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Norinco 213 9mm Tokarev Clone

Norinco 213 9mm Tokarev Clone

welcome back to gunshot TV this is Chris and – it was me talking about this Steranko 2:13 this is actually a Chinese copy of a Russian gun that kind of used the 1911 barrel system kind of that was developed by John Moses Browning I've been looking for one of these for a while they're pretty distinctive looking and it was originally designed as the TT 30 Tokarev I believe in 1930 and then the wider production model was the tt-33 that was pretty much the standard sidearm used by the russian army and world war ii along with the Nagant revolver but today we have this and like I said this is actually an o-ring Co copy of it in nine-millimeter the original Tokarev ammo is a bit pricey and hard to find anymore at one point in the 90s as I remember it's pretty cheap but now the supply of surplus coming in is completely gone so you're paying quite a bit more than you should be as I look at it I mean obviously you can still find the ammo and prices vary depending on what you're willing to pay but I kind of really like to subsidize or centralize on nine-millimeter so it's one caliber to stock and it's it's less hassle so this one I actually found on gun broker it was looks like some hillbilly had it in a tackle box or in a truck it was completely covered in rust I'll throw up a picture what it looked like so I took a one of those 3m paint remover things and just got all the rust and and all the old finish off and then I stripped it and I reblued it myself I painted the front sight red just to make it stick out a little bit more one distinction these have over the original Tokarev tt-33 design is that it's got this safety now some I think the Yugoslavian copies have the safety up on the slide here this one is down here and you could take that safety off it does have a half cock which is how the guns were originally designed to be carried but I'm not wanting to take Safety's off and if I take it off I'd have to figure out a way to fill the hole without being another big pain the only thing I did leave kind of original I blued the baseplate of the mag but I left the mag itself in the shape I got it in so you can kind of see the difference between the two finishes whoever whoever had it before me had taken a wire wheel to it to get the active rostov and then it had kind of rear uh stood again but it was it was in rough shape like I said and then the polishing I didn't polish out all the pits but I did do quite a bit of polishing to where I think this gun was probably smoother and looked nicer than it did when it was factory new the only thing that it does have is a little crack on the corner of the grip here which I didn't notice online but it's not a huge deal other than that grips are sound to get this gun apart obviously you're gonna make sure that it's unloaded it is easier to talk with the hammer back and then there's this clip on this side I'm gonna grab if you grab a pistol case rim or a piece of brass something you can pop that clip back and then what you're gonna do is you're just gonna push on the other side of the slide latch there and then the spring will kind of pop out it does not want to stay in there so you got to keep your finger over it or it will shoot out on you and pretty much at this point the disassembly is going to be similar to a 1911 to get the slide apart we're gonna take out your recoil spring you're gonna turn the bushing at the front until it comes out and presto change-o out comes your barrel and like I said it's pretty similar to a 1911 internally for how how most of the the locking system and how it works it's just a little bit simpler and a little bit scaled-down the important distinction is I see it and what's kind of neat about it is the frame here the actual fire like the hammer group and everything is all unit construction and it just falls out as I understand it the parts to fix this if it ever gets damaged are somewhat hard to find because it was meant that you just replace this whole drop-in unit rather than mess with fixing an individual one so I thought that was kind of neat and it's something you don't really see in a lot of other guns just you know a unit construction where it just kind of falls apart like that but definitely definitely kind of neat there is a little bit different there's like a spacer in here as I understand it because the actual Tokarev am was a little bit longer so there's a spacer to make the 9-mil fit or so I read I don't know for sure I don't have another one to compare it to but like I said kind of similar to a 1911 internally so you know it's it's it's like I said it was cheap I got I've got about a hundred bucks 125 bucks or so after the fees and everything and I've refinished it and it looks nicer but it's still just kind of a 9-mil range feeder I'm gonna put it back together and we'll show you some some round sound range and shoot some targets here and show you how it works so the magazine holds eight rounds like you said pretty similar to a 1911 you may recognize the general shape of this gun it was used as the basis for the D 44 I think it was called dust of I in the game gold my Nintendo 64 I know that's where I recognized the shape of the gun from most so I'm gonna shoot it downrange here and see what we can help [Applause] so interestingly enough I've I'm gonna shoot these pumpkins next but if you zoom in we can see that there's already a bunch of spalling and damage from the lead and the jackets hitting the steel target so that's that's why we always say make sure you stay back if you're shooting steel because you will get that that spray of jacket and lead when the bullets hit the steel targets like the torsos I so forgotten shot TV this is Chris I hope you learned a little bit about the Norinco 213 like I said it's actually a Tokarev tt-33 clone but a nine-millimeter and I think these came in they were about 200 bucks I believe when they were imported and I think they only came in from the 80s to the 90s because the whole Norinco import being and everything you can still get like I said a Yugo clone made by Zastava and nine-millimeter that's similar but it's got the different safety and I think those were maybe like 300 bucks new so they're pretty cheap but not the most refined gun I would never carry one you know for defense use or anything like that but actually a pretty reliable little range beater and for the price I paid I'm very happy with it but maybe if you want to have some Goldeneye themed shoots or something like that it'd be a fun gun but forgotten shot TV this is Chris thanks for watching have a great day if you like the video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you didn't give it a thumbs down and if you want to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe and I'll keep putting up stuff as I get a chance

Reader Comments

  1. Glad you destroyed the value of your gun, kept it from being original. sometimes rough is worth more. Just saying

  2. Hey man, i have this same gun it says Model 213 KSI , do you know what magazine will fit on this gun? i know its late but hope you will see this,. thanks

  3. I found a norinco at the pawn shop for $250 in the 7.62×25 caliber I haven't bought it yet but I have always wanted one I have fired them before but it's in the 9mm conversions. Is the 250 okay and it's in decent shape, I dont know what do y'all think?

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  5. F u c k – I handled one of these the other day and the slide lever fell out when I tilted it to the left… nahhhhhh

  6. Toks are great reliable pistols. They are accurate as well. I'd trust a Tok over a Glock. Slim and compact.

  7. I have this gun, for those of you wondering about HP ammo keep this in mind. The internals on this fire are copies/based on a design that came before hollow points existed as a mainstream ammunition option. Therefore, and I can attest to this, while it will fire hp ammo no problem the rounds will often get caught on the feed ramp. Causing a failure to feed. It was built for FMJ rounds. That being said the gun likes hot ammo and is a lot of fun to shoot. Hope this helps somebody.

  8. Just picked up one today at a gun store. Didn't know that it was a norinco at the time cause there were no markings at all. No import markings no cal markings just made in China. Thought it would be a good to add with my Romanian and Serbia. Guess my next will be a yugo

  9. I love this gun I have the double stack model it's been in my family for 30 years it's a good all-around pistol throw it in the truck throw it under the bed and go plinking I've been wanting to restore mine so thank you for showing this off this gun has never jammed with any ammo that I have put it through it and let me tell you after 30 years she's got some rounds through her thanks for showing it off

  10. The Yugo 57 with a 9rd mag has a longer grip which aids accuracy. Surplus ammo with steel case has a soft steel jacket with a steel core and a small amount of lead to fill in around the core.

  11. I really like that norinco and the zastava m70a it's the same gun as that one but they're a new gun made in Serbia, I love it because it reminds me so much of the high power pistol in red dead redemption, which it resembles to the colt 1903

  12. to let people know! I have a 213 and the other gun mentioned that is made in Serbia.  it was said you can use the 213 Chinese mags in the serb made gun, NO! there is a bit of a difference in the make, I tried to fire the 213 in the Serbian gun and on the last round the slide gets stuck about a quarter of a inch open, where you have to take the gun apart and the slide is freed. Ihave not tried to shoot the serb mags in the Chinese 213, I decided to wait after Christmas to try!

  13. I'm curious as to how reliable it is with hollowpoint ammo?
    Also, can it be safely carried cocked n' locked like a 1911a1?
    the gun looks plenty accurate enough for defensive purposes and 9mm is a good round for personal defense.

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