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[NOVINKY] letné kanady VKBO /SUB: ENG

[NOVINKY] letné kanady VKBO /SUB: ENG

Greetings on RUSVVO channel. Today’s news will please all who wait for original Russian army boots. Summer lightweight boots VKBO. Boots are made for army and very nice. Made by DonObuv company. It seems to be co-op with company Voentorg. Because you can see theirs mark inside. Anyway the sole is marked by DonObuv. Boots are made of 2 materials. First Cordura© textile inserts. And then Hydrophobic leather. Very fine thickness from 2 to 2,2 mm. Heel and toe reinforced. Sole made of polyurethane. Have high abrasion and oil resistance. Lacing is very interesting. Boots haven’t any holes but 9 quick lacing loops made of extra strong alloy. Method of Sole attachment is vulcanization. It’s much more better method than stitching.
I’m not even talking about glueing. Sole seems to be high quality and primarily it is whole sole. Without ribbed or lattice structure. Which we could unfortunately meet in boots from other brands. This boots are only for video so they will go back to eshop. As soon as I’ll get my size I will make a deeper review. Thank you for watching. Link for this product is in the description under video.

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  1. Добрый день. Не будете обозревать уставные офицерские берцы, они же фарадей мод. 443?)

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