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North Korea: Kim Jong Un smiling as he watches military exercises

North Korea: Kim Jong Un smiling as he watches military exercises

North Korea’s state media has released video
footage of Kim Jong-Un watching military exercises. The North Korean leader can be seen laughing
and enjoying the drills as he watched the Korean People’s Army fire rockets before naval
drills and island landing exercises last month. The state television broadcaster KRT showed
Kim Jong-Un examining the swimming drill of commanding navy officers. The country’s official news agency said Kim
also watched a drill that mapped the location of US bases in South Korea and simulated a
battle to destroy them. Despite being under a number of UN sanctions
for nuclear and ballistic missile tests since 2006, North Korea continues to perform drills
and pose as a threat to South Korea.

Reader Comments

  1. No one in N. Korea is allowed to smile unless Dear Leader does it first ! And if he laughs, you better be guffawing too or he'll feed you to his pet piranha !

  2. I'm of the opinion that when ITN and other news agencies air stuff like this, North Korea feels like they're achieving something. The need to feel relevant, validation, and attention is all achieved via the coverage from foreign news agencies. North Korea will keep pulling stunts like this for the continued "news" air time and the cycle will continue.

  3. What really bothers me is the pronounciation of his name. IN ASIAN LANGUAGES J ISN'T PRONOUNCED LIKE Y, YOU STEREOTYPICAL AMERICAN

  4. He grinned a lot when the apartment building collapsed, and when the busload of kids went off a cliff also.

  5. I would have to agree wirh Robert. Why his military is his only asset is unknown. It's gotten to be such drag to listen to his threats. Why not build a robot. Have him fly over and pick him.up?

  6. People worship him? What a joke. North Korea needs to see the real truth of what he does but it's a bit sad when they can't even access the internet and all. Look at him laughing..hehehe hahaha hehehe noooo. Not funny bro.

  7. What a short fat mentally ill stud. No wonder the chinese press, haven't got the wit to satirise him, even on unicorn back. His end, will be legendary, even in Hell.

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