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Napoleon Bonaparte| Educational Bios for Kids

Napoleon Bonaparte| Educational Bios for Kids

Hello friends, I´m Napoleon Bonaparte the French emperor from 1799 to 1814 as well as an indisputable genius in military skills. I was born in 1769 in Corsica and as I was extremely good at mathematics, which by the way was my passion I managed to get into a military school. In 1789 the French revolution broke out in Paris. This revolution marked a triumph for a poor people tired of injustices of the tyranny and the absolute power both kings and aristocrats had Thanks to the help of an important and sinister man of the revolution Robespierre I began to be a valuable militant and shortly after I met Josefina the most important woman of my life. In 1799 I became the chief of the whole of France and this is when my glory started… I was very ambitious, I admit and conquered many European countries thus becoming the most powerful man in the world. But greed over reaches itself and everything has an end. Both the Spanish and Russian conquers were great failures and as from then I began my downward spiral my destruction In 1815, in the famous battle of Waterloo I was defeated by the English and their allies As a punishment for all my greed I was locked up on a island named Santa Elena in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and I never left… Well now you know a part of my life but before I go, I would like to give you some advise don’t be greedy, nor envious, work hard and study a lot, and always, always respect others I am telling you this on behalf of my own experience… Goodbye friends, and kind regards from the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Au revoir!

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