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North Korea: Kim Jong-un launches missile into sea and watches shooting contest

North Korea: Kim Jong-un launches missile into sea and watches shooting contest

Photos have been released of North Korean
leader Kim Jong-Un judging a shooting competition carried out by soldiers. North Korea’s state television KRT showed
the stills, but it’s unclear where they were taken. The TV station said the competition was divided
into groups of military officers and political officers. They said reported Kim wanted to
train all soldiers to be ‘sharp shooters in all weathers and conditions’. This comes as
tension continue to rise between North and South Korea. Recently, North Korea fired 25
short range missiles into the sea of the Korean Peninsula. It’s thought the weapons were around
40 years old and being destroyed. North Korea is not banned from short range
missile launches under UN sanctions and frequently tests its weapons.

Reader Comments

  1. Jeez,somebody,PLEASE,just buy that overgrown schoolboy a f*cking Meccano set.
     " I am smiling like a loon because my all powerful beloved leader is smiling.If I don't smile I will be shot & fed to his dogs ".

  2. Mankind will never learn, we've had something like over 2 million years to all learn to live in peace and it will never happen.

  3. @DanielFarrell I believe we will when we lose our group animal instinct and start to truly care about people in other countries and love each other. Our genes come from africa when we lived in small groups competitive with each other. Europe, USA and Canada doing pretty good, need more himble leaders and education.

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