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Mystery Room Makeover + We Build a Greenhouse! – Man Vs House Ep.2

Mystery Room Makeover + We Build a Greenhouse! – Man Vs House Ep.2

What up Internet Rob and Corinne here, and you’re watching Man vs. House! We are here, Day… I don’t even know, it’s been a couple weeks now The house is completely demolished But we have all of the doors and some of the windows and we’re gonna get started on some actual DIY projects around here Yeah
We’re gonna be turning our old closet doors into something new fresh and fabulous With the help of Monica from The Weekender If you don’t know Monica She’s got a show over in the Lowe’s YouTube channel called The Weekender where she goes over to people’s houses for the weekend and helps them renovate a space in their house It’s Monica everyone! Majorly starstruck right now Well, so are we! And I hear you’ve never used any power tools before? Well, I’ve used a drill… but… That’s about it
It kinda counts! So what’s the whole situation we have going on here? I think the idea first DIY is we’re gonna try to do the the Classic Pinterest project where you take a door, you slice it in half, And then you make like a bookshelf out of it!
Monica: classic I think we also want to be like a little antiquing, lil antiquify, like a wearing it down. Almost like a patina? Yeah, a lil patina! I guess it would be like French country. That’s not what we’re goin’ for! We’re going we’re going for French Country and that’s in the greenhouse! No. I gotta tell everybody inside Inside is different!!! It’s French country now guys. It’s French country. And then the second project we’re gonna tackle is kinda like a gardening table. I have a schematic Oooohhhh aaahhhh. Look at that schematic so this is one door….
okay, and this is a door that’s been sawed in half and then a leg Yeah, They have a ton of really cool, like chunky, ornate ones perfect for… what are we saying? French Country?
French Country!
R: French Country Antique! M: Yeah, Antiquify! And Rob’s on board now! See?
R: Boom! Here’s what I’m gonna be taking on. I got a greenhouse. C: So, you’re gonna put together this greenhouse here Yeah, the whole thing! I read online, it takes a couple hours… Monica: weeks? Yeah, /DAYS???/ This should be interesting!
I’m gonna finish it! And actually while we go to Lowe’s Monica over here is going to be doing redoing our master bedroom M: absolutely, I feel like it’s the first room in the house that needs to be done so you guys have a place to sleep C: That’s true
during this. We’re gonna be in the bedroom. We can’t even see anything in there.
It is a surprise!
It’s super hush-hush. Well all right. We’re headed to Lowe’s. We’re gonna get the stuff! all the antiquing supplies one could ask for *alarm beeping* Just me. It’s just me. I didn’t take anything! Everybody’s looking at me all weird now. Do you remember what she told us to get? I don’t remember….. the paint! C: I found it!!
R:we did it!
C: antiquing wax all right. Let’s get all those things it needs to be tinted What color is it gonna be? Cool blue. I dunno now… No this one this one this one. Nope nope nope no. No she’s still over there. She’s still over there.
look at her face. Coypas?(??)I think this is it! R: Ooooohh… Boom! winner!
C: no let’s mix it up [funky music] Awesome. Thank you so much all right time to get some legs look at these legs huh these are sexy!
Check! all right We got everything we need to head back to the house! teamwork makes the dream work Ow!
C: How is that even possible? All right, so this is the door, what are we gonna do in this one we need to cut it all right? That’s where I come in I See this thing We don’t measure anything here on the shaft like yay wide this ish ish parish, okay? We’re gonna use a circular saw fit who wants to cut it let’s not rob. Do it what all right you the drama music Taking a break in the middle Yeah All right, let’s let’s see how straight this line is Oh? Curvy all right ready to do this girl Let’s check out the line difference here to see oh yeah, yeah Man versus current versus the saw you’re in one alright. Let’s get the rest of this door Yes as you see here we have the piece of door that I so expertly sawed off straight as a gosh-dang arrow Okay, maybe not as straight as I wanted it to be but definitely better than Rob’s try the first thing We’re gonna be doing today is attaching the legs to this piece of the door then we’ll be attaching those pieces to our big door here I wonder how Rob is doing with this greenhouse looks good so far doesn’t seem like he’s gotten a lot done How’s it going over here? We only got one wall up so far you did a good job on this gravel here It was actually them All right, I’m gonna leave you the to it then fine get out of here Hqc when it lets go ACS Yeah, I got one of your greenhouses here, you didn’t give me all the parts that doesn’t help me I don’t have the part. I need to finish this tonight We’re good, all right here. We are the next day These are definitely dry Monica’s just about finished on the final touches of our new bedroom Then she’s gonna come out and help us antique our furniture. This is my HGTV Fan it becomes a life there. She is what do you think? Got all your supplies and got your base coat on This do you wanna see your bedroom. It’s a time this is it. This is the big reveal here we go Wow Look at this place. This is definitely not what I was expecting a lot better than what I look like before Look at this. I made this bench. It’s not what you would call a basic bench Well those a knee-slapper and there it is take a look at that closet. I actually built this closet I built this probably head over to the Lowe’s channel to see how you cut wood And how Corrine built this bench in the meantime we get a head back outside and start finishing our DIYs Rolling in this tent my painting face Oh, yeah, look at that, so we spent a lot of time making it look new again now We’re gonna spend a lot of time making Ellen hauled again. It makes total sense completely Yeah, we’re gonna antique of five, would you buy we got the second peeking three-step process? Step one was putting the chalky finish paint on which is what we were doing last night And then I guess we’re on to step two, which is the sealing wax okay? So we’re gonna do a full coat of the clear wax wax on wax off. Yeah We’re just feeling the paint, but what it’s gonna Do is kind of give it a waxy finish on top of the chalk then step. Three is red of color minute I think so whoa I have more control over it than a brush Hey like DOS will rub it in oh yeah look at that. Oh that looks cool Put some elbow grease into it. She’s really working it She’s really working it and now if you think about your project it has lots of brushstrokes right now We’re gonna kind of go into the craft god I got the old slapping scuttle your technique is peeling some of the paint off here Hey, hey these things look awesome and antica fide I’m pretty impressed actually I didn’t think I was gonna like it the weekend is over Which means you gotta go hang and get out of here you guys are feeling good about your project pretty solid I think we’ll just call you up for five minutes though with questions. That’s cool right awesome I made sure to tell all the week interviewers to Hop on over make sure they check out these projects on your chin vice versa you guys gotta go over there and check out Monica and you get to see our new bedroom, which is Amazing I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it. Thank you so much. Thanks guys I’m out all right. All right. We got a we still have coming This thing we got some we got some time left. Yeah, it’s gonna be another it’s gonna be another long night However, we do have to go back to load a couple board things that I forgot last time what I’m thinking We’re gonna get this piece of wood here And that’s gonna be our shelving and then we’ll have them help us cut it because it’s as easy as the press of a button Someone will come right over and help you up. Hey I Love fresh wood fresh-cut wood. Thanks for helping me carry this oh, yeah. Yeah, no worries. Okay? Now. We just need cuts What it’s on sale Wow this is bad news we’re getting the saw here on thread Bangor carry Peruse the garden section, I guess so we need plants and things for the greenhouse oh Okay, oh, no. What what are those ornamental peppers anyway. You know no oh This is fun. We did it finally. Let’s get out of here alright. We’re back. We got all the supplies Let’s do this a little bit of sanding action spray paint Pretty cool alright what I’m gonna. Need you to do right now is through these it. You know what this says class sophistication French country yeah Alright, well it took us all night to figure out how to put these shelves on but we did it now it’s time to put them in the greenhouse wonder if Rob’s done with that thing yet go check on them shall we oh Good just in time, what do you think? Look at these little functional windows and everything here Yeah, I am a little worried about the door not fitting in here though looks a little shorter You said you measured and that’s why we thought this greenhouse didn’t measure anything. We got the guy I ordered the greenhouse off of your measurement know this better Jesus Christ here we go Inch to spare let’s get the other thing you can handle that one right look at how nice that would thank you for your help No come I test it here. Yeah, maybe there you can’t imagine it was just over on that side No that looks great good job team We need to bring those last step is putting our hook spin yeah, I’m thinking no Viola as they say my sanctuary is born My secret garden We did it I did it you did it together we all did it it looks great in there It looks pretty awesome a huge thanks to the weekender for coming over and completely revamping and renovating our master bedroom If you want to see how it was done be sure that you head on over to the Lowe’s at YouTube channel and sure that You subscribe there sponsor in this whole show and they are amazing well. That’s it for this episode of man vs. House We’ll see you next time.

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