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Nike SFB Field 8″ Boot SKU: 9097748

Nike SFB Field 8″ Boot SKU: 9097748

Hey everybody, it’s Clayton here at and today we’re checking out the SFB Field 8″ Boot from Nike This bad boy gonna be super reliable This tactical boot is made with some super tough synthetic and textile materials to give you a nice combo that’s gonna keep looking fresh for a long time, I’ve got that full lace-up adjustability that’s going all the way to the top of the tongue and that’s sewn in canvas tongue in there it’s gonna stay nice and durable and protect your foot a little bit, I’ve got that heel tab at the back it’s gonna make for an easy on and off and of course, got some protective material around the midsole to keep that foot nice and protected got a breathable textile lining in there, it’s gonna keep your foot nice and comfortable breathing all-day long down in that cushion textile footbed, got lots of comfort for all-day wear got an additional protection here at the toe to protect that toe because if you’re clumsy like me, you’re constantly kicking it and then of course, the heel support at the back is really gonna keep your foot stabilized and all of that good stuff is right on top of that super flexible yet extremely durable sticky rubber outsole that aggressive lug designed to really help you dig into that earth so for a classic looking combat boot with a ton of reliable performance You got to pick this one up today, it’s from Nike

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