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norwegian sack 006.avi

norwegian sack 006.avi

okay guys welcome to another video I apologize for the brevity and quality in this video but it's being filmed on a little normal stills camera due to the fact that I've got problems in my laptop and downloading anything that's bigger or slightly more complicated doesn't seem to work so we're trying this in house actually reduce something what I'm going to do today is I'm just going to quickly review the Norwegian army chemist and lever rucksack this is the old sort of Cold War chemist and live a rucksack you can buy them in surplus shops now for ten pound or less or more may be a redneck pricing like and it's a really really good sack I've been trolling in there for several weeks and I'm linking it into a series I'm doing on my blog which is about back to basics and sort of to say budget bushcraft where rather than buying all the expensive bushcraft gear which make bushcraft far too commercial we're now looking at going back to the basics back to the stuff we used to use when we first started stuff with a bit of bit of character even and this is one of those items so let's look at the second self in okay as you can see here it's a canvas and leather sack as I say the main sec itself are reckons about 40 litres and it's a single compartment there's no back pocket or no divider such as a single straight compartment on the sides you've got two side pockets approximately five litres I'm guessing and the size of each pocket are hollow as you can see there I've got a machete shut down one side so we can carry axes and various other tools a great tool to carry down the site there would be a folded down box or or as I'm carrying there I've got a machete down there because again this is something guilt on trialing with regards to the back-to-basics idea for the sec on the top there we've got a leather strap so we can attach a roll met or various other items and overall the sec works really really well just to give you an idea of the amount a kit we can carry in there in this side pocket here I've got the Swiss volcano stove the stove itself fits perfectly into that pocket in this pocket here I've got hexie blocks you talk about a square shape there and on top of that I've got one quart canteen but it's one of the 1 quart canteens with a built in filter that allows me to reproduce safe drinking water should I need so down the side of that pocket you can see there I've got a good lock which is just shut down into the hollow pocket the clock against another brilliant beer kit as long as you keep it sharp it's a it's a compromise it's an axis a knife possibly in changing tone various other things but again more on that later in the main sack then which is the main body I've got a down jacket at the bottom on top of that I've got me sleeping bag rolled up on top of my sleeping bag I've got a couple of wilds of clothing a wooly hair flask sorry I only had a scarf a little bag of Possible's a little bit containing first-aid kit and then another bag containing my wash kit which is in this instance toothbrush toothpaste and some wet wipes and a towel on top of that I've got a sack containing rations I'm carrying enough rations in there to last me 24-48 hours if I wanted to really stretch it I could probably go a couple of couple of days to a week on the rations of going there but nothing major is just basic rations in there also I've got a flask just a small half a liter flask and a couple of other little bits and pieces basher waterproof jacket stuff like that and then obviously lastly on the lid we've got the roll mat which is secured on by those leather strips as you can see so it's a very basic simple setup now a lot of people complain about the back straps it's a so uncomfortable to carry so I'm just going to show you the back sit up now okay this is the back set now you've got shoulder just as there so you can adjust the angle the sex sits on your back or hangs okay you just that correctly and the lymph of these straps as you can see here I find that that sac sits perfectly on my back the padded area here sits directly onto my hips so the second actually hangs perfectly off of my back the frame keeps the second way from your back so you don't get that cold dry wet spot or cold wet spot so it keeps you back nice and dry the ped helps support the weight on your hips and then obviously the straps take the weight on your shoulders you do need a stronger or a strong upper torso for this it's not like a normal cycle you've got a belt that can take the weight on your hips you do need to carry the sack on your shoulders and to a degree using your stomach muscles because your your posture that's carrying the sec rather than the weight going onto your hips but I'm six foot five foot and over six foot and that sex is perfectly on my back so if you're a pair that size then this sack would sit perfectly for you for sure or sort of people I don't know maybe slightly different but you'd have to try it for yourself but personally I think it's a fantastic little sec and it sits on my back really really well and there you go that's the basics of the sec so I'm going to add the review on some a blog anyway there'll be more details about it on the blog if this downloads on to YouTube chocolate will do then I hope you enjoy it and visit the blog and find out more

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  1. I can't believe it's taken me 6 1/2 years to realize this Norwegian Army Rucksack existed. I just bought one from a surplus store in Pennsylvania (excellent customer service) and after using it on an overnighter, I love this pack! Gary, I'm 5'7" and with a couple of strap adjustments it rides on my back beautifully…just like a day pack, even loaded with 26.2lbs of gear. I loved the movie, 'The Heroes of Telemark" with Kirk Douglas, but I never paid attention to the backpacks the soldiers were wearing…this very same pack. Great history.

  2. Anyone here knows the exact dimensions of this pack?I mean with frame and all.And another question do i have chance to make it fit into a 50x40x20?Basically i will try to use it as cabin luggage also.What do you guys think?

  3. Bushman the LK35 and the LK75 are both excellent IMO – I have used both extensively and really rate them – for a day sack or over nighter at present I am using a NI patrol pack but this summer I intend to make myself a roycroft frame and spend the entire summer with just that and see how it goes

  4. Nice one Paul glad to hear you like the sack and you can grasp where Im coming from with my thoughts

  5. FeraFergal I dont know but I doubt it – its more a quick release set up to allow the sack to be disgarded by the wear if they are say "ambushed" ………..

  6. I have an older version of this rucsac without the clip on the shoulder strap. Is it for connecting the two straps together? I find that my shoulder straps tend to separate and tie them together so the pack sits better on my chest. Was just wondering if this was a modification to solve this issue

  7. The "tunnnels" behind the side pockets are to carry cross country skis when are not being used…..

  8. Very similar to my German Army pack. Only around 30 liters though. Those secondary hidden pockets that are behind the side pockets are great. I love having a kit that is made up of things that are functional and Not overpriced high-tech trends.
    Good one mate.

  9. Hi G,

    One of the best details is that "tunnelpocket" in which you have the golok. as we call em here. Theres no better way to carry longer slim tools like billhook, axe, or machete etc. Its a pocket, thats mostly forgotten from nowadays packs.

  10. I agree 66yurt – to qoute Darth Vader, " the circle in now complete," bushcraft used to be about living outdoors using traditional skills, knowledge backed up by basic tough kit – due to popularity in recent years the skills and knowledge came to play second fiddle to expensive brand name kit ……….now we seem to be going back to the "old days"

  11. There are some used Austrian rucksacks on the sportsman's guide that are very similar to this, except they include a rear pouch and no frame–$20 to $25. The frame seems almost necessary though, and I don't know where you would get one, but still a nice deal.

  12. I'm still using an old rucksack, and carrying similar kit that I did when I went bush as a 15 year old, it's minimal and low budget by today's standards, but if it wasn't for YT , I'd not given it a second thought, I look forward to seeing more on the subject ,thanks a great video ..

  13. Braving – £9.99 on EBAY but the guy does have a proper shop if you want one I can find out the website for you.

    Stuart – hello mate hows Spain?? Yep off to Sweden for the winter course in March – weiss training is going well – people still booking so thats good! I'm now UK agent for the fishing, huntering, canoeing and bushcraft stuff we run in Sweden so busy and happy – even bought a house out there now too

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