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NeselleVlogs: Military Care Package #3 | Christmas Edition!

NeselleVlogs: Military Care Package #3 | Christmas Edition!

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  1. Don’t wanna be too invasive but where is he deployed or stationed? How long does it take to get to him?

  2. Beautiful Christmas box !!! Definitely George will love it !!! The most important thing that he will recieve when he opens thsse boxes will be the love that will pour out of them !I Wish he has a happy Christmas and that you feel happy too ! You both are a match made in Heaven!! May you both have a blessed Christmas and soon be reunited !! Love and hugs on the way for both of you !!!💕🌲🎅😇

  3. Great items for the care package 💯
    Love how your mom decorated the box never seen anything like that its very unique..
    I’ll have to check put that Etsy shop out totally love that bracelet that you showed with yours and hubs name on it..
    That’s very cute how you decorated the heart shaped box and the bulb very creative/festive..

  4. Your ring is extremely beautiful, love you Neselle!☺💙 What a beautiful box, your mom is very creative.

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