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No progress from S. Korea-Japan military talks over radar dispute

No progress from S. Korea-Japan military talks over radar dispute

senior military officials from Seoul and
Tokyo have been holding a rare meeting to discuss a disputed encounter between
a South Korean warship and a Jap Japanese maritime patrol aircraft but
they came away empty-handed as the two sides couldn’t narrow their deep
differences on the matter can Hong Moo with the details general level representatives from South
Korea and Japan held military talks and Singapore on Monday trying to resolve
their misunderstandings over the dispute about Seoul’s use of military radar in
search-and-rescue operations last month despite the talks lasting over 10 hours
which took place at both nations embassies according to military sources
the two sides only reaffirmed their differences and couldn’t reach any
settlements Tokyo insists a South Korean warship targeted its fire control radar
on the Japanese maritime patrol aircraft on December 20th Saleh denies the claim
saying its worship only used its search radar as the vessel was conducting a
humanitarian mission to rescue a drifting North Korean ship in the East
Sea according to military sources South Korean officials demanded Japan’s
analysis of radar frequency data to verify what kind of radar the warship
used but the Japanese delegation refused to disclose the information in December
South Korea and Japan held a working-level videoconference over the
issue only to confirm their differences a day later Tokyo released video from
the aircraft in a bid to back up its claim solar expressed deep concern and
regret about the video and later came back with its own footage shot from the
warship demanding an apology from Japan for flying toward the ship at a low
altitude and in a threatening manner Monday’s military talks marked the first
face-to-face meeting between officials from the two nations over the radar
dispute Connie mo Arirang news

Reader Comments

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  2. There is no misunderstanding at all. Korea is just a buck passer. They know they are guilty. That's why they keep silent now.
    Korea should not fake accident any more. Japan is fed up with Korean blackmails. Korea should stop to live on blackmails.
    Japan should breakup relations with Korea.

  3. Unprofessional, CLEARLY provoking manner flight, and most of all, it was UNSAFE flight indeed! If the destroyer ship was Russian naval ship, it is HIGHLY doubtful Japanese patrol plane would EVEN close to the ship, because Russian ships will MOST definately shoot warning shots get the hell out from ship! Japan cannot do anything to Russia as a second most nuclear-powered nation. So, there is despicable Japanese Navy is testing, attempting to testing, n indirectly harassing Korean navy, and the WHOLE reason behind is an attempt to "embarrass n downgrade Korean navy's image in global scale n it is commendable that S Korean Navy n she, S Korea, is NOT backing down an inch!

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  5. Surprisingly enough, South Korea is still telling the same lie. What kind of deal can we make now? First of all, Korea has to apologize to Japan and to the world for having made such a hostile use of radar to our plane. Then, you have to promise not commit such a stupid attack to us. Watch your attitude!

  6. Nobody expected anything would come out from the meeting. Koreans simply follow anti-Japan national policy. They have not explained what the navy ship without national flag was really doing in the Japan's EEZ area – smuggling something, helping N. Korean escapees, giving some aid material to N. Koreans??? – from Americas

  7. Yep…
    No more scam money from Japan and Japanese people and tax payers.

    No more apologies it took place 75yrs ago. I was not there and you were not there also.

  8. (1) Why is the Korean destroyer rescuing the northern fishing boat that has not issued a rescue signal in Japan's EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone)?

    (2) Why is the Korean ship acting within the Japanese EEZ without issuing any flag or navy flag?

    (3) Initially, why did you change the fact that "Irradiation is not done" from the way though "I started hitting the patrol aircraft by all radar started?"

    (4) Why was "a radar for search" necessary although a North Korean ship is near the rescue?

    (5) What is the reason why the explanation is going through three times over time?

    (6) Twenty-one countries including South Korea are participating in the "Maritime Collision Avoidance Code (CUES)" agreed in 2014. What are the reasons why firearm control radar irradiation has been confirmed that absolutely should not be done in that?

    (7) If you felt a threat to the flight of the patrol aircraft, why did not you contact / warn with "radio" confirmed in the "Maritime Collision Avoidance Code"?

    (8) Radio communication from the SDF that claims to have failed to hear can be clearly heard even in the video released by the South Korean side. What is the reason for not responding to this?

    (9) Japan and South Korea are in a position to monitor 'Seto' by UN 's economic sanctions against North Korea. Does this Korean act match it?

  9. Although it was not flying threatening, it seems that South Korea showed it as a threat because it was a violation of the resolution of the United Nations and it had been backlogged! Together with South Korea and China, North Korea will not destroy nuclear weapons unless sanctions are implemented in the international community! Again, we should implement UN sanctions against South Korea and China that are violating the UN resolution.

  10. We don’t expect any progresses any more. Had enough with Korean matter. Only good thing is the world people realized that the Korean government and its navy are dishonest and incompetent. Bye bye Moon.

  11. I think Abe…japan prime minister, he is crafty…like fox…trouble maker. he is try to increase japan self-defense forces and military force by using this military provocation against south Korea. He also want to increase his low support rate by using this situation. He is really dangerous guy. He must remember in the past what happened in 1945. I think Japanese elected the wrong leader. If people take the wrong leader, the country can be destroyed. Abe is a very very dangerous man..liar…Japanese's minister is Not honest. is typical Japanese style.

  12. South Korea's president Moon Jae-in helps North Korean spy ship.
    【Radar irradiation incident; How perpetrator Korea pretends to be "Victim"】

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