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NASA military robot exploding – Shocking video DARPA RoboSimian

NASA military robot exploding  – Shocking video DARPA RoboSimian

feels shocking video of secretive military Robo Simeon exploding as its batteries catch fire while Samsung’s Galaxy seven no disaster showed how dangerous batteries can be nASA has revealed an even more terrifying example by releasing shocking video of a huge robot and one of its labs exploding as it was being charged the Robo Simeon exploded at the jet propulsion laboratory on jun 14 the agency confirmed the battery underwent thermal runaway which resulted in the destruction of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Robo Simeon robot NASA said according to leslie the laboratories mishap program manager the explosion pack the power of a stick of dynamite if you notice where that fire came out it was exactly where our researchers were standing Lee said in a nasa video explaining the incident it could have been a very bad day the smoke contains hydrogen fluoride carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide after the initial battery explosion and entering from the next lab / climb through a window and sprayed Robo Simeon with a co2 fire extinguisher however this did extinguish the fire which needed water water is the best method for dissipating the heat and these fires another intern called the fire department and firefighters in breathing masks eventually roll drobo Simeon outside by a handle before killed the fire with water for 30 seconds based on initial analysis one cell of the battery was damaged in sent misleading information to the monitoring equipment as a result individual cells became over charged battery packs are made up of a number of smaller cells it’s common for one of the cells to go a little haywire first J Whittaker a carnegie mellon professor of materials science and engineering who used to do battery science at the jet propulsion laboratory sorry that cell damage is its neighbors and then they go nuts and the mass cascades this one is a little bit different Whitaker continues it looks to me like almost everything when at the same time or like one of the cells got very very hot very quickly just as lithium-ion li-ion batteries are very common power supply and consumer items they are also an essential part of the power systems used across NASA the space agency said it uses them for everything from launch systems payloads and unmanned aerial systems to non-flight technical equipment like test sets laptop computers and cellphones

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