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Nog een hele Ammobox vol met kogels !? – De plek van nachtvissen Deel 2/2

Nog een hele Ammobox vol met kogels !? – De plek van nachtvissen Deel 2/2

this is heavy! it is a full ammunition box! good morning Brian good morning! it’s early in the morning, and it’s cold nice that you watch a new episode of WatchDutch md! We are back at the place where Jim has been before found an ammo box full of cartridges and a gun, and a helmet and a mortar grenade there must be almost more than! but first warm up then I put on my glove why do you only have a glove? because you’re wearing the other … Oh first I had a left, and now suddenly a right I also want to find a weapon! it’s all guys it is all blubber what have you found? two pieces only dots let’s take a look I’m pretty curious! what bullets have you found I have no idea a bullet point I suppose he didn’t fade yet another bullet point he is crooked Yes? maybe this one has faded a 9mm point and this another and a piece of sleeve it is there again but the summer is over You notice that too, because it has become quite cold inene another bullet? four pieces see what brian has found again! He has found something very special! This is a German pattern bag from the leather war these were worn by the Germans on their belts and then there were cartridges on clip for the gun there are even two in it very nice find! it is a leather bag of 70 years plus old! the stickers have been solved, but the leather is still good were there loose patterns or clips? it contains clips and I thought 9clips x 5 patterns 6 or 9 clips and then a German soldier had two of them around his belt it remains beautiful underwater despite the age it is really a very nice find look what you do to Brian! he is freezing cold in the water! I am shivering with cold! and do you know why? because you just have to subscribe to our channel it’s FREE you just have to press that button with your finger! it helps us enormously! and because of that I get warm inside, little by little! now it’s ice cold! So subscribe! 63% of all our viewers are not subscribed! and therefore brian is extra cold we’re just standing in that cold ditch it’s 13 degrees the viewers sit warmly at home behind the computer with a cup of coffee so subscribe! we film anyway otherwise it is so boring and for viewers who are subscribed! 10 mackerel points A ++ and the other 63% is a bit lazy but come! you’ve already earned a compliment! put it in your hair! so? very beautiful! we are looking in very good water we already had a Mortar grenade, a gun, and one here German helmet, but also a crazy leather belt with hook, and a Dutch barrel protected and a lot of patterns of course we will find that today too so take a good look with us Yes! Well great! patterns! two pieces! and can I say it? a brass pattern and a steel both German you guessed that! do I still get a compliment? A ++ also 9mm patterns cold! I think there are more patterns from the war! patterns and Brian #briean you have to look a warehouse!! I think it’s a warehouse! no it is a pattern clip look! I have another one! I sink completely in that blubber another bullet point and an old lock that is special! that’s really an oldie! and a lot of patterns broken on a roll! these might come from that bag it could be! look these are pattern clips from the Germans for the k98 mauser rifle, and they were in the pattern bag and here was a notch, and you could easily grab them then you took a clip out and you could immediately load your gun for in your k98 rifle look this is also special a german M43 steelhand grenade head the igniter was on top and this one then had a solid wooden handle special, bullet again? also a 9mm pattern watch this what’s on it? 9mm is on the bottom look how cool! these are beautiful! on a roll! this already breaks into pieces this is still neat I break them so bad he breaks in two like that yet again a nice find a picture with a brass button on it weird another piece of leather here maybe from that bag? yes it must be, the same kind of leather look here there are two or three do they not come out of the bag? there are three of them it is possible, but I think it’s a box because they were packed in cardboard boxes we are well on our way Brian sings a song people are wondering where John is by the way it unfortunately had to work we would actually go tonight but then we went during the day anyway and it’s still cold wow look this then! this is not normal? they are beautiful! and a piece of barbed wire patterns and again 9mm patterns they are beautiful too! put it in my hand! this is really cool! we have already found so many cartridges and bullets but they are still nice to find! but if we only film patterns, it becomes so boring and monotonous it’s magnetish but it doesn’t stick well you pull it loose it is deep, but it has the shape of a helmet really? yes seriously, it seems to walk around I feel with my foot it is difficult when I kick my legs in the blubber then I sink deeper into the blubber I am now in my blubber up to my hip hip in the blubber wait a second maybe i can pull it up with my foot he is round on this side listen there is an edge that broken helmet was more to the left here come on! are you going to dive? Yes No the other time brian got ear infection after diving a week sick in bed, 40 degrees fever the doctor said go to the pharmacy, get ear drops and pills I got a recipe with it So I got ear drops 40 degrees fever, my ear completely closed I didn’t hear anything anymore I go back to the doctor, how can it not work says the doctor? you nevertheless got those pills and ear drops? no you only wrote ear drops! shit, you should have had those pills too! and after those pills I was better after three days I lay in bed sick for a week for nothing it really doesn’t work I got him! it feels like a big sidewalk tile it is good heavy! it is also an ammo box! yes, certainly look! Yes man! This is a German ammunition box again! it’s full of patterns too! I just found a ammunition box! yes but this is made of aluminum aluminum? yes early ammunition boxes were made of aluminum He stuck to the magnet, right? come put it aside what is this super ultra fat! we just found a German ammunition box! what’s on it all clay / blubber tempted I am curious what is in it! maybe there is more to it than just patterns it felt like a helmet, so crazy then look at this, how fat you have to look This is a German ammunition kis for a machine gun and he is good heavy too! 10 or 20 pounds? with one hand you don’t get it lifted that way it must be completely full! here must be the closure! he is completely soft, so here? he opens! that still works nicely! look! he is a man! anyway I just pull it open! wow! what an oldie! I think the coffin is going to bump unfortunately it is no different, because the aluminum is rotten do we have to rinse it clean in the water? they are on tape! I watch them who are links! check this out! this is special! here you see that feather just rinsing clean in the water? does it not work with your fingers like that? pull it open he’s coming loose! it works! wow! this one is pretty bad! but still, it’s a real pattern band! it is rotten anyway, so I will open it soon now you can see how the patterns lay in the coffin all straps! this is so cool! all on tape! look! we have to rinse them! there is really a nice band in between! we do rinse a few come we clean them how fat is this! we have never found such a long tape! only small pieces but now, look how long so, one tape is still pretty heavy! you will have to put them around your neck flush to dry what’s in between that is an entry piece then you can load the weapon without having to open the lid then pull it through input piece there were 50 patterns on a piece of tape and 5 bands, in total 250 patterns, in a box such a tape? yes 50 pieces per band this is really a special find really fun the other box was full of loose patterns without a strap that was also a steel box this one is worse because it is full of holes it dissolves through underwater electrolysis maybe there are more but that will come another time, because it is cold now so next time! we will come back here sometimes maybe another 10 minutes I’m shaking because you don’t subscribe such finds is where I find subscribing subscribe for more! bands we have found, small pieces then always small pieces a whole band is really cool in the dirty blubber ditch in the Netherlands only pattern tires, pattern tires pattern tires pattern tires an ammo box, and a cartridge bag the stalk grenade head it is a pity that it is windy and cold we will come back sometime it’ll be fine! these are really beautiful finds! I have a special box a banana holder! handy pouch how should you officially eat a banana? stop those jokes and I also have something for our piece of nature documentation you should see what i see there! over there today i had brian for the piece of nature documentation marko had picked up this iphone in Amsterdam I think we still have a photo of it and he has no iphone charger at home but I do so I connect it and take a look he still does it! how bizarre is this! really special, but it still works he needs to charge for a while, and then he has to do it mega wild! is he still doing it? if there is no password, it is completely bold is that still possible? it is very possible he goes on !! I film him with the camera look!! it’s a french! is there a code? can’t you report it? unfortunately you can’t do anything it’s a very long code six times zero! no you will not find out one hundred times zero unfortunately we cannot give it back then he is French so we have found a French iphone that’s fine what type is it? Iphone XR found in Amsterdam new price 735 euros! special find! and well waterproof!

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  1. Super vet, ik vind tegenwoordig helemaal niks, ik was vandaag zelfs blij met een paar bierdoppen en een 5 centjeπŸ˜‚ , hebben jullie nog tips voor iemand die in friesland woont

  2. Jullie moeten een museum hebben like als je dat ook vindt
    Wil je aub reageren of mijn bericht jullie zijn de beste
    DOE zo voort mag ik een hartje

  3. weer een hele toffe video ik heb een water waar zeker nog nooit gezocht is, ik wil het graag met jullie delen want ik weet gewoon dat jullie daar wat vinden en zou het echt tof vinden. weet niet hoe ik het tegen jullie kan vertellen zonder dat ik de rest het moet mededelen, het gaat om regio arnhem mochten jullie intresse hebben ik hoor het wel.

  4. Abonneer voor meer maar meer als dit kan bijna niet wat een mooie deel 2 makrelen geen worden voorπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Als je de telefoon terug wil brengen naar de eigenaar moet je dat telefoon nummer van het simkaartje bellen of opzoeken op internet of Facebook veel succesπŸ‘Œ

  6. Nog een hele ammobox met patroonbanden wow WatchDutchMD πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯βš οΈπŸ‘‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  7. als de munitie schoon is,… melden jullie dat bij de politie? of meteen al? ik weet dat je thuis geen munitie mag bewaren…

  8. Haal de simkaart eruit steek hem in een oude telefoon. Kijk of er telefoon nummers in staan. Anders het nummer bellen dat de simkaart aangeeft. 9/10 mensen hebben tegenwoordig een abbo dus ook het zelfde nummer als ze een nieuwe simkaart terug vragen.

  9. Whooow dat is zekers een bijzondere vondst die bandjes gaaf hoor.πŸ’ͺπŸ‘op naar de volgende videoπŸ€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘werelds

  10. Dik hoor jongens! Goed jullie huiswerk gemaakt. Uiteraard weer mooi in beeld gebracht. Greetings Team Dutch-Diggers

  11. Bij die iphone als je naar noodgeval gaat staat er soms een medisch id… dat is informatie over de eigenaar van de telefoon

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