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Non Vegetarian FEAST At RANGANNA MILITARY HOTEL|Famous Mutton Pulao, Kheema Gojju, Mudde |Bangalore

Non Vegetarian FEAST At RANGANNA MILITARY HOTEL|Famous Mutton Pulao, Kheema Gojju, Mudde |Bangalore

Military restaurants are a rage in Namma Bengaluru… … and they are known for serving hearty, robust, local non-vegetarian cuisine. And I’m here in Jayanagar, a suburb of Bengaluru and I’m here to visit Ranganna Military Hotel… … which has been around for the last 60 years. So, let’s go in and check out what a meal at
Ranganna Military Hotel is all about. Let’s go. You know, when you are standing outside, you’ve got the ding, the hustle, the bustle… … and the noise of the traffic, but when you walk in to this fairly large, airy and spacious room… … and it’s quiet, it’s almost peaceful and you get the feeling that you’re in for a great meal. Some very interesting pictures on the wall… … and I’m told that the owner used to be a
champion wrestler. If he was a wrestler, well, perhaps he focused a lot on what he was eating and therefore… … perhaps also the focus on food here at
Ranganna Military Hotel. So, I’m with Sendil who is the third generation owner of Ranganna Military Hotel. Hi! So, Ranganna Military Hotel is very much a family affair. The third generation looks after the operations… … the second generation, they cook the food. Cook the food, yes. They do all the shopping, they do all the procurement and I guess that’s what… … makes family run establishments, like
these so special. And that too family run establishments that have stood the test of time for nearly six decades. So, it’s an open kitchen, so customers can walk into the kitchen, any point that they choose to… … to take a look at how their food is being prepared. That’s the level of confidence that the family has in the way they prepare food. So, there’s some Fish Fry happening here. Yes, Fish Fry. That’s Chicken Kebab. Okay. So, this is a Mutton Kurma, okay. So, tell me the recipes that you use are they the same recipes that have carried through? Most of them we use naati (ingredients). So, local ingredients, desi, okay. Kind of organic, not really, really organic… Not certified organic but, you know, ingredients which are grown locally and in the old fashioned way. Yes. So, the recipes here have been handed
through generations. From the first generation to the second and from the second generation to the third. And the recipes are not noted or written down, it’s all transmitted from one mind to another. And and I think that’s what makes it so precious. More secretive. Yes, you could say secretive but I think that’s what also makes these recipes so precious. He said this is a treasure that the generations before him have passed on to them. And that is so beautifully said. So, I see some trotters here. This is for the Leg Soup? Yes. And I can see there’s so much of it, so it’s probably one of your most popular dishes. Yes. And you start serving this early in the morning? It’s available the whole day, morning 7:30 am to late night 10:00 pm. So, this is the Ragi Mudde, which is the staple. The most healthiest food. Off late people
are after millets. This we’ve been making from a long time. That’s right. You know, that’s the irony of it. We all talk about super foods now, and ragi is the rage but generations ago this is all that… … they used to cook and this is all that they used to eat. This was the ancient wisdom which never really goes out of fashion. Sendil calls it black gold! Aah, the Mutton Chops. This is the Thale Mamsa Fry. The Thale Mamsa Fry. Kheema Gojju. Chilli Chicken. Aah, the Kheema Unde. Is that what you call it? Kheema Unde. Aah, some country chicken, the good stuff! The flavourful chicken as opposed to the broiler. The real chicken! That’s right Sendil, it’s the real chicken. Namaskara. This is Sendil’s mother, the second generation of Ranganna Military Hotel Ranganna’s wife. Yes, Ranganna’s wife. Do you cook all of this by yourself? My sons, my husband and I, we all cook. Why is your restaurant so popular? The food here is good. It tastes just like
home cooked food. We make our own masalas and we make it fresh. So do you go to the market personally? Yes, I go to the market. Everyday? Not every day, but weekly once. Weekly once. So, I was just speaking with Mrs Ranganna about what makes it so popular and she was telling me… … that it’s all about cooking food… … when people come here and eat they feel like they’ve entered perhaps their homes. It’s homely food, that’s really what it’s all about. So, these are the famous Ranganna
Military Hotel Pulao. People call it biryanis but they are actually pulaos. Pulao gets cooked together, the meat and the rice gets cooked together. The biryani is not like that. They cook the meat separately then they put it into dum together. Whereas, here the meat and the rice is cooked together right at the start. There a delicious aroma coming from the biryani. The biryani is a little green in colour, right? Yes, it’s whitish, whitish green. Is it green in colour because of the chillies? No, that’s a secret. Secret? Beautiful! And I’m always partial more to a
Mutton Biryani. Chicken biryani is fairly new, earlier there wasn’t any. It has always been Mutton biryani. Very interesting! So I just learnt from Mrs Ranganna saying, earlier when you talked about a pulao… … or a biryani it only meant mutton or naati
chicken, the desi chicken… … but it’s only now, in recent times that you’ve got the broiler that’s also making it’s way… … into the pulao or the biryani. This looks delicious and it smells so good too. I can’t wait to get back to the table and taste all the wonderful food… … that’s on offer here at Ranganna Military Hotel. Give me one Mutton Chops and Kheema Unde. Kheema Gojju, Thale Mamsa, one Soup,
one Bangude Fish Fry. And a Pulao at the end. I’ve ordered about seven or eight dishes to taste. Of course, I also have the Food Lovers
team here with me… … so, although I will taste some of the
dishes, after we finish… … after the cameras stop rolling, we will all sit together and eat what I’m hoping… … and what I’m sure will be a delicious meal here at Ranganna Military Hotel. When we got here to Ranganna Military Hotel it was almost empty… … but if you if you look now, we are in the midst of lunch and every single table is taken… … every single chair is taken and that’s
always a happy sign. You know that people are enjoying their
military hotel oota … … and that’s what I’m here for too. So, as you can see, I’ve gone overboard, as usual. I couldn’t help but order many of these dishes from the menu, from the kitchen here. So, I have the Kheema Gojju which is a preparation made with Mutton Kheema. This one is called the Kheema Unde which is the Kheema Balls. I have the Bannur Lamb Chop. Kaal Soup or the Paya. We also have the Chicken Leg and I saw some mackerel, marinated kept on the side there. So I said, I must have this. And this one is a dish for the hardcore carnivore, the Thale Mamsa. And of course, we have the wonderful, aromatic pulao and I’ve asked for the Mutton Pulao. When you’re at Ranganna Military Hotel, the only way to eat all of this is with the Ragi Mudde. You have some saaru to go with that. So, let’s start with the Ragi Mudde first. Oh, it’s nice and soft. Dip it a bit into the saaru. The thing with Ragi Mudde is they don’t chew on it… … you just swallow it. Everybody talks about ragi, millets as being the new super food… … but Ragi Mudde has been a way of life
for decades now. I think, I’m going to start with the fish. Mmmh! It’s a deep fried fish. I love the coating of the fish. It’s crunchy, it’s spicy and it also has that lemony twang. And this one fleshy fish. And you also have the flavours, you have the intense flavours of the bangude, or the mackerel… … that also comes through, despite the masala. Mmmh! Definitely a tasty fish. Typically in military hotels you don’t find too much fish, so that’s why when I saw this… Of course, we also have some soup here, which is the soup from the Kaal Soup. That is the Goat Leg Soup. You can order either the Leg Soup, with the leg or you can just order the soup as well which is what I’ve done. Aah! That’s a hearty broth. You can definitely taste the goodness of the bone that’s been extracted into this broth. If you’re sick, if you’re nursing a cold, definitely something that even a doctor would approve! So good! Let’s taste the Chicken Leg. Mmmh! This is a spicy piece of chicken, it also has some of the skin there. So, although this is a broiler chicken, but you have the skin, you have the masala… … all of that coming together, giving it that wholesome, full, rich sort of a flavour. The chicken is cooked just perfectly. If you look at this piece of meat, it is cooked right down to the bone… I’m going to taste the Kheema Gojju next. You’ve got the mince and it’s a coarse mince, you also see flecks of fat… … or is it garlic, I’m not sure. You also have some peas. It’s a coarse grind for a kheema which is nice because you get the bite of the meat. Mmmh! The kheema has soaked in all that gravy,
all that masala… … and these little peas are a nice touch… … because they just go go pop, they just
melt in your mouth. And you also have bits of fat here which kind of gives it that flavour. You know, all around me there are people dining, but there’s an air of near silence… … and I think it tells us that people are tucking into their meals, that people are enjoying their meals. Kheema Unde next. The food here is certainly spicy, you can taste the spice of the food. So, these are kheema balls, you know a curry of sorts, but here you can see that the mince is more finer… … I think, for it to hold together. It’s very different from the Kheema Gojju… … in fact the kheema here is tightly bound together… … and there’s almost a certain springiness when you bite into the meat. You can taste the flavour of the herbs that
have gone in… … I think, there’s a copious amount of coriander that’s gone into this gravy here. The mince is ground very fine for it to come together in the form of a nice springy ball… … that has soaked up all that herby goodness of this gravy here. I’m dunking my piece of Ragi Mudde into the gravy here and I am going to have this… … with a bite of the Kheema Unde. Some fibre in between all that meat. Next, I am going to try some of this Paya Soup. You have all that gelatin that’s kind of rendered… Mmmh! So, you see this, you have all that gelatin after the trotter or the paya has been cooked. Very mellow in its flavour, you can taste all this goodness of this paya broth. I think, I’m going to drink the broth right
from this saucer here. Bannur Mutton Chop. So you can see this a chop that has the meat, also has a sizeable chunk of the fat as well. And I think this is the fat that’s rendered from the meat onto that gravy. Lovely! Mmmh! You can taste the flavour of the meat and the meat has cooked just fine. This mutton fittingly enough for a military hotel has a decent amount of bite. When you have meat and you also have a bit of fat, I think that’s the tastiest… A little more of the Ragi Mudde, the saaru changes every other day and I’m told today… … it’s the mutton saaru. Mmmh! Before I dive into the Pulao, I have another dish to try here, which is the Thale Mamsa Curry… … or the Goat Head Curry. So you’ve got bits of the goat, so I can see there’s some tongue here… … there should also be some brain here, but I can’t seem to find it… … perhaps its all rendered into the gravy. I’m going to have some soft tissue here. I’m not a huge fan of the Thale Mamsa, but locals swear by the Thale Mamsa… … in fact it’s a delicacy. You’ve got the soft tissue or the soft bits
of the meat here. Mmmh! I think, I also tasted some of the goat brain, that literally almost melted in my mouth. The Thale Mamsa to be honest is an acquired taste… … some bits of it like the tongue are extremely, extremely hard and I’m not a big fan at all. Time to go for the Mutton Pulao. The family calls this the Mutton Pulao, but on the menu it says Mutton Biryani… … because that’s what customers are so used to calling anything with meat and rice. So, this is the short grain rice, the jeeraga samba rice that’s gone into this Mutton Pulao. Oh I can… I’m going to be greedy and go for the meat. This is an aromatic pulao. As you hold the plate closer, you can smell the sweet, gentle aroma of this pulao. The moment you fingers feel the warm touch of the rice and the meat, it creates that yearning… … on your palate that you immediately want to taste, want to savour what’s in your hand. Mmmh! Out here, they cook the meat and the rice,
together from scratch… … and that’s what they say makes it a pulao. And because the rice is cooked with the meat right from the start… … you can taste that savoury unctuousness of the meat in the rice itself. Mmmh! So again, one of those rice dishes that you can eat just by itself. You have som e flecks of coriander, you
have flecks of tomato. Let’s taste the meat. Mmmh! Despite being cooked in the rice from scratch… … and I’m told the process takes about an hour, an hour and a half… … you still have the bite of the meat intact. But this is a piece of meat that has flavour and definitely has that bite as well. Mmmh! And out here at Ranganna they don’t hold back on the fat. You have pieces of meat with the fat. And I think, that brings in, that gives it that
all that flavour. I’ve a piece of meat with some fat. Mmmh! Having tasted all these dishes and I think I’ve tasted atleast 7 or 8 of them… … the food here at Ranganna Military Hotel is pretty much what you would expect at a military hotel. It’s hearty, robust, full on flavoured non-vegetarian fare. But I think, Ranganna Military Hotel is very different from other military hotels and I think… … that’s because of the fact that you’ve got a culinary legacy of three generations… … that have been tending the fires here. When you walk into the kitchen of Ranganna Military Hotel and you see the lady of the house… … cooing the pulao and you see the third generation working on that kheema gojju… … you know that there’s a lot of care,
there’s a lot of attention … from the family that’s gone into each one of these dishes out here… … and I think that’s what makes Ranganna Military Hotel very unique, very special. When you come here, you’re not just tasting all these meaty dishes, but you’re also tasting… … a slice of that culinary tradition that’s been handed down, one generation to the other. And I think that’s what makes a meal at Ranganna Military Hotel truly special. When you come in here to dine at Ranganna Military Hotel, although it does of course, feel like a large… … establishment, the food here certainly
feels very homely. And it’s the sort of food that’s probably prepared in the homes of Mr and Mrs Ranganna. If you’re in Namma Bengaluru and if you’re
in Jaynagara… … certainly stop by for a meal at Ranganna Military Hotel and I think, you won’t be disapppointed. I’m going to go back to that delicious rice in the mutton pulao here at Ranganna Military Hotel. Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road, stay safe and happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV, do log onto and hit the Support Food Lovers banner. Links in the description below, happy eating!

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