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I'm so excited because I literally made my sister a box and I'm going to send Turner's like a box and I plug all these and keep things in it and I kind of wanted to show you all what you could send you recruit in boot camp because some things are not authorized that people still send them and I don't understand why anything like Oreos any kind of food any kind of gum anything that you can eat other than cough drops there are DC's are gonna eat it like are DC's when people like something kind like Starbucks like little jars Starbucks whenever their candy Oreos are artists easily took it and ate them right in front of everybody and I'm just like why are these people's parents or husbands wives boyfriends girlfriends sending them food because there are these things are only gonna eat them and they're not you're you're a recruit you're just gonna eat it like damn like they're all supposed to be for me I've seen Starbucks Hot Cheetos Oreos I'm like uh it was looking good I ate it right in front of us in our site that's Nestor because I would do boot camp I know what a recruit needs in boot camp I'm doing this because I know that she's gonna love it so I'm gonna show you guys I'm sending her to boot camp and I'm just like so excited because she's gonna be so happy so cough drops because during pee days we all get flu shots and everybody and when I say everybody I mean everybody is sick and bootcamp so this is some cough drops oh these are the good ones cuz I know she's gonna be coughing and cough drops are allowed so cough drops I got her some razors even though she probably won't need um she's very picky about her nails so I heard this little like nail kit and these are actually tweezers that she sent me and boot camp and she Sydney her tweezers which I thought was so cute so I'm just really just sitting right back there so she could use them you know keep them eyebrows nice cuz if you can't they be lookin like gorillas you feel me some baby oil it's a little and I'm I got them all small so they can fit on her amb drawer some lotion because you know we can't actually they're real quick some little shampoo conditioner which is not gonna do much because we have a lot of hair he knows the thought that counts this for makeup or for shining boots and boot camp they use shaving cream to clean their wrap also me obviously to shave to clean the rack and with us yeah rack and legs and other stuff so just some extra if she needs it this is a little itty bitty like a sample size spacewalk and again I got them small so they could fit in her AV drawer the AV drawer is not that big this gold bar and body powder she probably does not need but it's so cute it's I just got it I just got her some more toothpaste you probably won't need it but you know it's a thought that counts and none of the lotion oh my gosh with q-tips cuz I'm very clean when I was in boot camp I forgot to bring q-tips and I was so upset because you don't get that many times to go to the next to get stuff so I'm bringing her some q-tips some wipes it's always nice to have some Listerine you know some people's breath be kick in you know you got a head bring that and I really just bought these because she could use them if she wants if not it's just cute to make it like to top the gift off and then I've got some hand sanitizer because everybody in bootcamp is sick like literally yeah you get your flu shot in few days and so that flu shot makes you sick in like out fan it made me very sick like I'm sick like three different times with camp so you know keep her hands clean my sister's a germaphobe so huh and then that is all the stuff that I got her for now I mean I might add to it I might not I might just send this as one package and then send another one later woo it's just so excited to make that for my sister know so I knew everything that she needs and everything that she might need and everything that she can bring you cannot bring food if you bring food the RTC's will eat it in front of your recruitment I do not pack food like someone in my division someone's parent sent them like this big-ass thing of Oreos some Starbucks when you can't do that and it's some other stuff like that already seized literally just took it 80 in that state like your recruit won't even get it so I mean unless you want to feed the RTC's don't bring fuss I knew what to bring I brought it like stuff that every crew can have so you know cough drops was a good one yeah yeah so in like in the video I'll show you that some things that are authorized but you could send to your crew and my god brought I send my sister some cough drops but I sent her the cough drops like those nice candy ones because cough drops like what crew candy obviously everyone in there is it's gonna be sick because they all got the flu shot so everybody's up now and coughing 24/7 I'm Slade Oh cough drops you know help you know he only be coughing on the side yeah like I said what's not authorized no foods no drinks no candy well sinned outrageous like they're in boot camp so the stuff that they can have in boot camp is the stuff that you could send them don't send them please don't do food or candy just us all I'm asking cuz to watch them eat that in front of us I was just like and I wanna just wanted to eat it I was a case so that candy ain't you just sitting up in here Edie the front of my face like I thought T's a little bit but now I get to the kind of witness from a distance my sister go to boot camp and like huh I'm in survival but thank you functions video with me again today I hope you enjoyed it I'm documenting my journey and I hope you like it give it a thumbs up you know subscribe to you girl to see more content have a blessed day

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  1. i ship in 5 days 😭 how long should my mom wait to send me this stuff? because i know imma need some of those things.

  2. Thanks for this video now I know what to send my son during bootcamp! Awesome because I really havent seen a video what to send to bootcamp, just videos if they are in A school or if they have shipped out!

  3. Lol mannn I remember when I was in bootcamp, this one girl got a package with some freaking starburst, so one of my RDCs asked her which flavor was the best, and I think she said pink, so, he counted out the pink, made her stand in the front of the compartment, made us get on the toe line and for every pink she had we had to do a 10 count.πŸ˜‚ And he ate the rest of the starburst. We were soooooo heated.

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