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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.

There are many people who see things in the
sky and are sure – they can’t explain it so they’re sure it’s aliens visiting. Well, if you were really, really sure of that
you are not likely to write me a letter. Unless you’re writing me a letter to convince
me of your point of view. But that doesn’t make for a fertile exchange. If you see lights in the sky and you don’t
know what they are and you want further insight on what they could be and write me a letter,
that’s a meaningful exchange. And if you can’t explain what it is and
it’s flying and it’s an object, it’s an unidentified flying object, period. You just said you don’t know what it is
so that sentence should not continue beyond that phrase. You can’t say I don’t know what it is,
therefore, it must be aliens visiting from another planet. If you don’t know what it is it therefore
must not be anything. Okay. So maybe we are getting visited by aliens
daily. In all of these sightings it’s aliens. I don’t have a problem with that. My issue is what you are presenting as evidence
in support of that claim. If it’s entirely grounded in your eyewitness
testimony you need to know that eyewitness testimony on the totem of weight of evidence
it is at the bottom. A little scary because in the court of law
it’s considered pretty high evidence. People say I need a witness. No, you want data. That’s what you really want. You want information that didn’t have to
pass through someone’s sensory system so that you can minimize bias, delusion, the
filtering that we always do as the world outside of us comes through our senses for us to then
decide what is and what is not going on around us. It’s why we invented science. So that we wouldn’t have to depend on our
senses as the ultimate measure of what is or is not true in the world. Science and it’s methods and tools. The telescope, the microscope, the recorders,
chart recorders, all of this. So, the best thing is – and by the way I
don’t care what your pedigree is. I don’t care if you’re a military colonel,
pilot, Air Force. Are you human? That’s all that matters. After that give me better evidence. And yes, Carl Sagan’s famous dictum, extraordinary
claims require extraordinary evidence. So the best thing to drag the alien into town
square and you’ll be rich and famous overnight. You don’t have to argue with me. I’m not stopping you. Go ahead. But do you know what’s more significant
than that fact is that today worldwide we are uploading to the internet a billion photographs
a day. Everyone has a camera and a video camera. Remember all those reports of people getting
abducted and poking their gonads? Where’s the video of that today? You can film that and stream it to the internet
while it’s happening in case they snatch it from you. Because these aliens they don’t want a record
of this of course. Where’s all the video? Where are the images of you posing for selfies
with the aliens? I don’t see that. That would be very helpful starter evidence
that you’re experience was real and don’t require that I have to depend on your eyewitness
testimony to decide what is or is not true in this world. So, in the letters that refer to people’s
sightings of things I try to talk them down off the ledge and say here’s how to think
about these problems. And next time bring me better data. You know what would make good data? You’re in the flying saucer or whatever
it is they came here in. Tell them to look over there and while they
look away snatch something off the shelf like an ashtray or something. I don’t know if the aliens smoke. Snatch something. Anything off an alien spaceship is going to
be interesting. Anything. I promise. And then you’ve got something to bring to
the lab if you can’t drag the alien itself. Then we can talk. Until then spend more time getting better
evidence than trying to convince people that they exist in the absence of it.

Reader Comments

  1. You think Apple broke IOS again? Nooo… aliens are jamming it! Come to think of it, aliens probably work at Apple to jam your phone!
    Everybody knows the best fuzzy UFO pictures are taken with a Samsung. 👍🤣😂🤣

  2. Dr. Tyson. If this was a question first posed recently without ever having a moment to give a critical thought about it, then YES! I completely agree with this statement.
    However, that first moment to pose this statement passes thousands of years ago…

  3. This was the dumbest shit I've ever heard in context to the global extraterrestrial phenomenon… it's well known that NDT is a high profile scientist and ppl look to his opinion. His dismissal without knowing the wealth of evidence for this phenomenon is not science. I'm not saying he's a shill….but he's irresponsible

  4. Thing is, if I was an alien visiting this planet, and a human ran up to me and tried to grab me away, I would be scared shitless and fight them off before running back to my ship and getting as far away from this ghetto planet as possible, never to return. 👽 👀

  5. Crux of the video :
    Stop putting ur efforts in trying to convince people
    Instead put ur efforts in getting a solid evidence

  6. People actually listen to the bumbling, rambling retard NDT? No wonder people think they reside on the exterior of a spinning sphere in a vacuum.

  7. Since when do people need evidence to believe something is true. Neil has all the evidence that Socialism doesn't work but that doesn't stop him.

  8. THIS is the kind of video that I expect from someone of his calibre! NOT just laughing and making fun of how stupid others are.

  9. Great point. Everyday that passes by now, with the technology we carry on ourselves makes it less likely aliens and other crypto creatures like Bigfoot etc exist.

  10. Aliens already exist right here on Earth. They are just still in their primitive state. Every creature on this planet has the potential to develop into an intelligent civilization, and quite a few of them aren't far off the mark. If humans weren't so stupid and careless, we could be watching and waiting for our first conversations with another species. We could finally stop being alone. But we would rather kill them all off because it's immediately convenient and profitable.

  11. This guy should be an alien… asking for "evidence"… what is that! Human is a social construct. Anyone can claim to be an alien and get the government to pay for the transition surgery.
    I just going to leave this around here.

  12. He lies too much; ..the government has a history of employing likeable charismatic scientists and just having them blatantly lie to American public.

    It's just swamp gas neil..this doesn't concern you.. no one cares what your bias ass thinks..

    Also he is partially still a good person because he noticeably is a bad liar.

  13. Also it makes it more questionable he protests too much. If there is nothing to hide than why put so much energy into railing against it?

    If something is erroneous or fake…then let it rest..

    Neil. I used to like you.

  14. Has anyone seen the clip with him where stephen Colbert asks him an honest question about the cigar shaped object with their own trajectory…and he flips out and starts to breatje erratically?

    Like what was that all about..

    At least his lying has gotten smoother..

    I believe it is good to be skeptical but when you are denying things that are pretty clear..and doing mental gymnastics to explain them away…then it is just as bad as believing everything.

    Come to the logical middle neil..we are waiting for you.

  15. And there are already hundreds if not thousands of cases ..some by our own government..but.. we have to french kiss an alien for them to exist..what the fuck kinda science is that?!

  16. As much as I agree with what Neil says, I don't agree with the example he made with pictures. Reality is full of things we do not have pictures of, despite everyone of us has a camera. I get what he was trying to say, but that is a bad example to proof his point, plus there are videos and pictures release by the NAVY on UFO, still they do not proof anything.

  17. He makes a real good point. As much as I love movies like Contact. People making first contact with aliens and they want to bring us positive things. It's all in the science fiction world unfortunately. Unless you wanna dive into conspiracy theories. All of these weird type of stories I've seen. Usually the people who try to substantiate any sort of evidence. Are usually the ones the Men in Black pays a visit to. They threaten their families and then the person has to destroy the evidence. Are the Men in Black real beyond some shaky hotel cctv recording or a photo somewhere? Just typical fun on the internet man. lol

  18. Hey quick question – who does all the science? Who makes the tech that records the data, Is it more data? Or is it people?
    Bias is inescapable. But NDT isn’t ready for that conversation

  19. good points, but some of that stuff has happened….

    he either is oblivious to it bc that's not his field of expertise, or he has an agenda

  20. I wonder if Neil ever gets sick of repeating this EXACT script for the UFO thing. lol. I've heard it soooooooo many times now. Mix it up, Neil.

  21. Lol, yeah. Say, get your telepathic powers out of my head, untie me from this table, give me my damn phone, and oh, by the way…'re coming with me. ;p That'll be how it happens for sure.

  22. Uhhhh, even the ashtray. Can't you just change that one detail every 358 times you tell this. How about snatch a piece of alien trash. Anything. Yes, anything Neil. Get creative.

  23. Answer- Suspend all your beliefs for a moment. Ask and give these entities permission to complete a task for you. There is your proof. Lyran luvs!🦁🦁🦁🦁

  24. if you where overpowerd by aliens, taken away in their craft, & strapped to a table to be examined or operated on, how, the hell ,are you supposed to be able to grope around in your pocket( assumeing they haven't removed your clothes, anyway) to find your phone & take a photo, or make a video?!? &, any way, most people who where captured by aliens, tied down, & had strange & horrible things done to them , wouldn't be thinking about taking photos & stealing momentos. they'd be too terrified!, their only thoughts would be about whether they would survive, & if they would ever see their homes or fammilies again!. this guy dosen't seem to understand how the human mind functions at times of extreme stress or trauma!

  25. Alien spotters may be delusional but they are nothing compared to religious people. At least you can make alien spotting people feel stupid pretty fast and change their mind because alien belief is on the same level as belief in Santa. What about the religious? Not only they claim to see what never existed but they are also doing the worst possible thing you could do. Deny facts in favor of lies and fantasies. Gods are basically the same thing as Santa and yet religions simply refuse to admit that no matter how much time has passed.

  26. Umm what about areas like 51 which obviously wouldn't allow cameras into the facilities or would disable wifi, like you just be talking out of your ass, they have this area where they'll kill you if you want to find out what's happening with your tax dollars there.

  27. I don't know who needs to hear this but I am a human being, just like you. You should assume I am always busy minding my own business when you are talking to me

  28. More than enough data available of craft that are larger and faster than anything we have.
    The extraordinary evidence exiats for those willing to look at it. In the form of data.
    The Mexican air force has released clear video. The US is one of the final nations that deny this.

  29. Yeah but part of science is ruling things out. When it comes to the fighter jet videos we can rule out anything made on earth can not fly like that.
    So my question is….What is your best guess to what it is?
    Why not narrow down the possibilties to at least have some type of answer instead of throwing your hands in the air and sayin IDK

  30. If you ever get captured by aliens, steal something from their ship … doesn't matter what it is, it will be evidence sufficient to prove your abduction. 🛸👽

  31. Well if he reads mine, Do You meditate if so keep asking in your mind show me what I’ve forgotten and then once you’ve seen please reply to me what you saw thanks

  32. Just watching the gov telling day by day the truth about them via TTSA/CIA members… I want to see where our Neil will end up after disclosure, then don't say that u knew that, pls

  33. The funny thing is that this channel first promoted Michio Kaku on physics then it doesn't ask him for what he thinks about Visitation (He said there are all the data to think there is) but prefer asking someone else radically opposite to him… much laugh

  34. I don't believe any aliens intelligence exists. I've seen no credible evidence that there are any out there at all. We may be completely alone in out observable universe.

  35. Niel is 100% right, but public testimony of meteorites used to be dismissed, public testimonies of the effectivness of Ben Franklin's lighting rods used to be dismissed. Neil needs to take a second look at the UFO/ET phenomenon and it's data base of literally hundreds of thousands of close encounter public testimonies, and look for the PATTERNS that exist. ET may very well be fuking with our only Yard Stick for measuring, and manipulating our Senses and Consciousness during an event. Again, look at the data the past 70 years that does exist and notice the reoccurring patterns.
    History shows that public testimony has Value when it comes to Anomalies.

  36. I feel like NDT intentionally only addresses the wacky nutcase examples of UFOs/UAPs and never addresses the cases that are confirmed real and extraordinary. What is NDT’s take on the UAP footage that was confirmed a couple years ago by several Navy Pilots? It’s easy to make these types of discussions appear silly when you only address the silly claims.

  37. Want a video about aliens? look up David Fravor CNN. Video taken from an adv infrared camera. Yeah, its not a 1080p perfect visual image, but it is a real video confirmed by the US military showing an object that can fly faster than any aircraft known to man. It flys off of the camera, no known aircraft can do that. It also has no wings and no exhaust. It's not even aerodynamic.

  38. Since scientists need something to test, astrophysicist Peter Sturrock has said detectives are better suited to handle anecdotal evidence or eyewitness testimony. Detectives are trained to evaluate eyewitness statements, scientists aren't. Btw Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto, also saw ufos several times. He thought scientists were being unscientific in refusing to entertain the the possibility that ufos were extraterrestrial in origin and nature.

  39. Exactly my point.
    I'll believe anything just show me some sctual evidence.
    There is not even ONE clear photo or video image of anything! Case closed.

  40. in nowadays fake und deep-fake world would video and photo still count as evidence? Doubt it. I would even go as far as saying it is completely impossible to obtain evidence that is 100% such.

  41. “Spend more time trying to gather evidence instead of trying to convince people in the absence of it” listen up flat earthers.

  42. I like this guy but he’s gotta open up a little, I’d like to see him watch the Air Force pilots recounts and videos. Those videos and radar data are pretty damn compelling.

  43. Everybody just got checkmated by NDT on seeing aliens in the sky in your backyard.

    The same reasoning applies to the Christian God also.

    Check mate.

  44. We.have.enough.evidence.
    Your reading list:
    David Jacobs – The Threat
    Marshall Vian Summers – Allies of Humanity Books 1-4 (free online)
    Karla Turner – Taken

    You're welcome.

  45. OK, let's try to sneak a cellphone into a ship that has the technology to travel light years and, while you're there, just grab a brochure on the way out.

    Sorry but this asinine diatribe he just spouted totally erased any awe I might have had of him. I've seen what was clearly UFO's in the sky and I don't need this overrated caveman trying to tell me I don't know what I actually saw.

  46. So he is referring to the Navy pilots that acquired radar data of an ufo… They are human… Well so are you dude… And you look like a human with agenda… The way he talks about science is absolute… So only science can give us the right answer and scientists like him…. Indirectly he is saying his "opinion" is absolute…. F off

  47. Aliens visiting earth is no extraordinary claim if we have let's say 1000.000.000 Planets full of life… If there are aliens it seems they don't want to bother the zoo animals (also called humans) if it is this way, they disable electronic devices in range, cases where care stops, etc. etc. so no abduction videos. No videos of cattle mutilated (explain this, no traces, but cows without blood, FBI investigated it without result).
    Maybe we should build an alien trap. Let's say someone tells he is abducted every 3 weeks by aliens, set up 3 telescopes pointing at his house. And film it 24hours a day from 3 angels. Maybe from 1/2 mile away or 1km. So electronic devices won't get turned off by aliens landing hopefully. Maybe they have some other advanced technology preventing the zoo animals from filming them, but maybe it works… 4:27 just happened academy to the stars gave it to the US Navy or Army future force or something like that to have a deeper look in aliens ship parts.
    Any other idea for alien video traps? I think the far away telescope set up should work. Damm, they probably monitor everything and know about it know, but then they are telepathic anyway, so they already knew it because I thin it. Stop it 😀 So how to trick a space alien that does not want to be filmed? Or who is maybe invisible?

  48. The terrible thing is that I did just exactly that. Alien was poking me in the gonads, I say, hey, look over there and I snatched something from their shelf. It's not my fault that they had a toast with Jesus on it, as a novelty from earth.

  49. I have heard things like there is a human alien treaty what would a human have to scare a bunch of alien mfs into some sort of deal where they take humans in exchange for tech they would just do it and why would they only communicate with government theres always someone that goes awol or turns rogue there would be tons of average citizen alien relationships i just dont know anything its so much speculation and theories

  50. Hey Mr Tyson, try getting a selfie with a classified stealth drone, it would be a million times easier task. I dont see any of those pics around either, unless they've been declassified.
    I dont "believe" in abductions, but if a person says they cant move and was barely keeping it together mentally its not logical that they could take a pic.

    If you get arrested by the police you cant take photos or steal their stuff either, so whats the logic star-travelling intelligence would be less professional than our own police?

  51. Dimensional Aliens do EXIST !!
    If you present this concrete evidence …You will be drugged and locked up in the Coocoo's nest…or rubbed out.

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