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New Molle II gear

New Molle II gear

hello everyone be the amazing great care thank you for joining me on this channel appreciate your views today I'm going to show you some new Molly to do that I got to go on my vest that I've shown you I'll make another video after this one showing you how i have my fighter load carrier vest how i got it set up and then I'll show you and that's what the alice type gear I got a couple of Molly two pieces that came in I got good deals on them so I'm going to swap the gear over i'll use less pouches and it will fit a little bit snug so the first thing I'm going to show you is I got two of these these are the modular lightweight load carrying equipment oh that's what Molly means okay the canteen / general purpose pouch I got two of these um they were two dollars and ninety seven ninety cents each at avalyn Hemi surplus outlet I got these on ebay that's a al l eg hei NY surplus outlet as good deal two dollars and ninety cents each they do hold an actual canteen I'll show you they have a very good strong clip here you don't have to worry about that coming on it's adjustable it has one of the stretchy type bands that goes around so that when you if you do cinch it up goods you don't have this flopping around you can tuck it up in there and it'll you know everything just be nice and snug it has two velcro pouches on the side that are pretty good size you can put a fire starter in there you could put matches water purification tablets whatever you want it in there and this does not just have to be for a canteen like it says it's a general-purpose pouch my thinking is all of the little pouches like that your your compass or your first-aid kit goes in this will carry multiple of those inside here if I wanted the amount that doesn't carry I can put a bunch in here we got the second second pouch right there whatever you want to put in there I personally have my wife save me any time we have prescriptions or something the kids get sick or she needs something I have or save those for me because those are watertight containers fill those up and then i can just dumped tons of stuff like that and here of course probably take the labels off because you know how the cops are they see something oh you got this and then before you know it they're going through all your frickin gear looking for so that that's just something to think about it has in the bottom the nut rivet but the grommet deal here where you know if it gets wet the water can drain out has the Molly attachments on the back of course and then on this part of the pouch on each side it has these little censure deals that I don't know where to get on much replace out then keep your your stuff tight cinch it up and you can lock it down i really like these like i said i got two of those so if two dollars 90 cents a piece that's not bad I'll show you to hold the canteen now these of course don't have the hole in the top like the old canteen style but it will hold the campaign goes right in there like that of course now with the Alice type canteens I don't know how much they've changed it's going to be open like this so if you put other gear in there with it and there is room I mean I could stuff all kinds of stuff in here beside my canteen but then what did not close enough all the way I be scared it would fall out unless of course you cinch these here like this so it will hold that the second thing i got was the actual Molly but pack now this piece of equipment replaces the this gear right here for this the old butt pad it's taller a little thicker but not as wide this one is sure but wider so I would actually have to get the dimensions of these what they are supposed to be each and calculate the volume to see if actually if they hold the same amount or different amounts now this one has a zipper open up put on your stuff in there again it has the drain hole right there it's got those good heavy duty zippers on then it has a cinch down strap on each side I'll show you this put your stuff in there cinch it in it's got the buckle get everything nice and secure and one of the nice options to this if you don't want to if you just want this as a standalone equipment it has a waist strap so that put it on I've got about like a 36-inch waist that's too big right now but look how much extra that is I've got this high because I want to make sure you can see it okay once it's loaded not a lot of balance to it i think i paid eight dollars for this this one came from military surplus USA and that was on ebay and that's the new stuff i got excuse me it's about 98 degrees that's a little warm so you can also has the male attachment so it's not simply you can use it with your vest or your gear or put it on a belt or a standalone piece of gear however you want to do with this type of setup I can see we're on a rucksack if you wanted to you could clamp it around cinch it down on the outside of the sack as a extra gear you know maybe the things you'll use often you know you pop it off use that gear so that's the things I got what I'm going to do is the next video I will show you how I have my vest set up now that I've got all the gear on it I think the last video i just showed you kind of what it was and then i'll replace some of that gear with my new marley gear and then show you what that looks like so that's some good gear there they got here very fast it was cheap I know I shop at least surplus a lot they didn't have these particular items while I was looking for him so that's why I went to the other places i will put the name of the places did down there underneath in the description and then that way you can go check out the stuff they have they had some other cool things that I didn't need them right now so that's that hope you enjoy hope you know somebody never seen this stuff actually demonstrated or shown the sizes in comparison you're just sitting on it on a web page looking at it you know so this is good stuff I like this one because I can put a big knife in my butt pad and have it with me something I can get to that in my rucksack I don't have to dig around and find so that I like I like it for that reason the woodland but packets on my best now had to use you know maybe like that's eight nine inch knife this one I can I can put a big piece of equipment I mean think I wouldn't do this but it would sit in there my machete would fit in there if I wanted it to that gives you an idea of what we're looking at here on size so all right so I'm be the amazing Greek and look for my other videos like I someone do a vest show you how i have it set up right now I took a lot of gear off of my rucksack that weighed 40 pounds and I'm trying to lighten things up make it a little easier to get to the items I need in my rucksack when I'm using it as a little lighter if I have to dump it for whatever reason or if I want to go stealth mode in an urban setting this gear is a lot lighter more cinched in I'm not going to get snagged versus carrying the rucksack with a frame trying to maneuver my way through a building or something if that ever happened so that's my thinking there and thank you for watching and check out the other video it's coming up I'll catch you later

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  1. On the canteen/utility pouch just thread the clip out of the flap then tuck the flap in the pouch then drop in the canteen and the "V" shaped strap will go over the canteen top. Hope that makes sense. I need one of those butt packs. Nice.

  2. its gonna sound kinda stupid at first but you should check into those space saver bags type things for your clothes/jackets/sleeping bags that you keep in your ruck that wont take down the weight but it would probably help with space, not sure how well itll work with a ruck but kaden used it for his trip to europe and took 14days worth of cloths in a carry-on,lol

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