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NROTC Marine Option

NROTC Marine Option

For many high school students, college is
simply the next step to follow. But for a select few, it’s the first chance
to lead. If you’re looking to make a difference not
only for yourself but for your nation, the NROTC program can be your distinct path of
purpose. Your four-year journey to becoming a Marine
officer begins on a college campus. The NROTC program is a great program for any
students that are pursuing a college education. This program gives them the best of both worlds. They get to go to college, the education is
completely paid for. And then following that, they get to do something
honorable like serve their country. The first requirement for a high school student
to consider the NROTC program is if they have a desire to lead Marines. Students that apply and are accepted to this
program are really the top-notch students across the country. In addition to their normal coursework responsibilities,
Marine option midshipmen must maintain strict physical fitness standards and successfully
complete classes that cover naval science, ethics, management, and maritime warfare. The misconceptions about the program are that
it’s boot camp every day. What they don’t realize is they have a pretty
normal lifestyle. They go to school during the day, they study
at night, and then in the summers, that’s when they’re really expected to learn and
start becoming an officer. The NROTC program doesn’t hinder you from
the full college experience. It actually enhances it, because you become
part of something bigger than yourself. You have responsibilities, which is a good
thing. It helps you to learn balance in your life. A lot of freshmen and a lot of sophomores,
that’s the biggest challenge to overcome, is how to find that balance, and that’s what
ROTC teaches you. For six intense weeks after their junior year,
midshipmen step off their campuses and report to the physical and mental proving ground
for those who seek to lead Marines. They are now candidates and this Officer Candidates
School. The best back home may be just good enough
to barely make it here, so when you come here you have to manage your expectations both
for success and for failure. You will fail, you will succeed. How you handle success and how you handle
failure is a demonstration of character as to whether or not you have what it takes to
be a Marine officer. I think everyone has doubts of whether or
not they’re going to be able to complete Officer Candidates School. You have to give 100 percent of everything
that you do while you’re here. You can’t just disappear among all the camouflage. They pull you out and they give you a job
and say, you will lead these candidates, you will be a leader. Upon completion of OCS, candidates return
to their campuses with the presence to inspire and the judgment to lead. For one more school year, they will walk the
same halls as their college peers but continue on a unique path. There’s nothing I’d rather do with my life
than become a Marine Corps Officer and leading Marines. Whatever I do within the Marine Corps, I know
that it will have a purpose and I know that it affect the bigger picture in some way,
shape, or form. Enrolled alongside many, they will soon be
counted among the few. Congratulations, Second Lieutenants of Charlie
Company. Willing, able, and ready to take command of

Reader Comments

  1. ive done 4 years of MCJROTC.
    made it,finished it,and ended it as a Cadet 2nd Lt.
    would it be considered a waste if i didnt join the Marines?
    just wanting other peoples opinions.

  2. @shnakeaneggs not at all! iv been an AFJROTC for 3 years and became a captain but i just found out that i might not be able to join the military but i can still put the skills i learned into use in a different job career or to help lead my life lol being a cadet actually got me my first part time job! soo no i dont think its a waste specially with all the friends i made and the fun memories i have from being a cadet, its the best thing i ever did in my high school life

  3. This is my future. Ive prepared a long time for this, applied for the scholarship and waiting. No matter what people say/think about me the nrotc Marines is what im gonna do with my future.

  4. @shnakeaneggs It wouldn't be a waste, but I seriously doubt you've been through it because there is no such thing as "MCJROTC." There is "NJROTC," which is Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy, that's why it's a "corps."

  5. @KiddRay808 might be possible. They look for a GPA around 3.5 though so you will really need to kick it up. They also look at your ACT scores. If you scored higher than a 22 or 1000 on the SAT you could probably get accepted as long as you can pass the physical fitness test.

  6. @shnakeaneggs No if you decided not to join JROTC of any kind looks really well on any applications for jobs, college etc. Although you would get the most benefit from it by joining one of the military services.

  7. @GOWnH3best to get accepted into the program the GPA isnt really looked at (as far as i know) they mostly look at you ACT or SAT scores. Although to get a scholarship for NROTC they want a GPA of 3.5

  8. @Ginge529 Thanks brother! Good luck to you too! This is gonna be one of the most important decisions we've ever made in our lives!

  9. OCS is required by the Marine Corps for all officers except for Naval Academy midshipmen. I don't understand what you mean by your question. Other branches consider OCS and ROTC as separate programs. For the Marine Corps, OCS is required regardless of whether you do it by itself (PLC, OCC) or through NROTC. It's simply part of the training.

  10. it takes self-preparation as ell as the guidance of the returning 1/C Marine Option Midshipmen that are in their unit. They will train them along with the Marine Officer Instructor. But what is most important is that to be an Officer, the Maine Corp sets it up so that if you want it, you yourself will need to get it. This isn't boot camp, they're not going to push you through.

  11. *2 Timothy 2:23- "Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels."

  12. Because I don't want to be a marine my whole life. I really want to be a dentist and be in the military in the medical field

  13. "Hooyah" is Navy dummbo. "Hoorah" and "oorah" is the USMC, and "Hooah" or "Hua" is army. "Hooyah" is also air force too. U both are wrong.

  14. i agree with you good sir, Oorah is the Marine, and trust me my dad is a Marine and im in this for the marine to, so yadig2012, if u don't know what saying is right don't say it at all 🙂

  15. Just a heads up to all you going for the NROTC scholarship you will probably not get it unless you are a woman, or black and hispanic with near-perfect PFT, SAT, and ASFAB scores. Another thing you may want to keep in mind is that you will be considered a boot-ass butterbars shitbird by every Marine that you will be assigned to lead. You will recieve no respect because we have the view that a college degree doesn't earn you the right to lead real Marines. Mustang are another story. Choose wisely

  16. My grandfather was in the air force, they say hooyah. The ENTIRE navy says hooyah also, not just the SEALs. Hu-ah and Hooah are army. I would also know because my brother, mom, other grandfather, and great grandfather was/ is in the army. Hoorah and oorah is marines, i would also know this because my uncle and 2 of my closest friends are marines. Yet again, u r wrong.

  17. /colleges_nrotc_unitsXP3.aspx (I can't post the full link) Go to the navy website under nrotc and paste in that link.

  18. I'm in the process of trying to get into a good college with this program so I can fulfill my dream of becoming a Marine Officer.

  19. I have to disagree with you in some parts. You might be considered a boot, but respect for your followers will be earn by the actions you do while leading. No Marine that I known ever assumed such thing such as calling new officers shitbirds. I known few Mustangs that are shitbirds themselves, but doesn't mean all are.

  20. Hi Will someone be able to answer this question for me I'm an american living In Ireland I was born in washington D.C I lived there until I was 11 I'm 16 now I really want to do NROTC but I never went to middle school or high school in the US I never did SAT's in ireland there is the leaving cert which is similer to SAT's but would that still count to get into college in D.C. and also what year in college can you enter ROTC? I'm thinking of doing 2 years in ireland first.

  21. Also I would love to try out for special forces if I can can somone give me advice about that my running time is not bad the fastest time I ever ran was 3 miles in 18:09 I can do 12-14 pull up's my push ups and sit up's how ever arn't that great could someone give me advice on this as well to be able to do more. The last question I have is What ASVAB scores do you need for special forces like Navy seals, Army rangers, MARSOC Marines.

  22. Well I am doing this thing called the Leaving cert next year which is the same thing as a high school Deploma I'm still in high school by the way there is another question I have about obtaining a security clearance will they be able to get my records here in ireland I had to go to a psychologist for a few months also would I not be able to get it I am a Citizen of united states and I lived there for 11 years and I'll be moving back by the time I'm in college.

  23. i want to apply for this program im seventeen and i dont know where to start. can some one please help? when and how to i apply for this?

  24. This is the path I want to take when I enter college. I want to follow my cousin in becoming a Marine officer. God bless all the service members out there!

  25. I'm a white male from a pretty wealthy family and I got a 4 year Marine option NROTC scholarship so don't let these people tell you that you can't get a scholarship unless you're a minority. If its what you want and you put all of yourself into it like I did and train and work every day then you will get it.

  26. I'm currently applying for the scholarship of this program. I'm making videos documenting my progress. Everybody should check them out and I hope they'll help you guys out!

  27. You still can, DD form 368 – request for conditional release. Upon the condition you can get into college AND an ROTC program, you can be released from your enlistment to then fulfill your requirements as a Cadet. Good luck Marine if that's what you want. I'm joining you in November, I'll be shipping off to Parris Island, I'm enlisting.

  28. I lived in El Paso there's no drinks there it was army go army airforce training didn't do anything on army base you know what it was up white sands Air Force Base

  29. You don't run around in a t-shirt hot 40 degrees Afghanstan you have your shirt on sleeve shirt with you always have your jacket on…go Army

  30. I have 2 more questions: I want to go to college so I can be a pilot, would this be the same steps? Also, I'm a sophomore this year in HS, do I still fill this out?

  31. i know that the nrotc doesnt hinder the college experience but do you still go through bootcamp as any other recruit

  32. hello. I'm a sophomore in high school and I wanted to know how I can prepare for the NROTC application. like what should I do to better my chances of getting accepted and what requirements are needed so I can get a head start.

  33. Can I be in reserve after i graduate from college from the NROTC program as a officer or do they pick for me? If they do pick for me what are the chances of going to active and reserve?

  34. Two questions. One, can I play a sport and be enrolled in NROTC at the same time? Also, what are the chances of being able to fly as a pilot in the marines (helicopters specifically)? Better chances than the army?

  35. Hello, I'm a sophomore at my high school I would just like some advice on how to apply for the scholarship and just really help on a head start.

  36. I am a future 11B in the National Guard but I want to join the marines after college and planned on doing NROTC while in it. How would that dynamic play out since i would already be in the military?

  37. I wanna make a difference and I wanna be a Marine and serve as a Marine and make a difference as a Marine

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