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New USMC GoreTex Review

New USMC GoreTex Review

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  1. It’s the Valley Apparel APECS parka for civilians. I have to goto McGuire AFB to go buy me a new jacket in OCP. Maybe it will be cheaper than buying from a website which is about $300

  2. Is this issued as part of your 782 gear?  Is this issued instead of a field jacket?  If not what do they issue to replace the M65?  I am just curious, I was a part of the Old Corps 71 to 77.

  3. i missed where the tag actually says gore-tex…….and i was wondering if it has two zippers at the bottom so you can get into your pants pockets easier……any decent goretex will have that feature

  4. I paid $325 for my marpat parka and pants. Both gore-tex lined. I also picked up a JP8 fuelers uniform (tan) for $130 which is also gore-tex lined w/ stow away hood. Great gear for wet weather. Go gore-tex or go home.

  5. Tennier is THE BEST product. Make no mistake. Ive had the Arcterx. which is ok.. but only just.
    The Propper is a little bit better quality than Arcterx.
    For the money, my Tennier has outlasted ALL of my layer gear by Light Years.

  6. Did the parka run a little big? My military size is a medium long but I would be using this for hunting. I would like it to be well fitted. Should I just get the med long? I would have my ecwcs level 1 and 2 and if cold enough I would include my hooded sweatshirt. Thanks if you can help!

  7. Great video review, RealWoodsmen! You covered a lot of the really great features of this particular garment. I recently bought the United States Air Force version(OCP aka Multicam) of this jacket and pants on eBay as well. Great for the price of GOOD!!! Both the APECS jacket(parka?) and APEC pants that I purchased on eBay are/were made by Valley Apparel. Comparing the USMC and USAF APECS garments to the U.S. Army's Emergency Cold Weather Clothing System(ECWCS) garments is night and day… The Gore-tex fabric used in the USMC and USAF APECS clothing is heavier and much more robust than the Army's ECWCS clothing. Translated proportionately, the APECS garment set is heavier than the Army's ECWCS garment set and as such, much less prone to tearing and seam failures. Which boils down to weight versus durability. Personally, I've always been one to opt for durability… Thanks again, RealWoodsmen!

  8. I have the ABU Tiger Parka, I love it. Got it for $45 on Ebay, was used, but basically brand new. If the one in your video is brand new, it's worth $150+. When I was in, the Gore-Tex parka was great. It's good for all weather. When you wear winter weight BDUs under your Parka it's nice and toasty. Add some polypropylenes if you're really cold. But really the Gore-Tex keeps the wind out and it keeps you warm.  There is an insulator available, and you could always throw on a Polartec thermal and add to your layers as well. But the Gore-Tex alone is surprisingly warm, just remember to use the hood, it makes a huge difference.

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