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NOVEMBER 2018 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

NOVEMBER 2018 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

hello everyone this is G shock high
fashion Channel and welcome to another G Shock watch unboxing a review video
today I’m wearing like six different G Shock watches on my wrist I need all of
this for literally I really need to wear all of this to power up the energy for
me to finish this video because there’s a lot of G Shock watches that I need to
cover Casio G Shock Japan decided to drop all of this 32 different
piece all at once this month which definitely will break our banks but
that’s why I’m here I’m sure to explain to you guys which one will be worth it
and which one is not in my opinion of course as a collectors not just as a
regular consumer. I’m gonna start by talking about the two new color series
beginning with the bright and orange and then the navy blue series five brothers
another five brothers just in different colorway there are no new added
functions in here guys if you want to know all the details for all of these
different models you can check the unboxing and review video but in this type
of video they’re just new colorways the bright orange will features are black
and orange color combinations the navy blue will feature a navy blue layer with
green accents on the watch face it looks like green to me or turquoise somewhere
around that spectrum and if I have to compare between both of this series I
gotta say I’m into the black and orange more but the navy blue looks beautiful
as well probably because I already own this gr b100 which came in black and
orange of some sort but this one is rose gold and dark grey.. but you get the idea though however if you look at the poster photo for both of this model you’ll see
that it looks really incredible, incredibly beautiful like the accents
pops up very well but keep in mind this is a poster photo and not an actual
real-life image if you want to see the details check the the article from they already published this photo like a couple weeks ago already so you’ll
have a rough idea how to watch’ll looks like in person just in case you’re
deciding to purchase them before they were released
for me however I’m not a fan of this this is just a new colorway they were
mostly not gonna sold out they will end up sitting on shelf anyway so I wouldn’t
recommend you guys to rush to get any one of this colorway at all but if you
are into the colorway then go ahead for me however as a collector I’m gonna pass
as a consumer, I would say pass as well because they a lot of other models that
in my opinion will be better for the price alright that is ten models out of
the way now let’s have a look at some more models which is a collaboration
series now beginning with the SLG, the seven lucky god, the red-back Sneaker Freaker and
this one hundred..the ‘The hundred’.. The hundreds series. The Hundreds collaboration series which is
featuring a dw5600 model which somehow a downgrade from the previous
collaboration the hundreds series used to make collaboration as well back in G
shock 30th anniversary where they released a square model in solar and
wave scepter version instead of this basic five six zero zero model at that time
they just pick with black and white colorway that model look simple and
quite popular as well at that time but this model however it is simple but.. even
though the watch is just a 5600 model which didn’t have a lot of
functions anyway but I appreciate the box that came along with the watch it
did feature a master of G style of packaging so that will gives us a little
bit more premium feels during the unboxing process if I was able to grab
this which I will in the future but I have a feeling I’m gonna hold on on this I’m
focusing more on other models that is much more limited edition for example the
red-back series which will cost you about nineteen thousand Japanese yen
just 2000 yen extra than the ‘The Hundred’ series since they release this both
models at the same time I gotta say the Sneaker Freaker red-back model wins
like totally beat this The Hundred series unless you’re a fan of The Hundreds.. no
offense, it’s just my opinion. I like the red back models a lot, most
likely because of the new colorway; grey. I haven’t seen any 5700 in grey color way yet even though the functions are just
the same though. Keep in mind, this The Hundred and Red Back; the functions are
just the same the difference in price is just for the hype, the brand and also
the uh the design of course the red back is much better in my opinion.
Next collaboration is the seven lucky god which I already talked about a
little bit in depth in previous videos so I’m gonna pass, totally pass on this
model let’s moving on to the next color series
and that is the black out basic which will feature four new models.. not new
models… older models in a new colorway all black as the name goes
black a basic one of the most popular series right now, this time Casio released a
G-001, a Jason model which is not a popular models among regular consumers
but really really popular among collectors, next we have a DW – D5500 a mud resist structure, a really incredible square G Shock watch but for some reason
aren’t as popular I have no idea what it is really really great timepiece and next
is a DW 6900 model which probably the third version of this blackout basic, the
difference that this model will came in a black glass watch face
it’s totally similar to the previous release except the watch face and
there’s a new model of course the five nine zero zero the first three are G
Shock watch, that was released in the year 1992 if I’m not mistaken or a year
before that, anyway this is another three eye before the 6900 model was introduced,
if you are the type of person who always get annoyed by the design of 6900 model
where there’re only like only 10% (that) will make up the display panel, the rest is just
aesthetics you will be annoyed even further with this five nine zero zero
model where the display panel is much much smaller like literally less than
10% space down there the rest is just for
design aesthetics it’s just really really ridiculously for regular consumer
but for a collector or for vintage lovers, g-shock lovers like me though
this is interesting the price is just eleven thousand Japanese
and you definitely will be able to grab this below retails, the functions keep in
mind the functions is much better than the five six zero zero as well and also
much better compared to the six nine zero zero if you are annoyed with this
black out basic five nine zero zero not to worry Casio released a new colorway
which came in positive display to really mimics the one that was released in the
year 1992 similar except slightly different in color way with improved
module of course same price range so you will get less annoyed. Moving on to the
next model on the list which is the one of the best analog digital model in my opinoin that is the GBA – eight zero zero the step tracker model and the one I’m
wearing right now is the digital display version which I will be giving away for
free check my other video, I already explain all that on how to win this
watch anyway we’re gonna have a look at four new colorway which represent NBA jersey color theme if I’m not mistaken. it has to do something with ‘Dagger Shots’ (3 points) by Kevin Durant in the Golden State Warrior that feature uh royal blue and
orange accents gba -8 0 0 (2017) and..and for the 2018 Jersey as well which in white and a
little bit of a royal blue accents and there’s another one in black and green
for Celtics don’t quote me on that I might be totally around this but I’m
guessing for Celtics and there’s also another one in orange and blue (purple*) for Lakers, however if you’re just a regular consumer and if you just want a watch
and you don’t care about this team backstory and all, the colorway alone is
incredible in my opinion it looks very very good compared to previous models
and they have all the prints on the watch band as well so that makes this
series a lot more special and the price is eighteen thousand five hundred
Japanese yen I believe to be slightly more expensive compared to the basic
version that was released before but for this colorway, for these color
combinations, it is incredible. Just pick any color that you like to match with
your favorite team. Moving on to the next category on the list is the GST – B 100
series, new colorway for the Bluetooth G steel model, this time
full metal with blue watch face which reminds me of a Casio Oceanus somehow,
doesn’t it? Next is a rose gold IP plated bezel with navy blue watch band and
another one with black watch band on IP plated blue bezel which looks simple
but pretty beautiful in my opinion the price will increase a little bit as well
due to this added feature but the function are just the same the rest are
exactly the same and also this is not a limited edition they’re just special
colorway they will be limited but not as limited as all those collaboration just
now so.. I’m okay to not grab in this right away I’ll pass on this right now I
will be grabbing one of this in the future I haven’t reviewed them yet though
but I will in the future and by the way if you want to m ake all this process a
lot quicker and if you want to see me unbox all of them as soon as they’ve
been released like right away you could do so by donating to my patreon page
become a patron or just buy any one of my shirt merchandise as well I mean this
is the most efficient way for you to support your channel and that will
allows me to buy all this G-Shock watch right away, unbox them, give you guys all
the information needed before you make a decision whether you should grab them or not so I’m literally saving your money right now. Anyway, not just that you will
be having a chance to win this GBD800 step tracker digital g-shock watch right
now. I’ll make the announcement on 20th or 22nd of November of..of the month of
course it’s November (:p), so if you buy any one of my merchandise right now you will
be automatically entered the giveaway and stand a chance to win this watch.
Still in the topic of gift Casio also made new lover collection g-shock watch
four new sets which I believe to be intended to be given as a gift so that’s
why they came in pair. G-Steel 300 series matching with a Casio GMS incredibly
beautiful I believe (to be) the most beautiful lover collection yet but the price
extremely expensive this G-Steel three one zero model will start at 52,000 Japanese
yen almost similar price as the Bluetooth model (GST-B) already..
God this is expensive just for the appearance just because they add the diamond on the
index just a cutting diamond that’s all. Not just an actual diamond so I’m not
sure about you guys but if you like the appearance go ahead for me however,
I’m gonna pass on this, I mean the functions are just the same though.. just
for appearance. There’re other options, one is in White and Rose gold and full pink
squares and also a GA 1 1 0 ana-digi model of course which will have 4 diamonds
placed on the index one with a rose gold accents on it that is to represent the
7th time Casio G-shock celebrate this celebration so that’s why the place the
diamond has 7 o’clock index and let me count it so 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, 15th, 20th..20th..I’m sorry 25th and 30th and 35th anniversary so all
together seven times so 7 o’clock index so there’s explain it and the price will
be like 47 thousand Japanese yen I don’t know man it’s just too expensive for me
so I’m gonna pass on all this right now so even though it is extremely limited
edition for.. limited for only 35th anniversary only but I’m gonna pass on
them right now I’m gonna focus more on master of G
magma ocean series the most hype up model of the months I believe of the year
as well and also happen to be one of the most expensive one after the gold tornado
especially the MTG – B1000 it will start at one to five thousand Japanese
yen the function are just the same though this is just for the finishing,
the IP plated metal bezel since it will came in metal bracelet so that increase
the price as well and all this rose gold and red accents. It is incredibly
beautiful piece but the price I don’t know it’s just extremely expensive and
next is similar color theme as well, there’s the GPS range man and the
frogman, GPS range man will start at 110,000, the frogman will start at 80 thousand
Japanese yen which will be the most affordable master of G 35th
anniversary when you think about it.. so I believe the frogman will sell out first,
but then again that is not a titanium like this, this is much more limited
edition, that is just stainless steel but the price is lower so that will sold out I
don’t think the Rangeman and the MTG will sold out right away though, they will sold out over time, like a couple of weeks from now, you guys will have the
time to.. you know gather up some funds, and try to get them right away at retail..
but I’m going to try my best to grab the MTGB1000 first probably because I
haven’t review them yet and of course because of how
beautiful it is, extremely limited edition as well, since I already have a
frogman and I already have the range man why not grab this one instead focus more
on this and then grab the other models on the list and I believe that sums it all
up for this November 2018 release, my top 3 favorite will be the MTG, next
probably be the G steel, even though I’m.. I said I’m not gonna grab the GST three hundred series but I gotta say this is incredibly beautiful, so this will be my
favorite. Next model will be the DW 5 7 0 sneaker freaker, I gotta say.. I gotta add
that on the list because it is just gorgeous it’s just beautiful I will try
my best to grab this sneaker freaker’s well, I believe, this is the most affordable one that I could get right now, we’ll see how it goes though. Alright, for now that’s
sums it all up let me know what you guys thoughts on opinion are, which one will be
your favorite? and..or just which one will you pick up first. Thank you very very
much for watching I appreciate your support, I appreciate you for become my patron and also I appreciate you for purchasing my
merchandise that’s all thank you very much for watching again this is g-shock
high fashion channel and I’m… …out

Reader Comments

  1. I already picked up the Sneaker Freaker. I wouldn't mind the 5600SLG or maybe even the 5600CC. I'll prob get the 5900-1 because I love vintages/squares

  2. Bright orange series does look nice. I agree that Red Back is the coolest of the collaborations, but, the Hundreds looks cool too. Personally, I don't dress flamboyantly enough to wear that Limited Frogman, LOL. I want a grey 5500 with a bright colored LCD, that I would run to the shops to get. Unfortunately, my local official G-Shock dealer suck with restocking new models. They seem to come in randomly. When I had the funds for a Frogman they were all sold out and to this day they haven't restock at all.

    Great video I enjoyed it!

  3. Out of this all, if I'm going go get anything, it's the white GBA-800 with blue accents. Not an NBA fan, I just dig the colorway. But I just got the asicstiger collab this month, so I'll try to pass this one out.

  4. Great Preview G-Shocks for 2018 Really hyped for 2019 G Shock Releases 馃檪 And as always good vid from G-Shock HighFashion!

  5. Maybe this is a dumb question, but why is the time on digital models in the official promotional pictures always 10:58:50? Is anyone aware of the significance?

  6. hello sir, i've go to your website. sadly, there is no size for me. i'm a big guy, at least 3xl. any chances that size available? try to get the black t-shirt white outline for square & rangeman.

  7. Don't believe the hype where in a time of war you don't need to be a slave to the hype. I got the all black G-Shock from Amazon for $102.00 magnetic resistant that means EMP proof watch people. Ask that guy on this video of that chick from Total G shockers. Are those $800.00 G-Shock are they EMP proof. See what they say 馃

  8. Hello.
    Great vid, but i am with you: too many!
    I just gave away my dw5600bb, so i think i will grab a dw5600cc-2jf. Not a fan of negative display, but that one looks realy nice!

  9. puedes hacer un v铆deo tutorial que trate sobre c贸mo colocar correctamente las juntas t贸ricas en los relojes para que no entre agua. tambi茅n d贸nde se pueden adquirir esos materiales

  10. I find that every g-shock model is "lacking" in features in one way or another somehow…no dual illuminator lighting on most…no seconds hand on most analogs…faces are too busy with useless clutter..colors to wacky and fruity…and old models with new colors should NOT be considered a new watch bust worst of all are the outrageous prices of these ugly watches…I have really lost interest in Casio g shocks.

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