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MYSORE PAK TRAIL IN MYSURU | Guru Sweet Mart | Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets | 5 Varieties Of Mysore Pak

MYSORE PAK TRAIL IN MYSURU | Guru Sweet Mart | Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets | 5 Varieties Of Mysore Pak

Aah! Mmmh! Mmmh! That is so good! … Mysore Pak is Guru Sweet Mart. Hello sir. Yes sir. -This is special.
Special Mysore Pak That one, ordinary, Special is made out of pure ghee. Made out of pure ghee. Okay. That’s vanaspati, That’s vanaspati. So there are two Mysore Paks here. The Special Mysore Pak is made out of pure ghee. And the other Mysore Pak which is the hard Mysore Pak is made of vanaspati. We’re going to taste both the Mysore Pak here. This place is crowded, always packed, because it is as popular as that. – This is special.
Special Mysore Pak. It was Mr. Nataraj’s great grandfather, Mr.
Kakkasura Madappa… Yes. … who invented the Mysore Pak in the royal kitchens here in Mysuru. And since it was a dessert that was made out of
sugar syrup as well… … it was called the ‘Mysore Paka’. Paka
meaning sugar syrup. Sugar syrup. – Wherever they go, they call it as Mysore Pak. Even in Delhi, they call it as Mysore Pak. Even Chennai also calls it a Mysore Pak. Nobody can call it as Calcutta Mysore Pak, or Chennai Mysore Pak, or Delhi Mysore Pak. Everybody calls it as Mysore Pak. Just because this is born in Mysore. That’s right, so this dessert was born in Mysore. And born in the palaces of Mysore! And invented by…
– My great grandfather… … was Kakkasura Madappa. He started. His son was Basavanna. And we are totally… actually the fifth
generation… we are running. That’s right. So the fifth generation… … of the inventor of the famed Mysore Pak. So, if you’re in Mysuru… … and you want to taste the Mysore Pak… … you have to taste the Mysore Pak at Guru Sweets. So, this is the… … Special Mysore Pak. This is the Mysore Pak that’s made with pure ghee. Mmmh! It just melts away in the mouth. There are only four ingredients that go into this. Turmeric, sugar, gram flour and all that ghee. While I prefer the Special Mysore Pak which is made with ghee… … you also have the other Mysore Pak which is the harder version. And this is made with vanaspati… … or vegetable oil. There are people who prefer this too
because of its hard texture. Mmmh! This one is more crumbly. And it’s of course harder than the Special Mysore Pak. You have to break into this one. That’s because of the fact that it’s made with vanaspati not ghee. But if you want your Mysore Pak to be soft, luscious and melt-in-the-mouth… … go for the Special Mysore Pak. Mmmh! That is so good! I think I’m going to finish the last bit of my Special Mysore Pak. I’m not a big fan of the regular Mysore Pak. I don’t like its hard texture. You have to bite into it. You have to chew it a bit. Quite unlike the Special Mysore Pak. Mmmh! It just magically disappears in your mouth. So good! So as I just step back into the line to get some more Special Mysore Pak… … I’m going to leave you with a segment… … which shows the making of the Mysore Pak… … in the home kitchen of Guru Sweets. Guru Sweets continues to follow their age-old family tradition of making the Mysore Pak by hand. Cooked over a coal fire, this melt-in-the-
mouth ‘mithai’ (sweet)… … is made with just four essentials. Gram flour, sugar, turmeric, and a copious
amount of ghee. The sugar goes in first to make the sugar
syrup or ‘paaka’… … followed by the other ingredients. The mixture is cooked for at least 45 minutes while being stirred continuously… … to ensure the perfect texture and flavour. The Mysore Pak is then transferred into moulds to cool. Look at that fresh tray of Mysore Pak… … that’s just come from the kitchen… … from the home kitchen of Mr. Nataraj. You can see that the Mysore Pak is
selling like hot cakes here. So of course, at Guru Sweets, they’ve got a range of other sweets too. Thank you. So there I have it, Mysore Pak to go. Thank you very much. Thank you. The market is crowded! It’s bustling. You literally have to tiptoe over people to reach here. But this Mysore Pak makes it all worth it! I’m here at Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets in Chamundipura. And I’m here to check out the varieties of Mysore Pak that they have on offer. So they have five varieties here. So, one is the… … original Ghee Mysore Pak. Then they have a Milk Mysore Pak. And
then they have the… The Kaju Mysore Pak or the Cashew Mysore Pak. The Almond Mysore Pak. So I have the range of Mysore Pak here on offer. So I’ve got the original Ghee Mysore Pak. The… … Besan Mysore Pak that they call it here. The gram flour one with ghee. Then I have the Milk Mysore Pak. I have the Cashew Mysore Pak… … and the Almond… … the Badam Mysore Pak. But I’m told
that at Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets… … they also have a range of other Mysore Pak. So they’ve got coconut, they have Horlicks, they have Boost… … carrot.. … and a whole range of Mysore Pak! So this is what they have on offer today… … along with the ordinary Mysore Pak as well. So let’s taste this Mysore Pak. This feels soft to the touch. Mmmh! Just melts in your mouth! Mmmh! The Ghee Mysore Pak has only four ingredients. You have the gram flour… … you have the sugar, you have the
turmeric and then the ghee. This is Mysuru’s gift… … to the sweet world. The Mysore Pak. I’m going to next go for the other Mysore Pak that we have here. I’m going to begin with the Milk Mysore Pak. I’m told that this Mysore Pak, I’ve never
tasted this before… … also has some milk that’s added, along with the besan, the gram flour. Mmmh! So texture wise, it’s very similar to the… … regular Mysore Pak, the Ghee Mysore Pak. But flavour… … you also get a flavour of the… … of Khova. You get a flavour of milk solids that comes from this Mysore Pak. Mmmh! And I suspect this slightly brownish colour has to do with the milk solids… As they cook the milk and the besan together… Next, we’re going to taste the Kaju… … or the Cashew Mysore Pak. So this has Cashew in it. And of course, the other ingredients that make for a Mysore Pak. So if you look at the colour. There’s a slight difference in all the colours. So for example… … if you look at the Regular Mysore Pak… … it’s almost like a bright yellow. The Milk Mysore Pak has a brownish tinge. The Cashew Mysore Pak is a little more mellower than the Milk Mysore Pak. And then you have the Almond Mysore Pak which is a bright yellow. Let’s taste the Cashew Mysore Pak. You definitely taste the… … the slight nuttiness of the cashew in this. Also, from a texture perspective… … it’s more grainy than the Special Mysore Pak or the Milk Mysore Pak. I think that’s because of the cashews that
have gone into it. And then the… … Badam, or the Almond Mysore Pak. This is the colour of Badam Halwa or Almond Halwa… … which is again a very popular Indian sweet meat. Mmmh! Definitely tastes the part. Imagine Badam Halwa, something as lush as that. But a little drier. You’ve got the grainy bite of the almonds… … mixed with all that ghee, with that gram flour. And, of course, that sugar. This is the first time that I’m tasting the Badam Mysore Pak and the Cashew Mysore Pak. And I’m liking it! I think it brings something new to a very familiar mithai. Mmmh! Aah! And this of course, is the regular Mysore Pak, or they also call it… … the ordinary Mysore Pak. The only difference in this Mysore Pak is that there is no ghee or very little ghee. So you’ve got the besan, the gram flour, you’ve got the sugar, you’ve got the turmeric. And then you have vanaspati or the vegetable oil that goes in to make this Mysore Pak. So, as a result of which, it is hard… … and crumbly as opposed to the melt-in-the-mouth texture of the Ghee Mysore Pak. Mmmh! It doesn’t have the richness. But it certainly has the taste. So if you like
your Mysore Pak… … a little dry… But as for me, I’ve just discovered… … two new favourite Mysore Paks here at Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets. That is, the Cashew Mysore Pak… … for its nutty bite! And the Almond Mysore Pak… … for that intense, rich, buttery… … creamy mouthfeel. It’s almost like a Badam Halwa but in a drier… … form. I love this! So, if you’re looking for an interesting yet delicious spin on the Mysore Pak. Make sure you visit Shree Mahalakshmi
Sweets in Mysuru. And taste their assortment of Mysore Pak. My favourite is the cashew and the almond, and you should definitely taste that. Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road. Stay safe. And happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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