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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un watches missiles test off east coast

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un watches missiles test off east coast

Kim Jong Un has guided the test launches of
tactical ballistic rockets aimed at US and South Korean forces. It’s the second such launch drill reported
in state media in three days. Officials say the North launched two short-range
missiles on Sunday into waters off its east coast, and that they were suspected to be
Scud-type ballistic missiles. South Korea’s Defense Ministry reported
they flew around 310 miles. Meanwhile, North Korea is to put two detained
American men on trial for “committing hostile acts” against the country. According to KCNA, the country’s state news
agency, investigations into Jeffrey Edward Fowle and Matthew Todd Miller have confirmed
suspicions that they planned hostile acts during their visits. Details of their alleged crimes have not been
revealed and it is not yet known when they will face court.

Reader Comments

  1. We should grab a couple of North Koreans and put them on trial. Maybe sentence them to be eaten by dogs ? Or even better, eaten by pigs !

  2. Money for rockets, and other fancy staff for high ranking officials but no food for the people, excellent leadership indeed !

  3. IF they ever get as far as a trial.And if they do then it'll be a foregone conclusion what the outcome will be.Sadly I don't think these two westerners will be coming home anytime soon.

  4. Ha. The US government  is sooo pi$$ed off that they cant invade NK without getting a nuclear welcome.

    Politics these days would seem to be all about who has the smallest d!ck and who has the biggest bag of bullsh!t..

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