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  1. Russia has two loyal allies. They are her army and her fleet.There is one good Russian proverb: Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Do not open Pandora's box

  2. That's old school US wepon machinery 😂😂😂👎👎👎 nothing compared to what the US🇺🇲 has😂

  3. The Russian and chinese equipment is weak and
    inefficient in comparation with the WESTERN equipment!

  4. They don’t need to go to war , they just need to hold them off . LOL. Its funny watching them squirm in their desperation .

  5. Hey Poland you need new weapons , buy them from Russia, these weapon systems are very good, instead you are kissing the western nations asses and in the long run they will fuck you over like in the past

  6. How cool is all that equipment on the strrets! Wouldn't you be proud if your russian to see all that fantastic comrades!

  7. oh did they made their t14 to drive finally? so otherwise i didnt see anything NEW. just old technic painted new color

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