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NAACO Grizzly No. 10

NAACO Grizzly No. 10

I wanted to do a quick video on my nacho grizzly number 10 Mac o stands for North American Arms Company and from the information I've been able to find online they were not in business very long building rifles and I think shotguns as well in Toronto in the 50s grizzly number 10 is a single-shot 22 long rifle it will shoot shorts also just as easily there was a grizzly 20 and a grizzly 30 as far as I know that were magazine or tube-fed I think magazine but it may have also made a center shot sorry center fire rifle as well I don't know I've got the rear sight off of it at the moment cuz I had to fiddle with that a little bit but it's a nice rifle NACO plastic butt plate nice stock metal trigger guard it's got safety right there it's gonna be tough tailed receiver mm-hmm do this with one hand nice slick bolt cocks on the closing let's see if we can get a look in there nothing too fancy there is a takedown screw on the bottom that breaks down the barrel receiver from the stock serial numbers over there let's see if we can make this out North America arms Toronto Canada grizzly number 10 caliber 22 long-rifle will shoot shorts like I said no problemo I believe my friend had his that gave this to me he had his gunsmith neighbor put new extractors in there it's got two little extractors yeah that's all there is to it it's a simple gun it's got quite a bit of heft it feels nice it shoots nice and I like it they're not worth a lot there's not a lot of collector value in these from what I understand but they're a nice piece of Canadian history I'm not sure how many were made but for this one I will say is within the first three thousand made so I guess that makes it pretty old probably 50s based on the look of it anyways that's it simple gun short video thanks for watching have a nice day

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  1. thanks for the video —have the same 22–but missing bolt-serial # 4689- unfortunately can't fine a replacement–have a good day

  2. I just got one of these today with the original box. Have not had a chance to try it yet. Anything weird with these that a new owner should know about? Thanks for the video!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have one rifle exactly same, though not in such good condition. My bolt is sticking & putting oil is not helping. My bolt seems to be white aluminium & not dark steel as yours. I cannot find a magnet to confirm this. I want to use the rifle more often, but working the bolt is very difficult. I tire easily & have to give up.

  4. Matthew, I recently bought a No. 10 Grizzly at a gun show. It's a great little single shot .22 rifle. From what I can see, mine has only slight differences from yours and the serial number is closer to 6000 so probably it was made a bit later. Thanks for sharing.

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