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New ISIS Propaganda Video Claims American Colors Do Run | Duffel Blog

New ISIS Propaganda Video Claims American Colors Do Run | Duffel Blog

a new Isis video is set to be released this week apparently shows a militant desecrating a US flag in a washing machine giving the terror group of propaganda boosts by demonstrating that American colors do actually run after placing the flag in a Kenmore upright the militant known only as Dearborn Dave points towards the camera and holds up the flag with reds and blues bleeding into each other then forming a new purplish color in the nearly two minute long clip the militant says quote we had only to use hot water and your colors have run how much worse will your so-called Marines be when we use hot LED news of the videos released has earned widespread condemnation Republican senator Joni Ernst his promised legislation that would prohibit the use of warm water in the laundering of US flags while Pentagon officials have asked Congress for 73 million developed a detergent safe flag in a related story al Qaeda and the Arabian Peninsula has promised to walk all over a don't tread on me flag in the near future if all US troops are not immediately withdrawn from the Middle East

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  1. SOOOO scary!!! For only 19.99, plus shipping & handling. I will send you my nuts and brain to a bunch of weenies that think camels are sexy with lipstick!!

  2. Well I can tell you that ISIS flag does fade when I use bleach! How would ISIS look when its bleached by napalm?! xD

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