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Mysterio Helmet | Paper Mache and Cardboard DIY

Mysterio Helmet | Paper Mache and Cardboard DIY

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  1. Wow Steven thank you youfinallly you made a Mysterio helmet that I've been waiting for a days I hope you made a magneto helmet like my technic with a ball and cardboard

  2. Look man can you just sell these. I couldn’t get any of the supplies and if I did some how I would mess up everything just by trying

  3. i am doing a pro cosplay costume of mysterio but im only 12 years old and i live in Denmark so it would be hell to get a acrylic dome but now i dont need an acrilic dome i just need newspapers.

  4. thank you very much friend! Before the movie came out, I knew this classic villain and wanted to make the helmet but I didn't get results. thank you!

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