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Nine Chinese dramas that have broken 25 billion views [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Nine Chinese dramas that have broken 25 billion views [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update August 10th 2019 edition. So I get asked all the time for drama recommendations
and I usually just answer with my favorites, which those of you who have followed my channel
for awhile would know includes titles like Nirvana in Fire and All
is Well among others. But the thing is, not everyone’s taste is
the same as mine and therefore not everyone’s gonna like those dramas I recommend. So I was thinking, another way of recommending
dramas is by general popularity or number of views. According to Chinese entertainment website
Sina there are nine dramas that have broken 25 Billion views. These are the total online views of every
episode and includes all platforms like Tencent, Youku, Youtube etc. It’s actually quite impressive when you consider
it doesn’t even include TV views or views from unofficial streaming sites. So without further ado, here are the nine
dramas you might want to check out if you want to “follow the crowd” so to speak. No. 9 Love O2OLove O2O is a modern romance drama starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. It tells the story of two popular college
students who fall in love through an online RPG game. The 30-episode drama premiered in August 2016
and has 25 billion views to date. There have been many modern romance dramas
with gaming premises throughout the years but Love 020 pretty much set the standard. If you’re a fan of this summer’s Go Go Squid!
and are looking for something along the same vein but less fluffy, maybe give Love 020
a shot. No. 8 Ode to Joy 2Ode to Joy 2 is of course the sequel to Ode to Joy and the series stars Liu Tao, Rulu
Jiang, Olivia Wang, Yang Zi and Bridgette Qiao. It tells the story of five ladies living in
Ode to Joy, an apartment complex in Shanghai, and their experience in love and work as independent
modern women. The 52-episode drama premiered in May 2017
and has almost 27.6 billion views to date. The series has been hailed as China’s answer
to the American series Sex and the City so if that sounds like something you might be
interested in, maybe give it a shot. No.7 Noble AspirationsNoble Aspirations is a costume drama starring Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying. It tells the story of a kid whose entire village
is massacred and he is taken in by the righteous Qingyun Sect. The 58-episode drama premiered on July 2016
and has 27.9 billion views to date. The drama spawned a sequel and there’s currently
a movie adaptation of it in the works called Jade Dynasty which stars Xiao Zhan and Li
Qin. No. 6 The Princess WeiyoungPrincess Weiyoung is a costume drama starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin. It tells the story of the princess of Northern
Liang who seek revenges against the people who annihilated her kingdom. The 54-episode drama premiered on November
2016 and has over 27.9 billion views to date. Even though it was one of the highest rated
dramas of 2016 it received criticism for how dog-blooded it was. For those of you who don’t know, dog-blooded
is Chinese slang for excessively cliche. Nonetheless, it has 30 billion views so it
must have done something right. No. 5 The Legend of Mi YueThe Legend of Mi Yue is an historical drama starring Sun Li and Liu Tao. It chronicles the life of Mi Yue, who became
the first Empress Dowager in China’s history. The 80-episode drama premiered on November
2015 and has 28.7 billion views to date. Sun Li is one of my favorite Chinese actresses
so I always recommend her dramas; if nothing just to watch her performances. Legend of Mi Yue revolves mainly around inner-palace
schemes and machinations so check it out if that’s your thing. No. 4 Fighter of the DestinyFighter of the Destiny is a costume drama starring Lu Han and Guli Nazha. It tells the story of man who cultivates his
powers to save the human world from the demons. The 52-episode drama premiered in April 2017
and has 30.1 billion views to date. The drama was panned by critics for the two
lead actors’ poor acting and for not staying true to the novel. However, it still has massive viewership and
much of that is attributed to the “Lu Han” effect, which refers to the idol’s huge fanbase. No. 3 In the Name of the PeopleIn the Name of the People is a political drama starring Lu Yi and Zhang Fengyi. It chronicles the internal power struggle
of the Chinese Communist Party and features stories about oftenly discussed Chinese politics. The 52-episode drama premiered in March 2017
and has 34.1 billion views to date. I checked out this drama when it first came
out and actually found it intriguing but it is a serious political drama and that’s
not everyone’s cup of tea. No. 2 Princess AgentsPrincess Agents is a costume drama starring Zhao Liying and Lin Genxing. It tells the story of a slave girl who eventually
trains to become a skillful spy. The 68-episode drama premiered in June 2017
and has 48.2 billion views to date. From my observation, this is the drama with
the most requested sequel. and that is mainly because the drama ended with a
cliffhanger and left audiences hungry and frustrated. At the moment, there is nothing in the works
for a sequel – no script, no cast, no nothing. and part of that is because there are copyright
issues to be sorted out. Rest assured, I will update everyone on this
when something is announced. And No. 1, you guessed it Eternal LoveEternal Love, AKA Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
is a fantasy costume drama starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It tells of the story of two deities and their
romance that transcends three lifetimes. The 58-episode drama premiered in January
2017 and has a whopping 52.3 billion views to date. The drama really needs no introduction. It’s known for it’s epic love story and beautiful
scenery. If you are new to Chinese costume dramas and
haven’t seen this one, well this is place to start. Of course, the drama has heavy elements of
romance and fantasy so you’d have to be into that kind of stuff to like it. So as you can see, the list is dominated by
costume dramas and the good news is they are all readily
available on Youtube with English subs so you don’t have to search high and low for
them. Which ones have you seen? Which one did you like and which one made
you think how the heck did it make this list? Let me know in the comment section below. And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you, a fan who supports my channel with a dollar or more by contributing on Patreon. Today’s question comes from Karen Ling, who
asks: Hi, Marcus! Are there any news on Zhao Lu Si and Ding
Yu Xi’s drama “The Third Princess from the Rumors”? Good question, Karen. The Third Princess from the Rumors
is an upcoming costume drama starring Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi
and it started filming recently, either in late July or early August. There wasn’t any official announcement of
a booting ceremony. In fact, there isn’t much info about this
drama out there at all. No promo materials, no production stills,
not even a real synopsis. I did, however, scour Weibo and found a short
BTS clip which featured the two stars seemingly preparing for a shot. The drama is slated for an 80-day shoot which
will take them into mid-november. And on Chinese review site Douban, it is listed
for an April 1st 2020 premiere. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that though. Like I’ve said in a previous videos, no one
knows when a drama will premiere until much closer to the actual premiere date. Thanks Karen for your question and thank you
everyone for watching. This channel would not be possible without
your support, whether it is through Patreon or simply just watching, commenting and sharing. Subscribe and like, and I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.

Reader Comments

  1. Just FYI guys since many are asking about it, Ashes of Love has 15 billion views as of January 2019, so I guess it's not quite there yet 🙂

  2. Princess Weiyoung was terrific for those unfamiliar with Chinese dog blood… Cliches. Historical note:
    Tuoba clan names are authentic (kingdom of Great Wei, 450 AD)

  3. i am a fan of Wallace Huo so i recommend 'SOUNDS OF THE DESERT" (this was my first C-drama) and "LOVE ME IF YOU DARE" (dark and intense) and "THE PERFECT COUPLE"….(romantic)

  4. I don't know why, I just can't seem to like Love 020. I find it boring and have stopped watching it in favor of other dramas.

  5. Wow eternal love number 1 yes they'll include my favorite actress Dilreba 💕🙌🏻🤘🏻💪🏻💜😉 52.3 billion omg 😘

  6. Princess agents has started it all for me. Then I found love 020 and then eternal love. I have no regrets stepping into Chinese dramas. I am so happy. If you wanna start choose any. All dramas mentioned are great.

  7. Eternal love(TMPB) is great.As for the other position … I think I have a different taste. In my opinion, the list of the best dram is as follows:
    1)Eternal love(TMPB)
    2)Princess Silver
    3)Ashes od love
    4)Flames Daughter
    5)Eternal love 2
    6)Legend od FuYao

  8. If you guys love chinese drama and then you must watch the story of minglan..the best story of any chinese drama ever..

  9. I hate yang mi acting skill and will not be able to push myself to watch her, but i guess I will check out the rest of the drama you mentioned

  10. I actually watch TMOPB every now and then 😅. Nirvana in fire and TMOPB are my go to dramas when there’s nothing good in the dramaland.

  11. speaking of noble aspirations and princess agents. I think it will come my dead end before the third season of noble aspirations and the second season of princess agents. it's so frustrated waiting more years before the next season. 😭

  12. The Story of Ming Lan, Legend of Fuyao, The Story of Yanxi Palace and The Untamed should be in there too…(also Princess Silver, or Goodbye my Princess).

  13. Me seeing the title for the first time : of that's impressive, 25 million views
    Me seeing the title for the second time: b-b-b-bilionnn

  14. Nothing but costume dramas. Can't watch those, just not my cup of tea. Love 020, I have tried 5 times to get past episode 3- can't do it. soooooo boring and cliche. So will give the non-costume ones a try to see.

  15. The best Chinese drama I have watched yet is definitely Eternal Love(TMOPB). I fall in love every time I watch as well as ball my eyes out! From the outfits to the actors to the chemistry, they nailed it! And the OST IS BOMB BOMB BOMB 💣 ❤️😭

  16. Can you plz recommend a drame like LOVE 020 ,it's my favorite Chinese drama,and I really want to find another like it.

  17. I watched The Eternal Love 4 times already! My husband said why you watched again and again. Because I liked it so much!

  18. Hello marcus
    Thnku for updates
    I rlly eager to knw abt Princess agent sequel
    But aftr watching ur video I feel disappointed knowing abt tat dre is no hope for scnd season of PA
    DIS drama will alwz number 1 for me
    Nd am nt good in English if any mistake hpn am sorry for tat
    Thnku agn
    Love from India🇮🇳

  19. Hi Marcus 😊it's been a while i didn't watched your reviews bout chinese dramas (I'm busy lately learning mandarine that's why😂😂😂) so i got wonder why i subscribed your channel then i realize you've change your YouTube name then I've recognise your voice 😊😊😊 thanl you for updating us always 😊😊💖💖much love and God bless!

  20. Even trillion views. Example psy- gangnam style billion view compare to justine bieber million views but justice much big income if billion views the winner is google youtube , internet and uploader thats the reality 🙂

  21. Hey…. I am an international fan and I am really dying to watch tornado girl 3 with yang yang…. is there any updates regarding this series ????????????????????????

  22. Love 020 is the best😍😍…no matter what…i have seen it repeatedly seen it many times n enjoyed it always😘😘😘

  23. here are some timestamps for anyone that needs them

    9. 1:01 Love O2O (25 Billion views, 30 episodes)
    8. 1:34 Ode to Joy 2 (27.6 Billion views, 52 episodes)
    7. 2:08 Noble Aspirations (27.9 Billion views, 58 episodes)
    6. 2:35 The Princess Weiyoung (27.9 Billion views, 54 episodes)
    5. 3:09 The Legend of Mi Yue (28.7 Billion views, 80 episodes)
    4. 3:39 Fighter of the Destiny (30.1 Billion views, 52 episodes)
    3. 4:11 In the Name of the People (34.1 Billion views, 52 episodes)
    2. 4:38 Princess Agents (48.2 Billion views, 68 episodes)
    1. 5:16 Eternal Love (52.3 Billion views, 58 episodes)

  24. I feel like I'm the only one who struggled to finish love o2o is was SOO boring and the fl was super bad idk I just would never recommend it to anyone

  25. Chines Drama always interest to watch.. And for all those Princess Agents always the best for me then The legend of Fu Yao..
    And recently i beat The Untamed..

  26. I love the most can't move on is princess agent thier chemistry is strong and very lovely couple waiting for season 2 also ten miles of peach blossom,noble aspirations,

  27. Princess agent is not no'1 not because of the actors but of the story ,the end is confusing it seems like it can have more, if it wasn't for that so far I don't see any one that can beat that drama.

  28. I have seen all except no 3 and great list. Just wish my 2nd favourite "Ahes of love" and my no 1 favourite "General and I" could also be on the list with such high view.

  29. Can you make a video talking about the dubbing on dramas? How this impact the performance of the actors? Are the actor good even if it's dubbed?

  30. Ten Miles of peach blossoms: My first ever Chinese drama and the best up to date. Well deserved 52 billion🥰🥰🥰

  31. I loooooved the last one . And it's why I can't get over my addiction for more shows like it… Love 020 was a no for me.. I don't get why so many loved it.. it seemed like their was no growth and no true conflict.. I'm surprised Ashes of Love wasn't on here.. but maybe it doesn't have as much viewers as I thought

  32. My first Chinese Tv series Ten miles of Peach Blossom, 2nd Legend of Fuyao so far 😘
    And my First Chinese Movie is "The curse of the Golden flower"

  33. LOOOOOVE Princess Agents. The story is unique and compelling, the characters well fleshed out, and the female protagonist is badass. I could never get into Eternal Love though – it just felt kinda cliched to me, and I couldn't feel the chemistry between the leads. It has an awesome OST though (like Princess Agents). Maybe I'm just more into badass female characters, and for that Princess Agents trumps Eternal Love, imho.

  34. Princess Agent's, The Princess WeiYoung, Ten miles peach of blossom My most fave Chinese Custom drama.. As well as Legend of fuyao, story of yanxi palace, Nirvana in fire, Secret of the 3 kingdoms, Legend of Hua buqi, and Goodbye my princess..

  35. How about the Story of Minglan. I have watch all those and love them all. Love 020 and the Story of Minglan is my go too when I’m bored and my son is turning the house upside down. I just pull out my laptop and pick one.

  36. Go Go Squid will always be my no.1 fav chinese drama. Han shangyan aka Li Xian is the no.1 chinese actor that i love hehe

  37. Out of the list, i have not watched In the Name of the People. I started Legend of MiYue but stopped after few 10 episodes because the flow of thoughts in the English sub was confusing, so I am looking for website where I can watch it.

  38. I love Sun Li!! My first ever Asian drama was "The Legend of Zhe Huan" (aka Empresses in the Palace)… then followed by "Legend of Miyue"…. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE TWO! Epic in my book!!

  39. I am glad that Eternal Love is No. 1 in the list. I have watched it like 5 times now, and still never get tired of watching. Its my No. 1 favorite Chinese drama. Its was my first Chinese drama I have ever watched. Been looking for other dramas as good as E. Love but none as good. Will be rewatching EL again. Love Mark Chao and Yang Mi.

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