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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un watches paratroop drill

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un watches paratroop drill

North Korean state media has released photographs
of Kim Jong Un inspecting a paratroop exercise. The images, which were broadcast on the North’s
state-run television KRT, show Kim smiling and laughing with military officers as they
watch the drill. The location of the Korean People’s Army drill
remains unclear. However, it’s known the inspection came as South Korea and the US continue their
annual joint military training exercises. The exercises, called UFG, began on August
18 and will continue until August 29. North Korea has openly opposed these drills
and threatened “merciless pre-emptive” attacks on South Korea earlier this month, in retaliation.
They see the drills as a rehearsal for war. But this isn’t the first time that Kim Jong
Un has been inspecting North Korea’s military might. Earlier this month, the state media
published photos of him overseeing test fire of a tactical rockets, some of which were
fired 35 minutes before Pope Francis was due to arrive in South Korea.

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  1. OH THEY'RE ACTUAL PEOPLE! I thought, with it being North Korea, that they would've got loads of army men toys, bunch bags around their arms and then throw them out of a plane

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