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N. Korea, China demonstrate military ties in high-level talks

N. Korea, China demonstrate military ties in high-level talks

North Korea and China have reaffirmed
their traditional friendship in a series of talks between their top military
officials the talks in Beijing came hot on the heels of the regime’s latest
missile tests experts say Pyongyang is using these missile launches to show its
discontent over the ongoing military drills between Seoul and Washington s NJ
with the details on Saturday Kim su gear the director of general political bureau
of the korean people’s army held talks in beijing with Zhang yuusha the
chairman of China’s Central Military Commission
according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency the meeting highlighted the
traditional friendship between North Korea and China
it’s a China is willing to work with the north to strengthen communication and
promote cooperation and mutual support so as to contribute to the consolidation
and development of bilateral relations and regional peace and stability in
response North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim su
gears said Pyongyang is also ready to strengthen friendly exchanges between
the two armed forces in various fields and mutual learning and promote the
relations between the two countries and the two armed forces to a higher level
the high-level talks came after Kim su gear also held talks with me hua the
director of the political affairs department of China’s Central Military
Commission experts say China may be why the North has been strongly responding
to the scaled-down joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington I
want to say carefully that North Korea has called for an end to the South
korea-us combined military exercise as a result of coordination with China other
experts say the aggressive response to the drills could negatively affect
future nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington the two sides
have yet to hold the working-level talks there leaders promised when they met at
the DMZ in June Eason J Arirang news

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  1. South Korea want peace talk and yet you conduct military drill with US. What a useful idiot!






  3. If we don't need the drills fine 🇺🇸. It's an excuse for Satan's slithering. With a smile on 🙏🇺🇸. U bring it in the name of God u getting it. 🙏 Agreed on n Jesus name .🇺🇸🙏🎼🎵

  4. A kind of last minute Gorbachev visit in GDR end times, and a no way back to parking lot development in North Korea?

  5. Now go ahead idiots and continue with your plans to tear up the military alliance with Japan.
    You can get your unification nice and fast as the new puppet state of China and the cash machine of the double sized DPRK.
    After all the most important thing for you in the world is your hatred for Japan!

  6. Let me see a response to u.s. government selling F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan Republic of China. Possible export might be J-20 & J-31 if Kim Jong-un wanted to match Moon Jae In🇰🇷 and Shinzo Abe 's F-35 fleets or possibly intervene in a hypothetical 2nd American Civil War and ww3 in support of Donald Trump against a Democratic candidate Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders

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