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every day our hosts of free robux giveaway to enter the giveaway all you need to do is subscribe with a certification zone and like this video and after that you'll have a chance of winning the wrong box gift hey guys its miniature Dave and today we're doing another video on this roblox admin who leaks top secret codes and promo codes and if you haven't seen a video on this guy already he's already given me a hundred robux and he's also given yum as a hundred robots this guy is legit and I know that from past experience with him and he's just sent me a message which you're gonna open in a second also thanks for roblox dot world for sponsoring this video and if you haven't heard of these people already all you need to do is click on their website the link will be on the top of the description and in the pin comment so when you open their website this should pop up on your screen and what you'll not do is just type in your username so I'm gonna type in military Dave oh nine if you look in every day for two weeks you receive a free five row box and login with your roblox user and how this works is I have 0 row box right now but what you do is you're going to earn row box after you've made an account and then you just complete offers like this so I'm trying to find a survey so I've got 10 row box in my earnings right now but such to the survey so all I need to do now is go on claim row box and then I click hits join the group all right so I've joined the group and then I go back onto Roebuck Stillwell and then I refresh and then I just I can do 10 and then request payout click then it should load while it's waiting to pay me out and then once I've done that it should be successful and then if i refresh another ten robach's has been added to my account oh so as I was saying this guy sent me a message saying military Dave I have a special surprise for you and your fans this is new and it's a promo code that gives you free free items so three items for free and then he sent me a link to a game this guy here secret promo codes he just sent me a message saying military day buys I have a special surprise for you and your fans join the game to find out what it is it's kind of the same as this guy I don't think it's the same person but he said join this game to receive your award and if you're not enough video on the sky smash 15,000 likes in this video so right now hit the like button and subscribe so you don't miss the video where I do the video on this guy so yeah anyway let's carry on with free money codes so if we pressed the game that he was talking about we're on to this game that has six hundred thousand visits so I'm not sure if that's what the people that he's like send this to or just if he does help a lot of people out but it's got 500 people playing as well but if we join let's just see what this is hopefully we get free items they're limited and secret so only some people get these from doing this so yeah watch this whole video so you know what to do and so you're not just lost skipping around in the video right so test your knowledge and win a badge complete all the challenges in a lesson and win a prize I'm assuming that's the item so designing a bounce map where should you start the building map so start from one corner and work your way outside of the most important things I'm pretty sure that's the answer that is correct good job so you can just copy me because I'm pretty sure all these questions are the same so the word builder is responsible for which of the following building out a palette of props for the world coding game mechanics like combine quests shaping me of environment challenges for players so I'm pretty sure is this alright that's correct as well what's the best way of moving a building using the move tool click on the arrows to move drag buildings by grabbing them and precious this one using the move tool yep correct I'm I'm pretty good creator so you finish the first challenge and earned your prize go back to this tutorial and finish lesson 2 before trying the next quiz game challenge so I think this is one of the AIIMS I think it just got like a dinosaur head wait let's go on my inventory and checks I think I've just got that which is pretty cool if I have and it's the moment of truth because if I actually have this that would be insane oh my god I actually have this head for literally aren't doing like three questions that looks so cool as well let's go in 3d I'm not sure if my free D works but oh my god that looks insane yeah it doesn't work it's all black but you can see that how cool that looks this guy wasn't lying alright let's try the next quiz because these actually works where's playtesting playing a game to check if it playing a game to check it's fun and bug free pretending to give someone else a test playing games before a big test probably the top one yep okay why should you remember to rotate your camera and see the terrain from multiple angles to make better I'm pretty sure it's the middle one yep okay that's correct as well what helps you get a better look at all the angles of an object in roebuck studio the view selector I'm guessing that is correct and we just got a backpack as well okay that's the second one so that means there's still the third quiz that will give us another item that is insane that you guys can get all of this stuff for literally just doing this the game icon is the image that shows up on the roblox games page the game's dedicated page or your avatar page the roblox games page and pretty sure yeah that's correct also don't worry if you get one of these questions wrong because you just go back to the staff the quiz or you just redo the question I'm proof you just freed you the question so don't worry if you get this wrong or anything like that even though they're all the same so you can just copy what humping because I'm a bit of a builder Pro so where can you change the settings of your game like the points value and lengths of rounds so the spawn location objects the game location script or game settings script so because it says settings I'm assuming it's game saying script there's correct good job encoding a razor used to correct razor flight of Ranger points or organized values it's to organized values isn't it that is correct good job whoa we got these huge wings they look so cool oh my so a thing that is it I think that's all you need to do in this game let's try all these things on so if we go on the back we have these huge wings which look amazing and then if we go onto the back again we have a good Zilla spine as well that looks sick wait if you guys didn't know this trick already I can put both these are at the same time so I'm gonna do that so I just copy this thing up here then I go on to copy and then I can go into advanced and then copy and paste the asset ID and then going to save then I'll be wearing both at the same time as you can see so all right so let's hop into our base and also the secret promo codes guy that messaged me earlier his profile he does look quite rich in it I'll show you it now so this is what the guy's profile is hi I am Clive and I like hidden roblox promo codes keep this account secret so he has spent robox on this and he's got like a golden suit shiny teeth and a crown so and he's got couple creations that we might be able to try out so new secret promo code stuff like that so remember to smash 15,000 likes to see a video on this guy so smash that like button right now if you are interested to see what this guy has to offer and this sounds a bit similar to the free money code so it could potentially be the same person and if it is that just means more free promo codes and roebucks because they're both legit okay so we've joined and then there's a lot of people in but as you can see this head looks so cool from the side angle and stuff then these wings that huge and really cool they go really well my military uniform and then this back fit then this backpack which just looks beast okay so he says join the group now so let's just hit redeem for 100 points for Jerusalem so it's loading and then it should say up here success a hundred robots has been paid out to Jerusalem okay just gonna wait for this alright success yep all that so let's say refresh your roblox page with a smiley face and hopefully we get a good reaction out of this guy because I want this guy to get us wrong box because he deserves it and then we're gonna give the giveaway winner a hundred robots as well you said oh my god thanks we should reply of no problem and then find a giveaway when either subscribe to our channel if post our patients on and likes the most recent video okay so he finally replied and he said hi hi Dave then I said you won the giveaway and he said what what oh my god so I said join the group blah blah blah blah so we're bout spam out Opie rewards redeemed for a hundred points and after this loads we're gonna tell him to refresh his page and hopefully he's happy so re fresh page and hopefully he got his row box and he's because I can tell this guy hasn't got any row box before and yeah so he said thanks and then ear XO yes and yeah so remember if you want a chance to win a hundred robox like this guy and the other guy to rozilla remember to like this video subscribe with post notifications on and comment your usernames so if you guys want to look like this just watch the whole video remember to like and subscribe with post certifications on so you don't miss a new video like this goodbye [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause]

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