fully put these to the test, they do feel significantly tackier than a my older flak jacket sunglasses. I opted for the set with two red prism lenses and one clear lens. I like the clear lens if I’m at a poorly lit indoor range or if it happens to be early in the morning around dusk. Having the two different shades is also great for either sunny days or cloudy days. Ever since it came out I’ve been a fan of the Oakley Prisim line. The clarity and glare control I find is exceptional. And having been using them while skiing in my goggles for the last two years I can definitely say that they work great. These sunglasses work just as well controlling the glare without sacrificing detail in what you’re trying to see. Over the course of the day we were taking shots from 100 to 200 yards. Having a clear sight picture definitely helps with being accurate. Even shooting clays with the added recoil of the 12-gauge the glasses performed extremely well. The targets were easy to see and the glasses stayed put even through multiple shots. I am very pleased with the Oakley SI Speed Jacket sunglasses and I’m very happy to keep them as my primary eye protection for my shooting sports. The fit is great on my face and they function just like they were intended. They definitely come with the premium Oakley price tag but based on the fit clarity and performance I would say that they’re well worth it. Hey guys, thanks for watching! Let us know what you think or if you want us to check out any other great products drop a comment below. If you enjoyed this video hit that like button. If you want to see more kick-ass reviews hit that subscribe button. If you want to check out some of our other videos click the links to the right. Again, this is Ronnie with Dudes Reviews, we’ll see you next time!

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