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the Navy is parting ways from their blue camera work uniforms beginning on October 1st the Navy's blue camouflage work uniforms nwu type I will be a thing of the past new recruits officer candidates and sailors who are assigned to Navy Region Southwest who will be the first to sport the forest-green digital camouflage uniform NW you type 3 the Navy first announced the uniform switch from blue to green back in August 2016 after leadership said the change was due to sailors feedback the forest-green digital camouflage uniform was created by Naval Special Warfare command as a tactical uniform and has been used by other expeditionary sailors the full transition of the uniforms will be implemented by 2019 the blue camouflage uniform which was first introduced in 2009 was mopped and dubbed the nickname aqua flash for only camouflaging a sailor if they fell overboard according to a statement from their Navy Secretary Ray Mabus sailors want uniforms that are more efficient and a lot less blue as Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson and I traveled to see sailors deployed around the world one of the issues they consistently want to talk about our uniforms said Mabus they want uniforms that are comfortable lightweight breathable dot dot dot and they want fewer of them we have heard the feedback and we are acting on it as a direct result of sailors input effective October 1st we will transition from the NW you type I to the NW you type three as our primary shore working uniform said Mabus the new uniform can be found for sale at the Navy exchange uniform centers in Newport Rhode Island the Naval Station in Pearl Harbor Hawaii and at Navy bases in Southwest Asia you and Africa the Navy will begin issuing the uniform to sailors from Navy Region Southwest to Southeast to the mid-atlantic in Washington DC and will end with the Navy region Northwest Japan and the Pacific sailors will also have the choice of wearing the newly implemented forest-green uniform or the old standard blue Navy working uniform with the discretion of the unit commanding officer after 2019 the forest green uniform will become the primary uniform for sailors the service is also still determining the boots that will be worn with the new uniform in the future if one is chosen it will be added by 2019 to wear with the new uniforms

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  1. Quote from actual army vet; "The navy has the nice blue camouflage so if you fall into the water No One Will See You."

    Why can't they bring back bell bottoms? Why can't we get rid of those silly dress uniforms?

  2. As a former "squid", I always found camo for Navy uniforms ridiculous. The uniforms we had were functional and traditional. If you want to be fashionable, become a model.

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