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New Armor Stops 50 Caliber Armor Piercing Round Several Times

New Armor Stops 50 Caliber Armor Piercing Round Several Times

death bar systems of Lebanon Missouri showcased a new armor plating for military vehicles KOMU Natalie swallows tells us what the company hoped the show demonstrators hope the live fire demo would shed some light on the need for better armor in the military senator frank Barnett's once the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Army National Guard to recommend that Missouri troops begin using the armor the main goal of zue line to save more Missourian in American lives we have a very heartfelt sadness when we see our soldiers and and people die over there and we think that we can keep that from happening we think we can save lives in the demonstration zoo line was the only armor to withstand the shots the rounds went right through a one-inch steel plate and thick concrete the 50 caliber armor-piercing round able to go right through that and kill what was on the opposite side of that labrat says zulan's capabilities far out do what is currently being used by the military people who have loved ones and service who are concerned about their safety need urge their representatives their legislators or senators to expedite the deployment of this armor to the battlefield

Reader Comments

  1. Personnel vs. vehicle armor. Mass production could be costly.War is about population culling. If armor saves life then what’s the point in war if everyone is just as heavily armored as they are heavily armed. Nobody dies means nobody wins and war just continues into boredom starts. If you not killing anything due to armor then stop wasting ammo. War is supposed to bring death and that brings power control and money to those who fund wars. That why your brilliant idea will be respected and praised but never used or brought into combat.

  2. this is stupid if there is a body armor stopping a .50 it would be heavy as fuck and if you get hit by a .50 on the chest even if the body armor stops the projectile you would several ribs of you will break just cause of the power of that round

  3. BUT what if it was MULTIPLE RPG blows? how many rounds would it be able to digest?

    ALSO what if the following weapons were used on the armor (assume 1 shot each)

    1.) A 75mm Sherman gun firing the M72 AP round
    2.) A 75mm Kwk L/48 firing Pzgrt 40 or
    3.) A 76mm M1 Gun firing HVAPS or the 90mm M3 AP rounds?
    4.) A 76mm PaK 42 of the Panther firing APCBC-HE
    5.) A Sherman Mayfly 1c firing the QF 17 pdr using APCBC-HE
    6.) A Tiger I 88mm firing Pzgrt 39
    7.) A PaK 43 firing Pzgrt 39
    8.) BS-3 100mm AP rounds
    9.) 122mm BR-471

    OR if it was subject to:

    1.) HE barrages from the Sherman 75mm or 90mm HE rounds?
    2.) HE barrages from the 88mm of a Tiger I
    3.) HE barrages from the PaK 43
    4.) HE rounds from the BS-3
    5.) HE rounds from a 122mm gun cannon
    6.) HE rounds from the 152mm guns

  4. We have lost control of our destiny. We have lost the freedom our Founding Fathers implored us to maintain the freedom to stay out of wars of foreign counties on faraway

  5. 1 inch thick steel plate….what's the brinnel rating? Not all steel is created equal. Try normal 500-550 steel plate for a true comparison. ANd a concrete block? A ball 7.62×39 round can penetrate that

  6. too bad that when the army tests it they will say it failed and keep using their inferior systems….just like with the M-16 and so many other pieces of kit.

  7. 0:49 did that dumb bitch just call cinder blocks "thick concrete"? I could penetrate a wall made out of that by throwing rocks, It probably couldn't stop most pistol rounds.

    There is a reason why bunkers and pillboxes aren't made out of cinder blocks, they hold up about as well to getting shot at as gingerbread houses. Real bunkers and pillboxes are made out of reinforced concrete.

  8. whatever you say.. yeah the gatling is the ultimate weapon in your world that could take out a battle tank even if it just fires 7,62mm ammo.. now go and play call of duty or something ; you don't care about facts so it is pointless to argue with you:D

  9. it looks like you think a gatling is some sort of magic weapon that can destroy every target, will never overheat or break. in reality each barrel fires about 500 rounds/min. that means that even gatlings can overheat or fail.
    they test armor with multiple shots to see if any weak spots appear after the first impact.
    plz show me ANY armor that was tested by shooting with a gatling for hours.
    you showed enough of your non existing knowledge already so go back to your video games:)

  10. i rly feel sry for you if you think you can "melt" your way through armor with a minigun before the gun will overheat. you could shoot a tank the whole day with a 7,62 gatling and you'll just waste money and time, no matter what type of ammo you use.
    it looks like your "knowledge" is based on what you saw in movies or video games and has nothing to with reality.
    if you want a weapon system designed for penetrating through armor, take the gau-8 and you'll need just one hit..

  11. are you seriously asking that? it looks like you even have no idea about the basics of metallurgy, physics or fire arms at all.. you say random shit without even knowing what you are talking about. please do some research before posting ridiculous false statements based on what you saw in some movies, otherwise you just embarress yourself..

  12. what has that to do with my comment? you know this is vehicle armor, right? they won't stand arround, letting you fire millions of rounds until they armor is weakened.. if you have endless time you could penetrate every armor by throwing stones at it.. there is no scenario where a 7,62 mm round will penetrate a target that even a 12,7 mm round didn't penetrate.

  13. what you are saying makes no sense at all.. titanium is a metal, what has that to do with any thickness??

  14. if this steel is thick as titanium maybe it wont penetrate it but that kind of steel i dunno.. im just sayin

  15. youre wrong. if you behind on that steel and somebody shots you with gatling gun youre still dead because m134 fires 3000-6000 rpm

  16. Dushgas (DShK) are not chinese, they are russian and they are not barrett copies. Barretts are sniper rifles while the DShK is a heavy machine gun have a good day sir 🙂

  17. Shitloads of it, everyday. Dushgas, heard of em'? Chinese 50 cal barret copies. Hell, the Talibs have thousands of the automatic KPVT 14.5mm monster. Gunna need a better vest!

  18. so why should there be any difference? the m134 use a much smaller caliber so what do you expect from that? if a .50 ap can't penetrate the target there is no way a 7,62 could do that..

  19. That magazine showed them using spotter rounds (yellow/red tip?). This armor stood up against full on black tip AP and API?

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