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New troop store brings convenience to Ordnance Soldiers

New troop store brings convenience to Ordnance Soldiers

to most people that is the sound of a cash transaction but two soldiers at the Army's ordnance school at Fort Lee it is the sound of convenience the convenience of having a brand-new 4,500 square foot army air force exchange troops tour just yards away from where they call home if you want personal hygiene stuff like that we wait til weekends and so like this being here on weekdays you just walk across the street and get it this is a lot easier constructed under the watchful eye of the Norfolk district US Army Corps of Engineers the 1.7 million dollar facility means soldiers attending classes can focus more on their daily routines rather than trying to figure out where they would buy everyday supplies they don't have to go to the other side of post it makes it much more convenient it takes less time less effort and they can spend more of their time on doing their their work their studies their PT and that kind of thing in addition to the troops tour where soldiers can buy food drink and supplies a four-seat barber shop also exists where they can get their haircuts as well a little off the sides please for a fees general manager David Crane the new facility relieves some pressure on already existing exchanges on post we'll have up to 4,000 new troops in this area so it was there was definitely a need to serve our customers here customers that are extremely pleased to have the added benefit of a brand new troops tour right next door we are spoiled as much far more options where you can go compose to the military my dad was in from Fort Lee Virginia Patrick Bloodgood

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