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Navy Skills for Life – Knots To Know

Navy Skills for Life – Knots To Know

My name is Chief Boatswain Mate James S. Mickens. I’m an instructor here at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes. Every sailor that comes into the Navy receives basic knot tying applications and knot tying skills. There are hundreds of knots, but there are only a few knots in which you would need to know to be successful. Two knots in which we teach the recruits here at our Recruit Training Command are the Square Knot and the Bowline. But other knots in which we will cover is the Spanish Bowline, the Sheep Shank and the Clove Hitch.

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  1. What is the second knot he listed? They teach, the square knot and the _____ knot?

    I have plans to enlist and have been trying to learn all that I can prior to signing.

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