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North Korea’s Medium-Range Missiles

North Korea’s Medium-Range Missiles

(mysterious music) – Located about a 100
miles northeast of Seoul and 680 miles west of Tokyo, Kumchon-ni is forward operating
ballistic missile base of North Korea. It is one of 20 undisclosed missile bases by North Korea that
CSIS has been analyzing. Of the three missile deployment
belts in North Korea, Kumchon-ni sits in the
belt closest to the DMZ. Our most recent imagery
gives us a very good look at four underground facilities and support missile facilities. You can see the burns
50 to 20 meters high, dirt burns that protective
areas for entrances and exits to these underground missile facilities. These underground
facilities most likely house the mobile launchers and
the rearming vehicles that enable the missile
threat from North Korea at this base. The barracks, the greenhouses
and the parade grounds show activity which suggest that this is an active missile base
that the North Koreans are currently maintaining and utilizing. This base houses scud
er or hwasong 9 missile, which ranges over 600 miles. If the North Koreans
were to equip this base with the more modern version, the Pukkuksong missile, a medium range balistic missile, it would out them within range of US bases and Okinawa and possibly as far as Guam, a hub of US Pacific defense. The fact that these
missile bases are active, but they’re not part of any negotiation shows that North Korea
wants to negotiate only those elements of their nuclear weapons and
ballistic missile program that they no longer need. The parts of the program that
they need like Kumchon-ni, are not subject to negotiation, unless the US demands that
they be part of a negotiation. As far as we know, Kumchon-ni missile base or
any of the 20 undisclosed missile bases do not appear to be part of a denuclearization
negotiation with North Korea. For the United States, it must focus on getting at the heart of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program, with facilities like Kumchon-ni. (mysterious music)

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